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The Platignum School Cartridge Pen

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This is why quality control is so important. Platignum seems to have sown sunlit memories of childhood in some users, and to have indelibly scarred others. There are perhaps some careless factory workers who must answer for ruined lives and unrelenting sadness, all because they let the odd misaligned nib or cracked section slip by.


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Jerome Tarshis

I don't mean to sound unpleasantly insistent, but I wasn't complaining about "the odd" misaligned nib or cracked section allowed to escape from the factory. In my youthful opinion those pens, made according to specifications, were pretty regrettable. And I think a number of earlier posters to this thread would agree with me. Not a quality control problem. The very essence of the thing.


Others evidently differ.

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Fantastic! I have been looking long and hard for the Platignum pen I was taught to use in 1973 in Eastborough Primary School in Maidstone. I remembered that it had a tapered barrel, and this looks instantly recognisable to me. But I recall a normal barrel-shaped cap on mine. Do you have any other photos of Platignums from this era?

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