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... Kokuyo Campus High Grade Cyo-Bo Paper ...

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This is a review of KOKUYO CAMPUS High Grade CYO-BO paper


Comes in A4 size

50 sheets only

Punched with 30 holes along one margin



Its stated as 100gsm

and listed as high grade paper

That is the article/product serial number




Made by KOKUYO in Japan




The backside of the packet









The inktestpage.

The paper is off-white





No feathering






I am impressed that it can take the SAILOR Red Brown ink written by a PILOT Custom <FA> nib.

It keeps its strokewidth of a lot of ink deposited on the paper. Especially the last 3 strokes.



The reverse side.

No bleedthru



Slight showthru due to thinness of paper and dark inks




Pretty costly.

Paid SGD$10 for a packet of 50 sheets.

I think its expensive


But the paper is super smooth. :thumbup:

And everything you expect of Japanese quality.

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Thanks for the review!


I recently purchased a variety of Japanese notebooks. The paper is impressive. I'm offering a Sampler for those interested in trying these papers. Some packets are still available.


It looks like several will become my go-to paper for notes and journaling.




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Kokuyo is good paper. While I have not tried the CYO-BO grade, I have used the semi-B5 bound notebooks and the loose-leaf filler for B5s in Kokuyo's translucent 26-ring binders.


The paper is a little thin which accounts for very mild showthrough but it is great to write with. In my area, Rhodia is not always available. When it is, the pads are reasonably priced but the notebooks are quite expensive for the number of pages they offer.


Kokuyo gives us an alternative. Compared to Singpore, I think the prices in Manila are a tad better. The Semi-B5 notebooks are at US$1.50 each, and a 100-page pack of B5 loose leaf is at US$3.00.

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