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J. Herbin Encre Verte "les Subtiles" Series


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This ink is from the J. Herbin scented series of inks, green apple verte.


Ink for this review was generously supplied by FPN member Alecgold, (thread)


This ink bottle was opened before I received it and, over time, seems to have lost all it's perfume. Maybe there is some scent left, but I'm not very sensitive to ink odors anyway.


Like the Rouge Opera I reviewed before, there's nothing wrong with this ink, except for it's color. It's an attractive color, it's simply too pale for

extended writing. Artists may find some use for it in illustrations.


A little on the dry side, but very well behaved. Perhaps the best use might be as a highlighter color?


It's not the least bit waterproof, it positively flees the paper at the first sign of dampness (Ok, I'm exaggerating, but not by much).





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Yes, very pretty in a broader nib. This is a Osmiroid medium italic on Staples Sustainable Earth paper.




Lovely shading too.



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