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Royal Blue Depths Of The Ocean (Robinkeys)

Caran d'Ache - "Colors of the Earth" series
Amazon Olive mix (NeelsK)
Grand Canyon Dried Blood (xmattxyzx)



Turquoise ChelBril Purple (Mesu)


Blue Sapphire Black Cherry (Cyber6)

Conway Stewart
Blue Stuart Blue (The Good Captain)



Black Night Jungle (glenndiaz)

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(J.) Herbin
1670 Rouge Hematite Very Nice Burgundy (TonyReynolds), Black Cherry (den_lim), Burgundy (den_lim), Deep Purple Shimmer (saskia_madding), Venous Eggplant (saskia_madding)
Amber Sepia Colour (KCat), Grass Green (radellaf), King's Gold Redux (radellaf)
Bleu Azure ESSRI mixes (Sandy1)
Bleu Nuit Rust Brown (Vincent1278), Richer Red (Vincent1278), Blue-Black with purple (Vincent1278)
Café des Iles Café Sherwood (carlmaloschneider)
Gris Nuage Perle Nuage (Chris S)
Larmes de Cassis Cool Fusion (Sandy1)
Lie de Thé Inky Little Olive (TangleCrafts)
Perle Noire Chocolate Dragon (Inguz), Rust Brown (Vincent1278), Richer Red (Vincent1278), Blue-Black with purple (Vincent1278), Mossy Brown (Vincent1278), MG RG (Vincent1278), Darkening Olive (Neill78), Black Cherry (den_lim), Perle Nuage (Chris S)

Poussiere de Lune Dark Subdued Burgundy (Akishira), Another Black Cherry (radellaf)
Rose Cyclamen Garnet (ElaineB)
Rouge Caroubier Rust Brown (Vincent1278), Richer Red (Vincent1278), MG RG (Vincent1278)
Rouge Opera Mossy Brown (Vincent1278)
Rouille d'Ancre Autumn Rose (Inkheart)
Vert Empire Rust Brown (Vincent1278), Mossy Brown (Vincent1278), MG RG (Vincent1278)
Vert Olive Brilliant Spring Green (amble63), Dreamy green-gold (zquilts), Darkening Olive (Neill78), Inky Little Olive (TangleCrafts)
Vert Reseda Distinguished Opaque Teal (MinasTirithScribe), Shepard Green (mhphoto), Emerald (mhphoto), Olive Green (mhphoto)

(J.) Herbin Specialty Inks
Encre Ambre, Orange Scent
Encre Bleue, Lavender Scent Clover (irbyls)
Encre Rouge, Rose Scent
Encre Verte, Apple Scent Clover (irbyls)
Encre Violette, Violet Scented

Hero - in China, packaged as Ying Xiong
Blue (washable) Cactus Hero (legion)

Eternal Black Depths Of The Ocean (Robinkeys)

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#41 Brown (2012 verion) Antique Rose (Dioxazine)
54th Massachusetts BBB (jhataway)
Aircorp Blue Black Aircorp Saguaro (Dioxazine), Dried Blood (xmattxyzx), Passion's Purple (Passion), "BB Proof" Dark Blue (kadymae)
Antiem Red Velvet (jptech), Chocolate Rust (JSorrell)
Apache Sunset Gray (Dioxazine), Teriyaki (pyramus)
Aquamarine Aquamarine Magic (Stephen-I-am)
Bad Belted Kingfisher (bulletproof) Royal Kingfisher (Dioxazine)
Bad Blue Heron Bad Blue Napalm (Bynming), BBB (jhataway)

