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Capless Copy

Bruno Taut

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Some days ago "Parse Error" started a thread in which he expressed his desire to find a cheap copy of the Pilot Capless.


This one could be considered a copy, but is not cheap at the moment:



Platinum Knock 18, from 1965.


Follow ups to that daring statement dealt with the morality of counterfeited goods. Now, I wanted to add some more information.


This is one of the first Pilot patents about the Capless pen. It dates from 1964 (published in 1966):




This one is a patent of a very similar idea, but from 1944 (published in 1946):



Which copies do we accept as legitimate and which ones are not legitimate?


For reasons nobody explained, that original thread was locked.





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I think the "bad" copies are the ones that are made with the intent of deceiving people into thinking they're the original product, e.g., using the original manufacturer's logos.


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I agree with Silvermink's definition. Pilot was not the first to introduce a capless pen with a mechanism to extend and retract the nib with a closing door. The Pullman Meteore and Aurora Asterope precede the Pilot capless by three decades.

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