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Custom Pen Wrap By Pacific Coast Pen

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Wanda aka PacificCoastPens made me this awesome wrap and I had to share. The pictures that I took didn't really do the wrap justice, so I'm posting the pictures that she send me. If you're in the market for a custom wrap, Wanda's your girl. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. When I got the package I started giggling like the pen geek that I am.






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Very nice!.....


A big :thumbup: for Wanda and her great pen wraps!.....I have 3 of them, each with a different color lining....all great!


Highly recommend her wraps and excellent service!

FP Addict & Pretty Nice Guy




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This wrap is really nice :thumbup: How do you reach Wanda re ordering a wrap?


I sent her a PM. She responded very quickly.


Wanda's FPN name is PacificCoastPens.


I have several pen wraps from her, designed to hold pens up to the Danitrio Mikado size (BIG pens!). I've been extremely happy with my wraps.


The blue wrap here is my favorite, and it goes with me every day to work, full of pens. It may be a "standard" 6 pen wrap, but it holds my Danitrio Densho without a problem.





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Scribere est agere.

To write is to act.


Danitrio Fellowship

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I have about 5 of Wanda's pen wraps. I use them all the time and they are absolutely the best. She's a lovely lady.

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I've been using one of Wanda's pen wraps with outer denim just like the one in the picture in the original post (but a different interior) for about 18 months now, and it is perfect for my needs. My other pen cases now reside in storage boxes!

S.T. Dupont Ellipsis 18kt M nib

Opus 88 Flow steel M nib

Waterman Man 100 Patrician Coral Red 18kt factory stub nib

Franklin-Christoph Model 19 with Masuyama 0.7mm steel cursive italic nib

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Here are a couple more data points on Wanda and her wraps/cases.


You've seen of course that there are some wraps from other makers that are very pretty and somewhat ornate. My contention is that some of these show better than they go. Most of them are made from material that When (not if) there's an inkcident they have to go to the dry cleaners. They also usually have those very pretty ties that well...tie that while they look very nice can be fiddly if one needs to get to a pen or store one quickly.


One of the areas where Wanda excels is her flexibility and versatility. If you can give her a little time, she can find both the interior and exterior fabrics to your liking and if necessary use such that can be machine or hand washed when they get ink soiled. Most of her wraps also come with Velcro holding straps that are quick and easy peasy to get in an out of.


This first wrap I had her make for FPNer Florence Nightingangel I specifically wanted one easy to get into and one that could be washed. Wanda handled that with no problem.


The second case I had her do for my Mother's Christmas present of a retrofitted (Hi Chris!) Esterbrook ballpoint. As you can see, I think she did a wonderful job matching the fabric and made it exactly to the size specs I gave her.


The fabrics she uses and her workmanship and customer service are amazing especially for the very reasonable prices she charges.


Bruce in Ocala, FL



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Is it fair for an intelligent and family oriented mammal to be separated from his/her family and spend his/her life starved in a concrete jail?

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Thank you all for your kind comments.


I will be at the LA Pen Show in a couple weeks as a browser and pen buyer. I may consider having my own booth in the future. I will bring some premade wraps with me in case people bump into me and want to buy. I will have to do this in the parking lot and not the ballroom.


If you have any interest, you can PM me and I can arrange a meeting. I expect I will be there from opening to after lunch...or until my husband wears out. Maybe 4 hours in the morning. I will also be staying in the hotel Saturday pm.


By that time, I will have made some business cards. Otherwise, transactions can be done via FPN.

Check out this new flickr page for pen wraps

W He


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