Baystate Blue Baystate Blue-Black (Daisy), Bay State Imperial Blue (SignalboxCat)
Baystate Concord Grape Bay State Imperial Blue (SignalboxCat)
Black Earthy Black (Mostho), Archival BB (Hansrayner), Cheap BB (Grwilliams86), Abigail Rose (Will Argyle), Black Cherry (dsatco), Black on Black (Ink Stained Wretch), Waterproof BB (Goodwhiskers), Hunter Geen (southpaw), Green-black (NeoTiger), BP red-black (keenevision), An Ideal Black (Viseguy), Green Waterproof Forest Green (woodwindmaster06), Dragon's Blood (NeelsK), Not Quite Burgundy (NeelsK)
Black Swan in Australian Roses Black Swan In North African Violet (crunchmaster)
Blue Nice Royal Blue (fpfanatic5), Blue Lapis (blueshadow_33), McFortner Green (McFortner)
Blue Black Doestoblacksy (teengkoh)
Blue Ghost La Reine Maudite (Antoinem), Levenger Forest (Inka), Blood Orange (amberleadavis)
Burgundy Red Velvet (jptech)
Cayenne Redder Fox Red (Stephen-I-am), Emerald (mhphoto), Olive Green (mhphoto)
Dragon's Napalm Bad Blue Napalm (Bynming), Heart Of A Dragon(ZachWasniak)
Fox Red The Fox & The Hunter (wij), Legal Fox (wij), Abigail Rose (Will Argyle), Purple Fox (Stephen-I-am), Redder Fox Red (Stephen-I-am), BP red-black (keenevision), Shepard Green (mhphoto)
Golden Brown Golden Navajo (Stephen-I-am)
Green Cym's Silver (Dioxazine)
Greune Cactus Dead Christmas Tree (djpyle), Hunter Geen (southpaw), Bright Cactus (clmurphy)
Habanero Habanero's Elysium (MyDarnSnakeLegs)
Heart of Darkness Soviet Perseverance (Presto Tenebroso), Black Swan In North African Violets (crunchmaster), Red Velvet (jptech), Blood Red (Inka), Venous Blood Red Mix (waterman1924), Black Swan In North African Violet (crunchmaster)

Hunter Green (bulletproof) The Fox & The Hunter (wij)
Kiowa Pecan (near bulletproof) Green Onion (Onion)
La Couleur Royale Yet Another Blue-Purple (ARonk), "BB Proof" Dark Blue (kadymae)
La Reine Mauve La Reine Maudite (Antoinem), Regal Lapis (wij)
Legal Lapis Legal Fox (wij), Legal Saguaro (wij), Regal Lapis (wij), Electric Lapis (dennisraines), Blue Lapis (blueshadow_33), Purple Reign (Kelly)
Lexington Gray Lexington's Manuscript (Sandy1), Ethereal Blue (xmattxyzx), Turquoise/Gray (mrt77)
Luxury Blue Pilot's Luxury (Goodwhiskers), Very Dark Blue (Goodwhiskers), Waterproof BB (Goodwhiskers), Vibrant luxury blue (fjf), Super Lux blue (DennisU), Luxury Turquoise (Stephen-I-am)
Navajo Turquoise Gray (Dioxazine), Purple Fox (Stephen-I-am), Slightly Darker Turquoise (Eric072691), Luxury Turquoise (Stephen-I-am), Golden Navajo (Stephen-I-am), Shading Blue (scribbler)
Navy Nice Blue (Guest_Denis Richard_*)
Nightshade Whales' Nightside (AlaskanWriter)
Nikita Soviet Perseverance (Presto Tenebroso), Blood Red (Inka), Dead Christmas Tree (djpyle)
North African Violet Black Swan In North African Violets (crunchmaster)
Ottoman Azure Ottoman Aqua (dcwaites), Grass Green(sumgaikid), ESSRI mixes (Sandy1)
Polar Black (bulletproof & freezeproof) Polar Nights (Inka), Polar Blue Black (Inka), Polar Denim (eilu), BB Polar Eel (mikeyp)
Polar Blue (bulletproof & freezeproof) Polar Nights (Inka), Bulletproof Periwinkle (atetrachordofthree), Bulletproof Dark Blue (rzed1001), Archival BB (Hansrayner), Levenger Forest (Inka), Ethereal Blue (xmattxyzx), Polar Blue Black (Inka), Polar Denim (eilu), Polar Cobalt (dizzypen), Polar blue-green (dizzypen), Blue-Gray #1 (Sandy1), Polar Teal (BlakLanner)
Polar Green Polar Teal (BlakLanner), Polar Midway (penhand)
Purple Nice Dark Purple (carlmaloschneider), Plum (Ink Stained Wretch), Purple Reign (Kelly), Cym's Silver (Dioxazine)
Red Dried Blood (gogirl), Noodler's/Sheaffer red (Goodwhiskers)
Red-Black Nice Dark Purple (carlmaloschneider), Teriyaki (pyramus)
Saguaro Wine Legal Saguaro (wij), Aircorp Saguaro (Dioxazine)
Shah's Rose Gray (Dioxazine), Antique Rose (Dioxazine), Reddish Brown (woodwindmaster06)
The Whiteness of the Whale (bulletproof) La Reine Maudite (Antoinem), Ice Blue (tannie), Darker purple black (1917), The Elusive Black Whale (Immoteus)
Tiananmen Dried Blood (xmattxyzx)
Turquoise Turquoise/Gray (mrt77)
Upper Ganges Blue (bulletproof) Noodler's turquoise (JuddRogers)
X-Feather Black (bulletproof) Baystate Blue-Black (Daisy)
Year of the Golden Pig Bright Cactus (clmurphy)
Yellow McFortner Green (McFortner), Gerry's Pine Green (ElaineB), Gerry's Moss Green (ElaineB), Gerry's Moody Green (ElaineB)
Zhivago Used Motor Oil (jptech), From Chaos (M4R1N4), Courgette (Stephen-I-am)

