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Okay, so a lot of people here know Brian of Brian Goulet Pen Company. Well, for my personal experience. WOW....they are my favorite. They have a very simple website layout and finding anything is extremely easy. You can compare items easily, and he has videos on some of the newer pens(convinced me to try seals and buy a flex pen). They arent the cheapest, but they are probably the only place I will ever buy pen supplies from(unless they dont carry it :))


I ordered a small bottle of PR tanzanite along with a noodler ahab a couple weeks ago. I put that I wanted a star drawn on my invoice, you know somthing just quick to show they care or whatever. Give it a more personalized feel. I then decided to ask for a dinosaur just because, and only expecting a quick star. Order was shipped out very early the next morning(ordered at night). I got a tracking number and two emails to confirm everything. I had it on my door a few days later. I was very excited to see my pen and play with my new ink. But holy smokes, my invoice was definitely the best part.




Thats a pretty BA looking dinosaur and way more than I expected, I even got my name used and a look at a pretty nice green. Okay okay, so i gotta keep my promise. I had to be a return customer. So pay day came around, and I bought a sealing kit for 44.oo on wednesday. It was shipped out thursday morning. I dont know how this one managed to happen, but it showed up on my doorstep today. Thats from Virginia to South Dakota in 3 days. I was expected to have it tuesday according to the package tracking. Well, I wanted to see if I could get lucky twice. I really doubted I would have somthing that could top my dinosaur. None-the-less I asked for somthing cooler than a dinosaur. Well I think they got it. I opened my package up, and slowly opened my invoice, completely oblivious to my sealing kit.


There she was, written in noodlers Blue-black. BATMAN, and is that a "B" I see written on it? Could it be? The Brian Goulet himself? I dont know, but I would like to think he took the time to drawn that masterpiece.





I don't work for them, I don't get free stuff to write their name's, but I just wanted to share my experience and show the dedication and attention they put into their work. I will gladly be going back and doing all of my business with them. I mean, with two epic drawings like that? How could I not.

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Oh, no. Now it's on. I'm not planning on making a request for anything elaborate, but I'll be using that little box the next time I order to write something really bizarre just to see if I can make one of the Goulet people laugh or something.

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Too totally cool! I think you owe the Goulet's a LOT of repeat business. :roflmho:


oh, and I think the artist is still Drew.

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You just started a trend I am sure the Goulet's are going to grow to hate! (In a nice way)


I haven't had the pleasure of ordering from them yet, but as with you, I have heard many great Customer Service stories about them. Because of your review and many like it, I plan on

using them my next order.

Ride hard or go home

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The Scribbler

1) Very cool. Goulets are awesome.


2) You've now single handedly slowed shipping down by a week since everyone is going to be asking for little drawings and pictures.


3) Goulets are going to have to add a full time invoice artist to staff.


4) Before they put a stop to it, I've got to get a portrait of Mr. Spock. Or Elvis... maybe Mr. Spock dressed like Elvis?

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Wonderful company, and thank you for sharing your experience. From most companies I am happy when someone simply writes a note thanking me for my purchase; I couldn't imagine how excited I would be to receive a drawing!

"To the optimist the glass is half full, to the pessimist the glass is half empty, to the engineer the glass is twice as big as it needs to be."

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That is hysterical!!! Thank you for sharing.

God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind, I will never die.

-Bill Waterson

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I've ordered from Goulet's a couple of times. Of course both of my small orders were handled with the same care and and quickness as everybody else has experienced. Basically what they have done is fully embraced the idea of "customer service." With the internet being a "faceless" place they have realized that they can distinguish themselves in a way that insures their customers are happy; and it doesn't cost them an extra penny! There is no doubt (as the growing stack of testimonials accumulate) their commitment will insure the success of their business well into the future. The only thing I find odd is why other retailers don't/won't/can't recognize that customers really do take notice and appreciate the small, personal touch that comes with stellar customer service. I know that I will never be their biggest customer, but I don't even bother to to look for another online seller if I can order from them. And I always look there first.

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That's really funny! Great drawings.


I love getting the little handwritten notes on my invoices. The little touches - they really do matter.


I have been ordering all my ink from them lately, even if I can get it elsewhere. And my Clairfontaines too, probably to the dismay of my local B&M store (although I picked up something there last week) .


They love what they do, it shows, they take care of their customers, and we love them for it. Who knew they could draw too??? :-).

Not all those who wander are lost. J.R.R.Tolkien

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Actually, I'm fairly sure that Drew is the artist of the Batman drawing. He sketched Nightwing on one of my invoices and it is pretty darn neat. He's a cool guy!

Edited by nightwing
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1) Very cool. Goulets are awesome.


2) You've now single handedly slowed shipping down by a week since everyone is going to be asking for little drawings and pictures.


3) Goulets are going to have to add a full time invoice artist to staff.


4) Before they put a stop to it, I've got to get a portrait of Mr. Spock. Or Elvis... maybe Mr. Spock dressed like Elvis?

:ltcapd: :ltcapd: :ltcapd:


Is it just me or is a great deal of comic genius concentrated in this forum?


Anyway, I also enjoy the attention to detail the Goulets and staff have. In the past they have swabbed an ink on the invoice upon request, drew little smileys next to congratulatory comments, wrote little notes and thank yous, etc. I also like their "advertising" of putting the ink name under their notes.


But in comparison, that's a pretty fantastic Batman drawing. :roflmho:




Perhaps Nathan should become their invoice artist :rolleyes:. Assuming he does his own artwork, not just explaining the symbolism of the ink labels alone for an average of three or five minutes in his videos.

Edited by P.A.R.

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Yeah, they are really fantastic. I originally just wanted a little star, maybe 5 seconds total to show that someone actually was involved in hte "faceless" process we have grown to know. The note I got was fantastic, they really do try to improve the experience. The fact that they even go to the point of writing a note on it, just advertises ink. Each one I got, there was enough writing and a little note about the color they used. Thats a fantastic way of advertising their product. I know I reall want to get a PR spearmint color now because of it.


The only down side I have found about their website, they dont have any testamonial sections. You can review the product you bought, but they really need to create a section for customers to review the company. Many new fountain penists(okay that looks bad) may just go with the company that is the cheapest, and I know for some of the pens(my shaeffer) was about 6 dollars cheaper elsewhere...but maybe if they knew how positive the experience is with GPC they would rather buy from them. So if anyone from Goulet is reading this, let us put how awesome you are, directly on your website!


PS sorry about slowing down shipping times...


And as for the "B" its for Batman, Drew did both of the drawings. If you compare the "b's", they are identical. So shout out to DREW!!! YOUR THE BEST

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Haven't ordered yet, mostly because I'm still trying to figure out what samples to get, and because I'm going to be out of town shortly, and don't want there to be any sort of problems with delivery while I'm away (and I gather that delivery is *fast*...!)

Really liked the video I saw about the color mixing kit -- it got me interested in the product, and the process, in a way that was friendly and laid back and not at all intimidating.

Also have to say that I read some of the customer reviews on their website, and saw the name of someone I thought I knew; I sent the guy email, going "Hey, is this you?" and it turned out it was (!) so now I have someone local that I can bounce stupid newbie questions off of (besides all the FPN folks, of course....) :clap1:

Count me as a potentially happy customer for now.

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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