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Pilot Custom 742 Waverly Nib

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This a summary of the review in my blog: http://plumasytintas.com


Today's review, then, on a Pilot Custom 742, with WA nib.




Pilot uses the same plastic box that much cheaper models and do not see much sense. It is not that much use, but this good to open a box and find some class.




I recently bought a 3776 Platinum, whose presentation is much higher, the price is lower. Do not understand how not using faux leather at least. Inside is the manual and cartridges. The converter came already in place and is known as Con-70.


Rating: 7/10

Appearance and Design.


Its design is the classic "cigar" which popularized in the '30s Sheaffer with his model Balance, whose most characteristic example is the Montblanc 149. Japan is one of the most popular designs and their direct competitors are the Sailor 1911 and Platinum 3776. This means it is a proven classic design and comfortable.




The differences between them are rare and few details that separate them. As you can see in the picture above, the body is more upright in their medium, not widen as the others. In this case also the clip is different, for example, is similar to a modern Aurora or a Sheaffer Balance, and is very elegant.



and a comparison with the clip and cap of the Sailor 1911


The grip area is very good and allows for little variation in the way that a decision between the fingers. The only drawback I noticed is that when I write a lot, can become slippery with sweat.


In this picture we see the different sizes with the same Sailor and Platinum, but with the cap on. As you see, not a small pen.


Another design difference was seen in the end


It has a diameter of 15mm, length, closed is 146mm.


Uncovered measures 129mm, 158mm posted and weighs 25g.


The central ring is wide and beautiful, with the inscription "Custom 742"


and "Pilot - Made in Japan"


Rating: 10/10.

Construction and Quality.


Although of a larger size, a few millimeters larger than a Montblanc 146 is a light pen. As I wrote before, only when used with the cap on a weight felt substantial in my hand. Its construction is good and seems to be strong and qualified for daily use.




But still I have mixed opinions about the quality of its resin. Even its more good than Platinum, which has cheap plastic feel, the resin is at a difference that I'm used to with Sailor, let alone compared to German brands. But, at the same time is soft to the touch and has no flaws or marks, nor seem to suffer wear with use.


The gold plated is bright and quality.


but different color gold rings and clip with respect to the nib, which is gold in color but pink, but beautiful also


I prefer to write without the cap, and I feel that in this case, if I do, after a while I feel a tired hand.


Rating: 9/10

Charging system.


You can load it with Pilot cartridges or a converter, which is included, and that this line is known as Con-70.




Is similar to one I saw in some Sheaffer of the late 60's or 70's, with a button at the end, and that, when pressed, produces vacuum sucking the ink from the bottle. Its capacity is 1.7 ml.


As usual, the Internet provides fans and detractors of the system. I'm closer to finding it quite useful and even fun. I recognize it is difficult to achieve a full charge, but no system is guaranteed by so slowly and can fill most or if it is not always possible to use a syringe to complete.

Rating: 9/10

Nib and Performance.


It has a nib number # 10, the second largest of the Pilot that makes after the # 15 that used in the Pilot Custom 743 or 823, and is 14K gold.





From what I could find in this Forum, Pilot is awarded to the invention of a special nib to write rough paper. His form was bent and looked like a wave to increase softness.


besides adding a bigger iridium ball for increased contact with the paper. It was called Waverly o Wavily in Japan.


The pen design is not common these days, and is similar to that used in their Sheaffer Snorkel and other models:


The slightly upturned tip results in a very smooth writing. According to Pilot, this allows anyone to use, regardless of the angle of writing, have the same response with the nib.


An extra comparison with a Snorkel:


No doubt the desired effect is achieved because the smoothness coupled with a sufficient sense of control over the paper does much to improve my writing. I think there are few modern pens in which they can unite these two qualities, write smoothly and without losing the "feedback" with the paper. No doubt this deserves a grade 10.


I, however, problems with ink flow with Sailor Nano Black, who did not present problems in another pen, and finished changing Diamine Mediterranean Blue, which improved but occasionally miss lots of letters. I saw in posts that was said about them, especially with the 742 with FA nib that is flexible and attribute it to the feeder. It seems that they are not ready to write quickly and with Western characters. Do not know if this is true, but neither became so severe, and the color change was favorable, and I am committed to making changes in the feeder.


So my rating is a 9/10


Cost and Value.


Its price is in the same range as a Sailor Professional Gear with 3776 Platinum or gold pen, or a Pelikan 400. I won an eBay auction with Engeika, so you pay less than list price.


Rating: 9/10




A great nib quality, smoothness and control, in a solid body and classic, but equally beautiful, make it advisable but may choose other alternatives for the list price. Can certainly become one of my favorites, as I am of those who think it is the nib which makes the pen.


Total: 53/60



I appreciate the illustrative posts on the subject in FPN and I hope the critics, because I'm still learning every day.

Excuse my english (google translator helps).

Current office rotation: Nakaya Piccolo (Noodlers Turquoise Eel), Twsbi Mini (PR Plum), Onoto BCHR (Diamine Imperial Blue) http://plumasytintas.com


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Great review of a very nice pen! Thank you. I'm on the hunt for one of these now!

I love the pictures, as well.


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The images were great. Great presentation of information.


An impressive review.

Thank you

“Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, because if you do it today and like it, you can do again tomorrow!”

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georges zaslavsky

very interesting pen with an interesting nib :thumbup:

Pens are like watches , once you start a collection, you can hardly go back. And pens like all fine luxury items do improve with time


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Excellent review and photography. Another nib I would like to own.


Enjoy and may the pen serve you well,

"One Ink-drop on a solitary thought hath moved the minds of millions" - P R Spencer

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  • 5 years later...

Great review and the photos are amazing ! I'm looking to buy this pen and the price now here in Athens is under a hundred euros, in fact 99 EUR, which is about 120 dollars

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I have a Custom 912 with the Waverly nib. Not gold plated but 14K none the less. Excellent writer. The 912 is flat on the ends and resembles the Falcon but is larger. Love the way it glides over even the roughest of paper.

Pat Barnes a.k.a. billz

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