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Kaigelu 328 Fountain Pen

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Following are some thoughts on the 328 model from Kaigelu that i received today.

The Kaigelu 328 is a heavy and at the same time somewhat smallish fountain pen.


I ordered one from the “bay” thinking I would get something along the Jinhao 750, size-wise. Not so!


The pen is quite heavy at 28 gramms.

A Pelikan 200 is only 14 and a Pilot 78G is just 11.

I chose these pens for the quick and dirty pictures, for comparsion, as they should be common.


The 328 measures 13cm closed with its cap and 14,5cm capped.

The 328 puts out a real M line very similar to the Pelikan M200. I only have blue 4001 ink at my disposal. It writes quite wet. I cannot make out any special flexibility in the nib.


It comes in a very presentable and self-confident plastic box featuring a manual and a converter marked “Kaigelu”, also. I ordered a yellow one, but received a black model. OK, that happens. The pen is just 17 dollars shipped around the world! Mine arrived in Germany after about 10 days from ordering.


The workmanship is very decent, although the end portion of the barrel (behind the two rings) is slightly thicker than the barrel itself. The clip is also not perfectly centered, but a tad off to one side. In itself, the pocket clip seems very sturdy. The finish of the whole pen is impeccable. The cap sits tightly on the pen. The security for pocket carry is given on my sample at all times.


The 328 is smallish and thin. You might need the cap to get a decent length and balance. However, the cap does not lock on the end of the pen. It wobbles quite a bit, there is no "locking" feeling to it at all and it gets loose in no time. Expect to have to write this pen uncapped! It is then only 11.5cm including the nib.


Overall, I would rate it as a nice piece for women or people with very small hands or as a present to youngsters to be introduced to the world of FPs. If your hands are meaty or big like mine, you should shy away from this model. The marketing pictures give no good impression to its real size, which cannot be held against the vendors.


Having had this FP for only a few hours, I cannot comment on its reliablity over the long term, but it seems to be a more than just a decent value. Its shortcomings are clearly its general size for some people. Apart from that (which is in the nature of the pen or the user) and the "capping" problem, I find nothing I can fault for now. Time will tell.


Considering the price, it is one of the better chinese pens in my experience. It also does not seem to slavishly imitate any models that i would know of, always a nice trait.


This is my first "review" here. I hope it helped somebody.

My handwriting is not that presentable, so i leave you with my thoughts ... :)

post-19933-017632100 1280338615.jpg

post-19933-093345400 1280338628.jpg

post-19933-027684300 1280338653.jpg

"Let us not rail about justice as long as we have arms and the freedom to use them!" (Duke Leto)

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Thanks for the review of this interesting pen! What kind of filling system does this have? Seems like a good pen for the price. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Need a pen repaired or a nib re-ground? I'd love to help you out.


Colossians 3:17 - And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

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A decent converter is present. I have not tried cc´s in it. It looks like Parkers should fit at the tip, but i wouldn´t bet my life on it.

"Let us not rail about justice as long as we have arms and the freedom to use them!" (Duke Leto)

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I have a beautiful Kaigelu 336 that I purchased from an FPN member that writes very smoothly. I have only used the converter that came with it. It has a great weight that's comfortable and feels great in my hand.


I apologize for the picture. My phone doesn't take closeup photos clearly. Well, could be me, I suppose, but I'd rather blame the phone. LOL

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