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Visconti Homo Sapiens


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I don't think the O-Ring is really necessary but you could always send it to Bryant if you're really wanting it. Just a thin smear of Silicone around the nib unit part that fits insde the section is enough. Don't get any on the feed. I've not had a problem with mine leaking ever since I put silicone in it.



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My Homo-Sapiens didn't come with an O-Ring either and started leaking too, but the silicone grease trick works flawlessly since I applied it to the nib unit about 2 months ago. Be careful to apply only to the screwing threads and not on the feed or the little ink holes in the nib unit, otherwise it will affect/obstruct the ink flow. Also make sure you use 100% silicone grease only, I get mine from a shop that sells equipment for scuba diving (the pure silicone grease is used to seal the regulators and other critical parts).


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