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Experience With Missing-Pen.de

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He's said to be a good seller, but it's a shame he has chosen that username: missing-pen. It's like calling your mail service 'Lost Parcels' or something. Doesn't inspire confidence.


I guess I never thought that because I always thought the name meant something completely different: he's the one you go to to get the "missing pen," the pen you don't have.


And, yes, I too have bought things from Rolf and been very happy with his prices and service, including fast and safe shipping!

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Great service from Rolf @ missing-pen! I think its quite a catchy name!

Great promp communication via email and super quick, secure delivery. Could not recommend enough!

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Any purchases I've made with Rolf (FPN and ebay) have been first class all the way. He is very generous with his knowledge and, considering the level of service he provides, I find his prices to be competitive.

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I've just had my second transaction with Rolf. This one ended up outside of eBay (although that's where I saw the pens I wanted, and had contacted him about combined shipping). There was a bit of communication issues about which pens I actually wanted (he had one correct, but one incorrect, which took a bit of emailing back and forth -- I chalk that up to language barriers, and frankly, he was cheating himself in the process because the pen I wanted was a lot more expensive); and then the next got found out that he didn't have any of the complete Rhodium plated nibs in a broad for the M405 Stresemann and would I take a different size. I said yes, but then rethought it an hour later and said I'd rather have a B. So my nib is two toned, and also the EF on the M405 in Blue-Black. But that's okay.

But in spite of the hiccups, I got the pens really quickly (they didn't take as long at US Customs in NYC as with the M200 Café Crème I got from him (the one that got lost in Bowling Green Oh) and had them I think just over a week after ordering. Oh, I only got one of the fancy boxes, but that's kinda okay, too.

Because the pens were being shipped to the US, I didn't have to pay the VAT charge. So, while there were a couple of pens from eBay venders in Japan and Singapore that were a bit cheaper, I didn't know whether I'd get hit with duty charges or have to pay more for expedited shipping. With Rolf, I had the Deutsche Post tracking number right away, and could follow the package's on USPS's website once it got into US hands at Franfort airport. For a book I ordered on Amazon a day or two later, I got notification that it had shipped (it was coming from a seller in the UK). And then nothing -- until it arrived yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon (and I wasn't expecting it until the 15th at the earliest).

With Rolf, the most shocking part was that right after I hit the send button on the PayPal transaction, I got an automated phone call from PayPal checking to see if this was a legitimate transaction -- after all it was a pretty large sum (the most I've ever paid on pens, and possibly the most I've ever spend that was through PayPal; plus it was going overseas...). And of course the answer was "Yes, it's real, ;); and yes I DID just pay that much money...." :o

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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Wow! The Gummy Bears alone would be enough reason to order from Rolf! :smile:


Unless you live where the temperature hovers ~100 F when the package is riding around in the mail van waiting to be delivered.


I purchased two NOS Pelikans from Rolf, had excellent service both times. He puts the pens inside a hard plastic tube, similar to a toothbrush case, for added protection. The first one was bare and rattled around in the tube so when I recently ordered the new one, I asked him to maybe wrap it in a paper towel or something when he put it in the tube, which he did. Would not hesitate to buy from him again.

It's hard work to tell which is Old Harry when everybody's got boots on.

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For all of you who are In love with haribo gummy bears such as myself Ikea carries them as well if you have an ikea by you . Mine is an hour away in charlotte but they are awesome .

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For all of you who are In love with haribo gummy bears such as myself Ikea carries them as well if you have an ikea by you . Mine is an hour away in charlotte but they are awesome .


Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the sugar-free Haribo Gummy Bears.


But if you want to bust a gut laughing, DO read the many pages of customer reviews of them on Amazon.

It's hard work to tell which is Old Harry when everybody's got boots on.

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Kia Ora from New Zealand


I have dealt directly via e-mail with Rolf from Missing Pen. I wanted to use a well known small German business to buy German made pens (pretty logical I guess). Rolf was a pleasure to deal with, he responded very quickly, and answered all my questions. My German language skills are non-existent, save for a few words. Suffice to say Rolf did a great job at giving me all the information I required.


My pen (the ever popular Lamy 2000) turned up in our mailbox here in New Zealand 10 days after ordering, which I feel is pretty good :)


The pen arrived in perfect condition, and wrote beautifully straight out of the box on its first fill of ink. The Pen was well packaged, and our two kids loved the Haribro Bears and mints (nice little touch).


Rolf offers good prices and great service, and I will use him again in the future (better get saving, and put that fun money aside!)


Thanks again





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I Ordered a Lamy 2000 yesterday.

We had great email communication and the transaction went down very smooth and easy going.

He also shipped the same day.

The Lamy 2000 price was the best I could find anywhere!

Very pleasant experience. :)

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I'll add my pleasure in dealing with Rolf to all these others. First rate service and quick shipping from Germany to the USA. I've bought mostly Pelikans from him along with some hard to find Pelikan nibs. First class dealer all the way!

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All positive comments I have read about Rolf are true. Quick, kind, gummy bears, great Pelikanstuff, et cetera. Thanks to Rolf, I am now the happy owner of this ceramic pen holder. See you next time!



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+1 for Rolf!


My wife gets the gummy bears :D

Edited by BillH

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." -Pablo Picasso

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Just Bought my first pen from Rolf at missing-pens.de,.

What can I say.... excellent service, the pen arrived (almost) in a Hurry (damn postal service that takes 4 days to arrive from Germany to Portugal :) )... well enough kidding. Now for the true story, I contacted Rolf, and he gave me consoling in what regards the Nib, so i went for the F, the pen arrived in excellent conditions, and i bought a brand new Lamy 2000 in the best price i could find from an European seller.

And yes... the pen is superb, and a very smooth writer!


And yes.... i´ve also got the gummy bears from haribo!

Thanks Rolf, and i will be buying from you again!

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Very good experience with www.missing-pen.de/ for me too, also on Ebay .


Highly recommandable seller . Very serious and professional !


Sehr empfehlbar !


Very nice Diamine Racing Green ink .


Yes, the Racing Green ink I've also bought from missing-pen.






She turned me into a newt.......

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Just to add my 2 cents worth as well. Have purchased a few times now and always have been very happy. Excellent service, very fair pricing and super fast shipping. :thumbup:

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I ordered from him twice I think. Let's say I was a perfectly satisfied customer.

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Got a LAMY2000 from him via eBay.

I ordered to Chile. It took a little more than a month to arrive, I think for a problem with the parcel in China.

Other than that, the missing pen was always fast with email responses and the prices are very competitive.


Very nice detail of the mints and gummies.


Could buy from him again.


+1 to the missing-pen.

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I ordered a few m1000 nibs from Rolf for an experiment that I am doing. They were delivered super fast - Rolf is also so much fun to chat to and very responsive.


+1 from me too...


and another +1 for the Haribo bears :) My wife was way too slow... they were gone by the time she found that wrapper :D

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