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Fountain Pen Companies In New York In 1925


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I came across a phone directory of New York from 1925.

Here is what I found about FP companies listed then.

I hope eventually to transcribe them into text and add a tiny bit of info for those we know and learn more for those we dont.

Join me, by adding your tidbits of knowledge here :)

There are many interesting names in this list.


Waterman L E Co, 191 Broadway cor Dey, Tel Cortland 6020 (listed under Fountain Pen Ink, Pencil Manufactures, Pencil Rubber, Fountain Pens)

Address on maps.yahoo.com. What does Tel Cortland 6020 mean? See the informative posts by from Girlieg33k and wdyasq below.

Eagle Pencil Co 703 E 13th Tel Lexington 9200 (listed under Fountain Pen Manufacturers, Pencil Manufs, Pencils)

Address on maps.yahoo.com.

Harris J & Co. 535 Pearl Street Tel Worth 2371 (listed under Fountain Pen Manufacturers)

Address on maps.yahoo.com. J. Harris pens show up from time to time on ebay. Here is a chance to learn more about this company.

Morrison Fountain Pen Co 1545-1547 Broadwayl Tel Chickering 7830 (listed under Fountain Pen Manufacturers, Gold Filled Pencils, Magazine Pencils)

Address on maps.yahoo.com.

Salz Bros Office and Factory 102 W 101st Tel Academy 2000-1-2; Salesroom 75 E 35th Tel Fitzroy 3238 (listed under Fountain Pen Manufacturers)

Factory on maps.yahoo and Salesroom

(more soon :) ...)
















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What does Tel Cortland 6020 mean?

Telephone numbers way back when used to begin with an exchange name and number. The exchange name was often abbreviated by the two first letters, so Cortland 6020 would be CO 6020, and that's how the caller would ask to be connected through the operator.


For more info on the old telephone numbering scheme, you can visit: http://ourwebhome.com/TENP/TENproject.html


Thanks for posting this info. It's very interesting!

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interestingly i purchased a beautiful pierce hard rubber pen at the long island pen show. it is a medium nib with flex, marked pierce no.4. it writes like a dream! i do not know much about this manufaturer. could it be a ny pen?

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"What does Tel Cortland 6020 mean? "


That should be the Telephone Exchange and Number - Cortland Exchange Number 6020.


The 'Strowger Device", a machine created by Almon B. Strowger in 1889 allowd direct dialing inside exchanges but an operator had to connect the exchanges. BTW - Strowger was a mortician in Kansas and a telephone operator, whose husband owned a competing embalmaderia, was diverting calls to her husband's pickling tables. Strowger sought to eliminate that problem and invented the automatic switch gear.



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Thank you for sharing! I have a Mabie Todd & Co. NY pen circa 1925, so it made me smile. :lol:



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My first vintage FP found in the wild is a brand called Uni-Flow, from the Universal Pen Co. NY (this is all stamped on the barrell). It's a great celluloid, that looks to be attempting to cash in on the Vacumatic/ Duofold craze of the early 40s. I still can't find anything on this open on the web...

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I acquired a jade oversized Eclipse Pen at our Dallas Pen Show this year. It was unusual in that it had the name Leonardo in block letters on the gold filled clip.


I thought that Eclipse might have made it for a wholeseller or a jeweler, but after seeing this listing and finding a Leonardo Pen Company I wonder. The did make pens for Keene and maybe for Leonardo as well.


Has anyone ever seen one of these or does anyone have any thoughts?

I'll take a few pics this weekend and post them.



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Check Pentrace. AZ posted this info there as well, and DocNib posted pictures of a Leonardo.



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You should get a Yink, I think.


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Always looking for pens by Baird-North, Charles Ingersoll, and nibs marked "CHI"

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Zip codes were also a 20th century innovation. My grandfather used to work for International Harvester in Manhattan in the 1900's. I have some business envelopes with printed company name and return address that did not have a zip code. Pretty cool stuff.


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No reference to my "Pitus" eyedropper!! They didn't have any phone number, maybe?






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If you liked this thread, you will love this web page:

The Manhattan Pen Maker Project: A list of Manhattan based pen makers over the years by Ron Dutcher.


Hello after all these years,


Has anyone managed to save this article / project? I'm now focusing on collecting pens from the tri-state area, and would love to have more reference (thank goodness this article is still available!)



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