Noodler's "American Eel" series (more lubrication for older piston-filling pens)
Blue Mystery Blue (Viseguy), BB Polar Eel (mikeyp)
Cactus Fruit Cactus Hero (legion)
Turquoise Noodler's turquoise (JuddRogers)

Noodler's "Electric (Pastel) Color" (non-waterproof) Highlighting Inks
Firefly Blue-Gray #1 (Sandy1), Green Onion (Onion)
Hellfire Purple Highlighter (Anne S. Gray)
Lightning Blue Bulletproof Periwinkle (atetrachordofthree), Purple Highlighter (Anne S. Gray)

Noodler's, exclusively for Fountain Pen Hospital
Old Manhattan (black & waterproof) Chocolate Rust (JSorrell)

Noodler's, exclusively for FPN
Dumas Tulip Noire The Elusive Black Whale (Immoteus)
Galileo Manuscript Brown Lexington's Manuscript (Sandy1)

Noodler's, exclusively for Goulet Pens
Liberty's Elysium Ice Blue (tannie), Habanero's Elysium (MyDarnSnakeLegs)
Purple Heart Heart Of A Dragon(ZachWasniak)

Noodler's, exclusively for JetPens (bulletproof)
Manjiro Nakahama Whaleman's Sepia Whales' Nightside (AlaskanWriter)

Noodler's, exclusively for the Pendemonium store: All of these exclusives are bulletproof
Eternal Brown Nice brown (Ink Stained Wretch), Butterscotch (Ann Finley), Caramel (Ann Finley)
Iraqi Indigo Mystery Blue (Viseguy), Very Dark Blue (Goodwhiskers), Waterproof BB (Goodwhiskers), Constant Cobalt (Stephen-I-am), Courgette (Stephen-I-am)

Noodler's "SwishMix," exclusively for the Swisher Pens store: All are about 75%, waterproof, and fast-drying; needs "good" paper
Apricot Orange Blood Orange (amberleadavis)
Glacier Blue Glacial Tanzanite (Taki), American Glacier (captnemo)
Goldfinch Butterscotch (Ann Finley), Caramel (Ann Finley)
Grizzly Plum (Ink Stained Wretch)
Lakeshore Spruce Semi Brilliant Green (JuddRogers)
Naval Orange Butterscotch (Ann Finley)
Nile Ebony An Ideal Black (Viseguy)
Verdun Hunter Geen (southpaw), Green Waterproof Forest Green (woodwindmaster06)

Noodler's Russian series - eternal inks
Dostoevsky Doestoblacksy (teengkoh)

