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J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen


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Review on blog


There are no photos at the moment, since my scanner is down and so is my camera. I’m hoping to get these back up by tomorrow! (I thought I ought to post a review since I haven't had a chance for ages!)


Paper: Rhodia 80g


Pen: Lamy Safari M


This is a very bright, saturated ink, which is very uncommon for Herbin inks. However, I LOVE the colour!!! It’s name suggests that it is a pinky colour, but I find it to be more of a dark magenta, leaning more to the purply side than the pink.


The flow is quite high – I find this to be a wet ink whichever pen I use it in. Since it is a wet, saturated ink, it bleeds on some copy papers. However, on this Rhodia 80g, there is no sign of any bleedthrough, feathering or showthrough. It exhibits slight feathering on copy paper. It has quite a fast dry time of 3 seconds or so.


There is hardly any shading, but if the pen is left for a few minutes without its cap, the ink comes out as a dark burgundy colour for a few seconds. I have found this ink easy to flush out, without any problems. It is not waterproof.

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Am I the only one that gets beautiful shading out of this ink? Maybe it's the pen I use, a Bexley Jitterbug Fine or could it be the Pomegranate postcard stock? Because this is my go-to combo for writing postcards for Postcrossing.

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