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Diamine Syrah


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My goal in this round of tests was to choose a dark red or burgundy ink to use in my new Visconti Cosmoplitan. The pen is made of stacked red and clear celluloid, and I plan to use it with a reddish ink so that any staining will blend into the overall colour of the pen. After having reviewed the results for all the inks tested, I've revised my conclusions for some of them; therefore, where my typed and handwritten comments conflict the typed comments supercede the handwritten ones.





Syrah comes closer to a true burgundy or red wine colour than any ink I've seen yet, with a purple undertone instead of the brown undertones more commonly found in dark red inks. I love both red wind and purple inks, so it is strange I found Syrah's purple tone off putting. Perhaps it is because I'm used to purple inks and am looking for something different? Flow and lubrication were excellent. This ink did tend to stick to the walls of it's sample vial leaving me worried that it might be difficult to flush from my pen. There was no sign of staining, so this isn't something I'd normally worry about; however, I find the Visconti power filler is particularly hard to flush so I'm not certain this ink would be a good match for this particular pen.








Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any retailer, distributor or manufacturer of pens, inks or stationery, nor have I recieved, been offered, or solicted any free samples or discounts.

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