Noodler's V-Mail series (water resistant)
Midway Blue Polar Midway (penhand)

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Parker Quink
Black Stark Blue (ParkersandPilots), Derry Grey (ParkersandPilots), Redrum (ParkersandPilots), Gaunt Green (ParkersandPilots), Merlot Red (ParkersandPilots), Hemlock Green (ParkersandPilots), Razorblade Red (ParkersandPilots), Yankee Blue (ParkersandPilots), Black Spearmint (yellowecho), Another Eggplant (lisa), Dark gray/blue/purple (lisa), Ocean Deep Blue (superfly), Blue Blood (den_lim)

Blue (washable) Fabulous Blue-Black (kissing), Blueen (yarek), Ocean Deep Blue (superfly), Darker purple black (1917), Blue Blood (den_lim)
Blue (permanent) Kind of Tanzanite (Visoflex)
Blue-Black Yankee Blue (ParkersandPilots), Double BB (Dima), Faux Sapphire (dcwaites), ESSRI mixes (Sandy1)
Green Dark Greenish Turquoise (ticoun), Blue Forest (ticoun), Quink Brown (PauloC)
Red Quink Brown (PauloC)

Parker Penman
Mocha Sepia Colour (KCat)
Sapphire Pelikan Blue-Black+ (Chris)

Pelikan 4001
Black (India ink for fountain pens) Steel Black Pelikan (Aldwin)
Blue-Black Double BB (Dima), (Cheap BB (Grwilliams86), Pelikan Blue-Black+ (Chris), Uxbridge Blue (The Good Captain)
Brilliant Black Eggplant (liapuyat), Black on Black (Ink Stained Wretch), Dark Moss (Discordianist), Pelikan Blue-Black+ (Chris), Forest Green (2GreyCats), Blg (Chris S)
Brilliant Blue Sheaffer's Fowl Gemstone (penspouse), Pelikan Blue-Black+ (Chris), Uxbridge Blue (The Good Captain), Perle Nuage (Chris S)
Brilliant Brown Several ratio mixes (Tulku)
Brilliant Green Royal Purple (Discordianist), Semi Brilliant Green (JuddRogers), Dark Moss (Discordianist), Several ratio mixes (Tulku)
Red Burgundy On Ice (superfly)
Royal Blue Burgundy On Ice (superfly), Slightly Darker Turquoise (Eric072691)
Turquoise Gerry's Indigo (ElaineB), ESSRI mixes (Sandy1)
Violet W/P blurple (StephY), Kind of Tanzanite (Visoflex), Another Black Cherry (radellaf), Kinney's Black Cherry (radellaf)

Pelikan Edelstein

Mandarin Chocolate Dragon (Inguz)

Topaz ESSRI mixes (Sandy1)

Pilot/Namiki - standard bottles
Black Espresso (Ada), Beet Red (Ada)
Blue Japanese Waters gadgetjunky), (Pilot's Luxury (Goodwhiskers), Seapilot Blue (carlos.q)

Pilot Iroshizuku
Asa-gao Deep Purple Shimmer (saskia_madding)
Chiku-rin Wakakusa (pyramus)
Fuyu-gaki Dark Grey (NeelsK)
Fuyu-syogun Cool Fusion (Sandy1), Blue-Gray #1 (Sandy1)
Ku-jaku Ryu no Tsuki (den_lim)
Shin-ryoku Wakakusa (pyramus)
Syo-ro Burgundy (Aunt Jill)
Tsuki-yo Ryu no Tsuki (den_lim), Black Cherry (den_lim), Burgundy (den_lim)
Tsukushi Autumn Rose (Inkheart)
Yama-budo Royal Purple (Discordianist)

Platinum Mix Free
Earth Brown Earthy Black (Mostho)

Platinum Preppy
Purple Passion's Purple (Passion)

