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Paper & Pen Paraphernalia Index


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CoolNotes: Astroix, dandelion

Famous Faces: dizzypen



Copy Paper: HelzBelz

Notebook: vans4444



Handmade Journal: lecorbusier (bagasse), Okami


Tom Bihn

Field Journal: Okami



Eco notebook: dcwaites

Executive grid pad: ru32day



Edited by dizzypen

Equal Opportunity Ink and Fountain Pen User.


My blog: The Dizzy Pen

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Bags__ Covers__ Ink Wells and Storage __ Pad and Pen holders__Pen cases__ Pen Storage __ Sealing Wax__ Stamps__ Misc.

alecgold (Gfeller Diamond Creek Satchel and Utility Bag)
Paul Hurst (Henry Tomkins Satchel / Book bag)
El Mocho (M-51 Engineer's Bag)
DrScott (Renaissance Art Laptop Bag)
Bogie (Inkleaf Leather Satchel)

Jonst (Swaine Adeney Paternoster Laptop Briefcase)

jimhughes (Heirloom Cahier Leather Cover, Read second post as well)
farseer911 (Inkleaf Webnotebook Leather Cover, Pictures Missing)
countrydirt (K Bar J Leather)
youstruckgold (Rickshaw Bag Moleskine Folio Cover, No Pictures)
physicsgirl (Oberon Original Large Journal Covers)
eherreid (Renaissance Art Composition Book Cover)
kiavonne (Renaissance Arts Field Notes Pocket Cover)
OcalaFlGuy (Renaissance Art Field Notes Covers)
amsaad (Saddleback Leather Notebook Cover, No Pictures)
AndyHayes (Renaissance Art Moleskine Large Journal Cover)
Sno (Renaissance Art Refillable Journal Cover)
tankcommander1554 , KrazyIvan (Vademecum Leather Pocket Notebook Cover)

pamsc (Textile Traveler Custom Padfolio)


Ink Wells, Ink storage, etc.
777 (Goulet Sample Ink Vials)
SweetieStarr (Esterbrook No. 427 Dipless Inkwell, External Link)
Tom L (Stipula Netto Filling System)
KrazyIvan (Bamapen ink storage box)
Jomammie(Cigar Box Ink Storage)

Pad / Pen Holders
Kurtz (Emform Deskpad / Pen Tray)
rabbit_39 (Franklin Covey Leather Index Card Holder)
OboeJuan (Renaissance Art Folder Holder)
AndyHayes (Renaissance Art Leather Notebook Cover)
Kay (Petroskey Pen Pillow)

Pen Cases
ncdobson (Forum Member, ashishwakhlu Large 3 Pen Leather case)
dudleian (Aston 5 Pen Wrap)
masa15 (Buttero Bebu Pen / Pencil Case)
mollzo (Custom Penwrap by PacificCoastPen)
ArchiMark (Custom Penwrap by PacificCoastPen)
holgalee (Custom Pen Pouch by rainyday2306)
raulfragoso (Delta Markiaro 40 Pen Leather Case)
trhall (EXBPens 3 Pen Cloth Wrap)
Paul Hurst (FB Leather Pen Case)
stevlight (Franklin-Christoph 6 Pen Envelope)
Moynihan (Gfeller Leather 3 Pen Case, no pictures and link to website is broken)
r1chard (Global Classic Leather Pencil Case)
Pjay (Pelikan Patent Leather Pen Case)
Albnot1 (Piquadro 2 Pen Case)
Okami (Quiver Leather Pen Holders, Single)
John the Monkey (Nomadic PE-10 Tri-Fold or Envelope Case)
dmendel (skopco Leather 3 Pen Case, Forum Member)
mano I (Sienna 4 Pen Leather Case)
woodwindmaster06 (Tarn Ballistic Material 12 Pen Case)
The Classicist (Virgo-Attrezzo Pen Case)
tanalasta (Visconti Leather 12 Pen Case)
bensuzuki (Wild Swans Leather 2 Pen Case)
Blade Runner (Levenger Leather 24 Pen Case, No Pictures)
Taki (Levenger True Writer Notewriter)
Bryan (Venlo Portofino 5 Pen Travel / Storage Case)
thequinox (Rosetta Napa Leather Triple Slot Pen Case)
Chrevbel (Leather pen case from coasttocoast)
brando090 (Dynamite pen case)

aces (Campo Marzio Pen Case)

Pen Storage
kiavonne (azWoodman Pen Drawer)
kiavonne (Bill Jackman's Pen Stands)
southpaw (Bill Jackman's Pen Stands)
ParkerFan1 (Parker Pen and Tool Die Maker Toolchest)
DKbRS (Geoff Morris 5 Drawer Pen Cabinet / Pen Case)
stevlight (Geoff Morris 5 Drawer Pen Cabinet / Pen Case)
Powerbroker (ImolaS3 3 Pen Box)
Doug C (Paradise Pen 60 Pen Drawer)
Doug C (Visconti Roll Top Box)
Johnny Appleseed (Carlos Toraño Cigar Box)
Paddler (Swinging Pencil and Pen Box)
KrazyIvan (Bamapen Pen Box)
Markam (Geoff Morris 5 Drawer Pen Cabinet / Pen Case)

terminal (Parish Wood Works Display Case)

Pen2009 (Toyooka Craft 40-pen case)

Sealing Wax

chud (Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax)
GouletPens (J. Herbin Supple Sealing Wax, Seals & Handles)
sygyzy (J. Herbin Supple Wax, Seals & Handles)
tisfortorrey (J. Herbin Sealing Wax, Five Sticks, Four Colors)
Basilios (Stewart Houghton Sealing Wax)

irblys (Asspocket Productions Archeress Ex Libris Stamp)
AndyHayes (Trodat 5756 Autonumberer Stamp)

zerobuttons (Book Review: "Making Paper" by Bo Rudin)
GreenVelvet (Envelope Making Tools)
farseer911 (Exacompta Exaboard)
GreenVelvet (International Girl Aerogrammes *envelopes*)
mcmc (Kum Pencut Collapsable Scissors)
GouletPens (Quo Vadis Elastic Bookmark)
Okami (Reynolds Erasable Ink)
tlaine (SmudgeGuard)
masa15 (Tsuyafukin for Wooden Pen Care)
Ipno Tizer - Clic Bloc mouse pad
Dip Head (Book Review: A Gentleman Pens a Note)
Tom L (EQPR Newsletter or Erano's Quarterly Pen Review, Vol. 4 No. 1)
AndyHayes (Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase)
hunter186 (Tryphon Polish Kit Review)
PJohnP (Levenger Circa Desk Punch)
BamaPen (Midori Belt Seal)

ToolAttack (Linley Desk Blotter)
DanielCoffey (Emmi-4 Ultrasonic Cleaner)

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Edited by dizzypen

Equal Opportunity Ink and Fountain Pen User.


My blog: The Dizzy Pen

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