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Welcome to the Montblanc forum


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Welcome to the Montblanc forum, a place for discussing MB pens, both vintage and modern.


Because the mere mention of the name Montblanc seems to invoke very heated discussions, the administrators and moderators would appreciate posters reviewing the FPN Guidelines and use basic netiquette before posting.




Please be polite and civil to others. Please refrain from personal attacks, excessive profanity, and discriminatory comments (gender, race, faith, political, etc.)


In case messages do not adhere to the guidelines, appropriate action will be taken, f.e., pulling threads, asking people to edit messages, etc., up to and including full moderation of the whole forum. This will make the forum a lot less interactive than it could be.


So, let´s all behave like we always do, and keep this a nice place, not only for ourselves, but for everybody strolling into this forum.


Let´s go and enjoy!


Several threads about MB have been moved over here to 'seed' the forum but if you know of others that would be better here please PM one of the moderators.

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Greetings Montblanc afficianados!

Where's the activity here...there's more to Montblanc than just complaining (substitute word) & moaning.

Here's a pic of some of my favorites, comfortable in the hand, pleasant to the eye and they're built to last a lifetime!





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Chris Chalmers
(marklavar @ Dec 10 2006, 02:21 AM)I am pleased that this forum has now emerged. It really was needed. smile.gif

I agree - but then I am and always have been an MB lover!


Chris :bunny01:

Each day is the start of the rest of your life!

Make it count!!!

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Yes, they are pompous. Yes, they are ostentatious. They shout "look at me" whilst the owner thinks he has status, and the stares think "pretentious". And, yes there are better pens out there (I'm told).


But that white star: it's like Coke, or the prancing horse of Ferrari.


I'm in, as the simplicity, unfussy black, and timeless design just give me what I want. Style is here in spades.



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