Private Reserve
American Blue TanzAm Blue (jdboucher), Tropical Ocean (dcwaites), American Glacier (captnemo), Teal (Sonnet)
Arabian Rose Very Dark Violet (Jimmy James)
Avocado Dutch Avocado (saskia_madding)
Black Cherry Dried Blood (gogirl)
Black Magic Blue Magic Midnight (chemgeek), Dusky Blue (JSorrell), Aquamarine Magic (Stephen-I-am)
Blue Suede Dark Lime (JSorrell), Dusky Blue (JSorrell)
Burgundy Mist Burgundy (roisnoir)
Buttercup Grass Green(sumgaikid), Binder's Brilliant Kelly Green (Richard)
Copper Burst Dark Chocolate Brown (jmk), Reddish Brown (woodwindmaster06), Sepia Colour (KCat)
Daphne Blue Green Onion (Onion), My Favourite Blue (RitaCarbon)
DC Supershow Blue Brilliant Spring Green (amble63), Super Lux blue (DennisU), Very Dark Violet (Jimmy James)
Ebony Blue Distinguished Opaque Teal (MinasTirithScribe), Ebony Turquoise (y2bd)
Electric DC Blue Electric Lapis (dennisraines), Ebony Turquoise (y2bd)
Fiesta Red Burgundy (Aunt Jill)
Flannel Gray Electric Lapis (dennisraines)
Lake Placid Blue Faux Sapphire (dcwaites)
Midnight Blues Magic Midnight (chemgeek), Shepard Green (mhphoto)
Naples Blue Polar blue-green (dizzypen), Polar Teal (BlakLanner)
Orange Crush Dark Lime (JSorrell)
Purple Haze Burgundy (roisnoir)
Purple Mojo Black Cherry (dsatco)
Sherwood Green Café Sherwood (carlmaloschneider), Cheap BB (Grwilliams86), Minty Sherwood (LDB415), Teal (Sonnet)
Shoreline Gold Illegal Lipstick (Sandy1)
Spearmint Gaunt Green (ParkersandPilots), Hemlock Green (ParkersandPilots), Minty Sherwood (LDB415), Black Spearmint (yellowecho), Green-black (NeoTiger)
Tanzanite TanzAm Blue (jdboucher), Another Eggplant (lisa), Dark gray/blue/purple (lisa), Super Lux blue (DennisU), Glacial Tanzanite (Taki), Nice Royal Blue (fpfanatic5), My Favourite Blue (RitaCarbon)
Velvet Black Dark Chocolate Brown (jmk)

Edited by saskia_madding
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Why dont u have binder burgundy up there?

Equal parts waterman purple and slovenian skrip red.... ?






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    • Shanghai Knife Dude
      I have the Sailor Naginata and some fancy blade nibs coming after 2022 by a number of new workshop from China.  With all my respect, IMHO, they are all (bleep) in doing chinese characters.  Go use a bush, or at least a bush pen. 
    • A Smug Dill
      It is the reason why I'm so keen on the idea of a personal library — of pens, nibs, inks, paper products, etc. — and spent so much money, as well as time and effort, to “build” it for myself (because I can't simply remember everything, especially as I'm getting older fast) and my wife, so that we can “know”; and, instead of just disposing of what displeased us, or even just not good enough to be “given the time of day” against competition from >500 other pens and >500 other inks for our at
    • adamselene
      Agreed.  And I think it’s good to be aware of this early on and think about at the point of buying rather than rationalizing a purchase..
    • A Smug Dill
      Alas, one cannot know “good” without some idea of “bad” against which to contrast; and, as one of my former bosses (back when I was in my twenties) used to say, “on the scale of good to bad…”, it's a spectrum, not a dichotomy. Whereas subjectively acceptable (or tolerable) and unacceptable may well be a dichotomy to someone, and finding whether the threshold or cusp between them lies takes experiencing many degrees of less-than-ideal, especially if the decision is somehow influenced by factors o
    • adamselene
      I got my first real fountain pen on my 60th birthday and many hundreds of pens later I’ve often thought of what I should’ve known in the beginning. I have many pens, the majority of which have some objectionable feature. If they are too delicate, or can’t be posted, or they are too precious to face losing , still they are users, but only in very limited environments..  I have a big disliking for pens that have the cap jump into the air and fly off. I object to Pens that dry out, or leave blobs o
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