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Dearest members and visitors of our litte nuthouse on the digital prairy,


It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the entrapm addition of a new moderator for the Clubs, Meetings and Events forum, namely FredRydr, to many of you a well known figure in the fountain pen world, who goes about by motorbike in order to distribute pens to the discerning. :D


His most important contribution, however, will be the moderation of the Event Calendar or possibly Calendars, and we would like to thank him for taking this in recent years rather neglected task upon him.


Fred, welcome to the wonderful world of moderating part of the Fountain Pen Network. We are honoured to have you here, and we wish you lots of success!


Warmest regards,

the FPN Moderator and Admin Team

This account is unmanaged.
Please direct questions and comments to [email="fpnadmin@gmail.com"]FPN Admin email[/email], or directly to [url="http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/user/17-wimg/"]admin Wim (wimg)[/url].
Thank you very much in advance.
Warm regards,
The FPN Admin Team

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WOOT!!! B)




MY-stair-shtook eyn-HOON-dairt noyn und FEART-seeg (Meisterstuck #149)

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Oh brother...... :blink:


looks like Fred is buying breakfast next time he hits adamstown with me....


congratualtions Fred, I knew all those years of training would pay off.


Best of luck to you.



*edit* and Fred, i'm not talking about the AM snack stop inside renninger's either.... lol

Edited by Rick Krantz
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Excellent choice!


Fred has been a source of delight to me for a while now, with his wondeful postcards and letters, which arrive at my door with alarming regularity and remind me how neglectful I am of my own PC exchange duties...


Keep 'em coming Fred!

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...For desire is the cruelest pain. -Jill Tracy

Function determines structure. -Dr Glenn Doman

"Left-handers of the world, unite!" -Janus Zarate: League of Left-Handers, brassgoggles.co.uk



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