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Pelikan 237 Ballpoint Refill


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Does anyone know an address where to buy the smaller Pelikan ballpoint filling, nr. 237?



Best regards, Tim

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Concerning the Pelikan refills, many equivalent can be found for nr.37 and nr.137.

But as far as I know, nr.237 is very difficult to find.


So, I made up some kind of "adapter" from empty refill.

It accepts common C4 type refills, which enables you to enjoy variable colors and ink types.


I recommend you to make one for yourself.






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Thank you.

Thanks for the input, was searching for these 237 refills, Dr.Google lead me here, and here is my first go at a D1 Holder.

Just a cut where the blue arrows are, and insert the black holder into the refill. This way, the essential part of the old refill, the blue plastic part, is saved to grant proper functioning.


Quick and easy to apply to any other type of "missing refill"

Only one I know to still sell the original refills more is Rolf Thiel,

at missing-pen.de







Tom Westerich


See whats newly listed on PENBOARD.DE


email: twesterich@penboard.de

Abruzzo/Italy and Hamburg/Germany

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