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Here is my mix:

4 drops of Blue gouache.

5 drops of Higgins Eternal black ink.

10 drops of water to make it runny.

I used this mix in a Noodler's Ahab, but only for 10 minutes or so, I didn't want to ruin my pen, but it is good for special projects if you do not have a dip pen (I heard you can use a Brause nib in an Ahab ;) ).

Using 80gm paper, it has some shading, little bit of bleed,no feathering.

I had railroading but that might be the pen, it keeps up when speed writing, no skiping at all.

I call it:



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Charles Skinner

I do not know how to "use" this section of FPN. Am I to believe that there is only ONE mixture that uses Sailor inks? Seems very strange! C. S.

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Charles Skinner

Gee ----- All of this is too complicated for me to understand! All I wanted was a suggestion on what would be a good color to mix with Apache Sunset. ----- Something like, 2/3 A. Sunset, and 1/3 blue ink! ----

C. S.

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this thread is very interesting I want to know the recipe of glitter ink recipe i  remember when we used to  have that glitter pain in t he school and almost daily we used to go with our fav snacks bundle to the school and we used to make art on bags and desks with the fellows. It was fun in the school days.

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