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FORD's PATENT PEN - Restored Vintage Classic

mr goldfink

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This is a real treat of a pen, a Ford's Patent Pen and a nice example at that.


This pen has something of a cult status and is a holy grail for design heads and those who like clever engineering. It is well known to be England's first fully ink visible pen being launched in 1931.




There is a wonderful write up on the Ford Patent Pen on Laurence Oldfield's website. Link here: http://www.penpractice.com/page10.htm


The Ford is impressive in various respects:-


1. The syringe filling system is one of the most efficient I have come across. Some people equate the design to the Onoto but it is distinct. (See Laurence Oldfield's article on the link above for details.) You unscrew the barrel to reveal the long perspex inner barrel (which explains why the pen is so big and fat (excuse the pun if you say this out fast)) to which a plunger is fitted. With a few strokes of the plunger the chamber fills with ink and the capacity is quite unlike most pens out there.


This is an early model as can be identified by the tinted ink chamber. (The later models had clear perspex chambers.) This pen has been professionally RESTORED and works like new with incredible suction. There are not many people who can fix one of these so this will save you much time and expense. Filling the Ford with water and then hosing the water out has given me much pleasure. I'm easily pleased but then I am sure you will enjoy doing the same!




2. It is large and solidly made. Even this model, the smaller version, measures 5 inches when capped. The knurled hard rubber twisting knob and clip screw are charming.


The pen is in excellent condition with no cracks or hairlines to the hard rubber parts though the cap lip appears to have been shortened slightly, albeit quite professionally. The barrel imprint has some signs of wear but is still clearly visible. It is fitted with its original Medium 14kt FORD nib with a stubby tip, typical of the Ford nibs. It is imprinted Ford 428 MILL 14 Carat.It is a smooth and fairly flexible writer.




I know that the Ford will be a pen you will positively love having in your collection, a pen that you rarely ever see on offer! Get this one while you can!




I'm looking for $395 plus shipping for this working piece of English history.





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Wow! Guys, I have the intermediate size sent for restoration but trust me when I say this is a solid pen. If you are a interested in complex and wonderful filling mechanisms this is the pen for you. Good luck with the sale \0/

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Will reduce to $375 inclusive .... this is a very good deal for a restored Ford !!

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I decided to go with the pen on mr goldfink's blog, so this pen is still available. So a free bump for a fine pen!

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This lovely Ford is indeed still available (but the larger one on my Blog has been snapped up). Thanks Rotring1 !!

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Is this the shortest Ford, the lady version?

And is it the same diameter as the longer pen you earlier had on your website?

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Yes, this pen is 5 inches long and its a 1/4 inch shorter than the one I had listed on my Blog previously. It's a very good price for a restored Ford and it's just waiting to be snapped up by some lucky pen lover  !

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This pen is on hold. I have one other virtually identical pen. Get in while it's still available. 

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