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Graf von Faber-Castell black bottled ink


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Oh my goodness, I realise now it's scanned, just how awful my handwriting is ! but anyway, let this be a reference for the future, as I've just begun my quest to improve my penmanship. (embarrassing though!)

Here are the parameters:-

White laser printer paper (only had this sort of paper in white, although it writes much better on premium writing paper).

Porsche Designed Faber Castell Tecflex fountain pen with medium nib + Brause dip pen nibs

Quite a large bottle, 62.5ml, bought from Cult Pens in the UK (under their section for Graf Von Faber Castell refills, strangely not under inks at the time of writing this)

It appears to be a deeper black than the Herbin Perle Noire


Used a Q-tip to make swatches of the various inks. In fact now I see that the Cacao du Bresil has indeed some more interesting tones than first noticed =) perhaps there's a learning curve to inks, like there is for complex smells such as Baieido incense.


The smudge test wasn't very fair.... writing on laser printer paper isn't at all showing it at its best, but as I said, I don't have white paper of any other kind. I've not had any problems with smudging on good writing paper, and I find I get a finer line with the same medium nib on good paper too. I did have nib creep straight away with my fountain pen though. Will now compare with Herbin's ink to see how the pen acts.


you can never get it wrong, because you can never get it done!

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Very nice colour. Any variation when the time pass?


Not that I can tell =)))

What sort of signs should I look for? (newbie in every sense of the word)...

I'm looking at how dark it is, how matt it dries.....



I have to say that there is NO NIB CREEP since changing from GVFC to J.Herbin. I'm loving the Herbin.

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you can never get it wrong, because you can never get it done!

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Do be aware that this ink is simply Pelikan Black, rebranded. (The bottle isn't even different!) Most places I've seen this ink for sale, it is at a steep markup over Pelikan, for no real reason.

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i love this color. thanks, mandarintje!!

daily use: MB bordeaux, PILOT IROSHIZUKU 月夜 tsuki-yo, 山葡萄 yama-budo, 孔雀 ku-jaku, 夕焼け yu-yake. other favorites: MB toffee brown, J.HERBIN poussière de lune, PILOT IROSHIZUKU 冬将軍 fuyu-shogun, 紺碧 kon-peki.

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