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For members wishing to read IPB's help files, they are available HERE.


To see newly added content, click on 'View New Content' at the upper right of the page, then selecting 'Help Files' from the tabs on the left near the top (light blue bar).


These files may help those of you having questions regarding one or the other features that you may have been wondering about.





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Dear All


Oriented for the Fountain Pens Hunters I left you all a pdf file containing a list of alphabetic brands and the country manufacturer. Regards. Luis







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Hi Gashnava,


As a new member (joined today) I found your post and link and downloaded your list. Congratulations on a very helpful data base of pens and country of origin. I must say I've never heard of most of the names on the list, (forgive my ignorance), most enlightening.


Kind regards


Keith Pearson

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