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Eversharp In The Uk


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AFAIK, there was an Eversharp dealer/boutique at 197 Great Portland Street and initially the pens destined for the British market were either made or assembled in Canada (for customs purposes I think) although some pens did bear the U.S. imprints. Later on, Eversharp sub-contracted Valentine Pen Co. to produce pens for them and there was also the KINGSWOOD, a british Eversharp sub-brand (the pens had Kingswood on the barrel but all of them sport excellent Eversharp nibs). I think later on, Eversharps were made in Newhaven, correct me if I'm wrong though. Now, pencils. That's a tough one, since I don't know much about where the pencils for UK market were manufactured. Most of the Eversharp pencils in UK that I've seen have the Made in U.S.A. (or sometimes Made in United States of America) imprints, I've seen some Canadian pencils too. Seems that the early gold/silver filler or silver Eversharps were quite populat in Britain; One can also come across the Coronets (repeater pencils) and some other variants not seen anywhere else (like a rhodium plated Coronet w/o Pyralin inserts on the body but it does have square inserts in the button or a pencil with ). Uh, that's all I know... Not much, but... hope that's a good start ;-)






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A very good start. From the chronology of the ads, I believe that Wahl started making Eversharps in Canada in 1922. That's when they began to advertise their production facility in Toronto.


I'm pretty sure I have some made in England early Eversharps. I'll put a pic up when I get the chance.

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