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Update on the Mentmore Pen Co.


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Hi Guys


As there has recently been some confusion over the origin of the modern Mentmore Pens I have contacted Mentmore in London and they were kind enough to give me a detailed run down of their operation. This is what they told me.....


"The Mentmore Manufacturing Co ceased to produce pens, the Mentmore brand name continued to be registered though its owner Platignum. Platignum itself it seems has changed ownership and its core business activity altered too. As far as we can ascertain, in early 2000’s the Mentmore brand was owned by a company who‘s main activity was document storage and had no connection with pen manufacturing. The brand registration for Mentmore lapsed (simply because no fee was paid to the relevant trademark authority) and became available to re register by different owners.


A partnership of pen enthusiasts with business experience registered the Mentmore name with the intention of re-establishing the brand as a quality name in pen manufacturing.


Phase 1 is the marketing of a small range of pens which have components sourced mainly from Korea and Japan and then assembled in the UK


Phase 2 is the production of exact copies of the original moulds for Mentmore Auto-Flow, Diplomat and 46. The mould costs are expensive as you can imagine, so all the returns from the marketing of the existing range are being used to finance the set up cost for the reintroduction of the original Mentmore pens.


As far as the Duke products go – we did buy some (4 pen types) in from Duke to add depth to our own range; these are just being factored at the moment and will not form a part of our ongoing offer.


In a year or so you should see some original Mentmore pens recreated."


I was really pleased to hear that pen enthusiasts are now marketing the Mentmore brand and will be manufacturing the original style pens. I think that we can look forward to some good things from them in the future and they are cetainly worth keeping an eye on.


I still love my Regent ;)




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Dawn, thanks for that. It sounds excellent news, and is far more excitng than I had thought (having assumed that the modern pens were just a sideline for the storage company). I'm looking forward to seeing what new models emerge - and hoping they do justice to a fine old brand.


Thanks again!




(note avatar ;) )

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Very cool avatar Richard!


I agree I think its a very exciting time and I hope that they do justice to the brand, the vintage Mentmore is a cracking pen and deserves to be carried on.


Dawn B)

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