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5th Avenue 6?4 Set


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Just thought I'd share some recent photos of my favorite 5Th Avenue set. They are actually dark navy and mint in box but for the engraved caps which are dated 1945.


I've been out of the loop for a while, any ideas what this set may be worth?


Thanks in advance and please do share your 5th Avenue goodness.







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Nice set you have there Jay!


Here is my collection of Fifth Avenues. They are all the plain jane ribbed caps ones (purposely that way). I hesitated to post this picture as some do need some TLC and restoration. Most do work (quite nicely I might add!), I just wanted to get them all pretty looking before posting a pic, but anywho!


The majority have replacement caps and end caps on them as most arrived with dings to them. I got lucky on a lot of great deals on CA pens that have the same cap and cap, usually in NOS condition!


I think the only one I'm missing is a Demi Evergreen one, but I'm not even sure if it really exists, so it might be a long search.


The long pen on the left is talked about more here







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