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You dont have to spent alot of $ to have fun w/FPs


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Before this article vanishes in the black hole of the 6th page of Pentrace,

I thought that there may be some people who might have missed it and will enjoy it here.

My apologies for those who have seen it twice.



Many fountain pen aficionados get discouraged when they face the price of expensive modern or vintage pens.

But the "secret" of this hobby is that one can have fun with a handful of dollars http://mywebpages.comcast.net/azavalia/REMEX1.jpg



The box says REMEX FOUNTAIN PEN, N. Y. Remex is a Waterman sub-brands.

Large companies like Waterman had their regular models at relatively high prices.

There were, however, many people that could not afford them.

To address this lower end market, they offered "similar" products with a different name (so as not to damage the good name of the brand).

These products were in many cases identical to the lower end of the "regular" products but priced lower.

Of course, there were no warranties etc.


The box has filling and cleaning instructions on the bottom, which refer to an eyedropper pen.




A slip cap (no threads) eyedropper indeed, with the typical chip on the lip of the cap.

Oh, and take note of the brand which is written on the box as L. E. Remex Co. as in L. E. ...Waterman http://mywebpages.comcast.net/azavalia/REMEX4.jpg


Opening the barrel was relatively easy and the ink dust from the last fill are now on the paper. How many years ago was the pen inked for the last time?


The nib is marked REMEX NY USA. It is definitely gold but it is unmarked (i.e., no 14K mark).

Can someone remind me when the law changed to require marking of the gold content?



The barrel bears an imprint that is worn but still there and reads REMEX, New York, NY.


The pen is marked ALLEN and Pat. Apr. 19-1910.

There are 7 patents on 04/19/1910, two of which are on pen clips. This one is clearly the US patent #955430 "Pen and Pencil Clip" by Joseph H. Pilkington. But if this is a Pilkington clip, who is Allen?



The feed is interesting because it is a Waterman pre-spoon feed. Could this be a 19th century pen?

Possibly. Maybe a Waterman expert can give us more information. (edt. actually more knowledgeable people at Pentrace mentioned that this is most probably 190x's rather than 18xx's pen).


Anyway time to ink. My favorite ink for eyedroppers is Pelikan Brilliant Brown. Let's get the ink and the eyedropper.



A little bit of silicon grease on the threads and we are good to go. 

What do I see here? Flex?

I guess it is rather common to see flex in pens of that era.

Let's see a quick and dirty sample (sorry for the typos).


This was fun. Let's do it again some time..


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very nice post, definitely points for creativity. Excellent pictures and magnificent penmanship. Enjoy your 'new' pen. Keep having fun with it.



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With your talent, I am convinced that you could pick up a broken paper clip, dip it in ink and do the exact same thing without much difficulty!


On the other hand, I could sell my car and use my college loan to buy the best pen I could get my hands on, and it'd still look at like a 3rd grader's scibble!




Nicely done sir :)

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What a find! Very enjoyable post. Thanks.

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching." Satchel Paige, Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher

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What an interesting step-by-step account of this pen's rehabilitation! I love old pens, old ink blotters - just about anything old that was for personal use. It's fun to think about who might have used these things. I have a vivid imagination . . .



So many pens, so little time!




My Blog: Bywater Wisdom

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Love this post, thank you Antonio! Your writing is a pleasure to see.

Isn't sanity really a one-trick pony, anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick, rational thinking! But when you're good and crazy . . . ooh hoo hoo hoo! . . . the sky's the limit!

--The Tick

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Edited by Moondrop

"We have only one thing to give up. Our dominion. We don't own the world. We're not kings yet. Not gods. Can we give that up? Too precious, all that control? Too tempting, being a god?"

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Thanks for the excellent post, Antonios!

Somehow I missed it on Pentrace...:huh:


I have only one eyedropper pen, a BCHR Rexall eyedropper with a Mabie-Todd nib that is fun to use :) It came with a metal clip and yes, mine had a cap lip chip as well ;)

Edited by Maja
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  • 2 years later...

Great post - I had lots of fun!


Your penmanship is impeccable!

Loving Mont Blanc and everything fountain pen!!!!!!!!


One of the few, the proud... 14 year-old FPN'ers!!!!!! ;)


MY FOUNTAIN PENS: Montblanc Boheme Bleu (M), Montblanc 145 (M), Waterman Phileas (M), Jinhao X450 (M), Parker Vector (M), Parker 15 (M), Sheaffer Cartridge Pen (M)

MY INKS: Parker Quink Blue, Private Reserve Midnight Blues, Montblanc Black

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very nice post, definitely points for creativity. Excellent pictures and magnificent penmanship. Enjoy your 'new' pen. Keep having fun with it.




Megadittos here. I just got an eyedropper flexy pen (missing cap) which even so is fun to play with.

My latest ebook.   And not just for Halloween!

My other pen is a Montblanc.


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most serendipitous. I can imagine the less-knowledgeable seller going "eh, some unknown brand, probably cheap..."

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I did not see this on Pentrace, nor when originally posted here - glad it was brought back up to the top.


As always, lovely handwriting Antonios!


Do you still have the pen? My only Waterman ED was a 16 with a very stiff nib. It wrote nicely, but with none of the character of this Remex. This one is really a wonderful writing nib.

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