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Lamy 2000 Vs Pelikan M200

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I have used both the L2K and the M200/205 and both are wonderful pens. However the M200/205 is constantly in my rotation while the L2K has only occasional use.

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Very nice review and like the idea of comparing these two pens. Fortunately I have both and in my opinion they are similar pens in some aspects but not in others. The main diference is the writing experience, the gold Lamy nib is smooth and perfect with almost all the inks I have, the steel nib from the Pelikan 200 is more defying and writes very well with some inks and not so well with others.


No wonder carlos.q use more times the Pelikan. With me is the same...always looking for the perfect combination...


Two iconic designs and two wonderful pens.

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It really depends on the personal preferences. personally I find M200 size and balance perfect if I am writing with the cap posted. I owned Lamy 2000 and two M200 and IMHO they are both well made pens, Lamy is the only German manufacturer I never ever had any problems whatsoever with their pens. I would say that QC on Lamy 2000 is better than M200 and at least as good as on M400.

Personally I think Lamy 27 was much better writing instrument than L2000, the spikes on the cap ring ruin it for me but I know some people find it comfortable. If I would have to choose between the two I would probably ignore both and get M405. Actually, that is exactly what I have done.

Inked: Sailor King Pro Gear, Sailor Nagasawa Proske, Sailor 1911 Standard, Parker Sonnet Chiselled Carbon, Parker 51, Pilot Custom Heritage 92, Platinum Preppy

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Lamy price where I am have just been increased again due to exchange rate. I do have an M200 that I quite like. However I do have many pens inked at the same time and I just use what tickle my fancy. Dont think L2K is on my shopping list with current price. I do however own a vintage Lamy 25P which is quite a revelation. I comes with B stub which I find very forgiving and quite smooth for a B. It takes international cart so I am using long cart syringe filled with whatever ink I like and it does last quite a bit with longer cartridge. I have read somewhere that L2K uses similar designed nib as in 25P, only in gold so I guess for the moment I am not yearning for a Lamy 2000 which is a good thing.

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