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Montblanc 149 vs Sailor KOP (King Of Pen)


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Adding this few hours after I wrote the review and I was so accupied I forgot to mention-Both these pens were bought from a dear friend Ron Sabbagh and I am lucky to get such amazing pens (from such an AMAZING guy!!!)

Thanks Ron :notworthy1:


I wanted to make a review between a Montblanc 149 and a Sailor King Of Pens for a very long time.

There are few similarities and few differences between these two pens and I want to point them out before we start.



Both pens are.....


1.Flag ships of their makers


3.Big pens


5.Have big nibs

6.Same clip shape

7.Both cigar shape

8.Relatively light weight

9.Have the same shape of nib

10.Have 4 digit number on the nib



Pens aren't........


1.Made of the same material

2.One has trim the other don't

3.One is piston filler and the other CC

4.Yellow clip vs white clip

5.The 149 was made and designed before the KOP


Ok I think I have covered this and I can start.


This is going to be hands down the hardest comparison review I ever wrote and as a MB guy I will have even harder time because the 149 was for the longest time my favorite pen and still on the short list favorite pens.

The KOP on the other hand is a Sailor, a well know, well respected pen maker that makes amazing nibs and I know that first hand from both my KOP and my 1911.




So let's start with the design of these pens.

As we all know the KOP was designed as a replica of the 149 and thus the 149 should win this part simply because it is the first but this ebonite KOP took the 149 one step further and thus has the right to be judged as a separate model.

The KOP is longer then the 149 and trust me the 149 ain't a short pen. Any longer and I would call it too long. It has pointy ends compared to the rounder 149 ends and has no trim just a white clip.

The 149 looks more robust with its rounded end and the yellow trim suit this pen like a glove to a hand.

Overall quality of both pens is excellent but I do like the way the cap feels when you put it on the 149 barrel. It simply feels like a million dollar pen. This was always my favorite feature of the queen and when I use this MB many times I find myself screwing the cap on and off the barrel just for fun.


The material that both pens are made of each has its own special character.

MB special resin has a bit of a glass like look and feel to it and from what I understand MB does put fiber glass into its precious resin mixture and it gives the pen a super smooth feeling to the touch and a shine like no other pen.

This and the cigar shape is the Masterpiece trade mark.

One more design feature which I love and is also very practical is the ink window on the 149.


The Torpedo on the other hand is made of ebonite or black hard rubber. Ebonit is my favorite pen material. It is warm and always welcoming to the touch and frankly gives the pen a very classic feel.


So as for the design of the pen I must give the 149 the lead as I like the more robust/classic design.

With the material the pens are made of I will put it in tie.


Overall quality in a very small margin a lead to the 149.


So overall in this category the 149 is ahead.


Filling mechanism


Piston vs CC


Personal choice, for me piston is always the winner both because its so cool and holds a ton of ink.

The CC has the benefit of being more practical but that's not an issue for me because if I wanted practical I would buy a 15c BIC pen.




Well here is where the Sailor is supposed to shine. My 149 has an EF nib which is equivalent to a Japanese F.

The Torpedo's nib is an M and thus it is a bit smoother by nature.

Both nibs are very wet and juicy but to be honest the Sailor does feel better.

It has two things which I like just a bit of flex to it and nice feedback.

The 149 nib is a total nib and has less feedback.

I do like the finer line on the MB and it matches my writing style better, it doesn't even need to touch the paper and already leaves a wonderful wet line.

The Sailor also needs very little pressure to leave a wet line but it does make it with more joy.

So bottom line both nibs are very smooth but the Sailor's nib has better feedback and a nice little flex that is like an added spice to the writing cocktail.

Sailor wins here.




Both pens are not heavy for such big pens but there are differences in their weight distribution because of there filling mechanism.

Pens with CC fillers tend to be more eavenly balance while piston fillers tend to be more bottom heavy especially if it has a piston filler.

The 149's barrel isn't to bottom heavy and to be honest you almost don't feel the difference between it and the KOP but the KOP still wins here by a small margin.




This is the toughest part, which pen won this comparison.

So let me share my thoughts with you.

In the hand these pens are almost identical, very close design and the main issues to consider are filling mechanism and nib.

If you don't care about the filling mechanism, if pistons don't do it for you and the extra ink capacity is not an issue then the KOP is the winner for you as the nib is better on this pen.

If you like piston fillers and/or the extra ink capacity is important the let me assure you even though the KOP nib is better the 149 is still a sweet nib and you will love this pen.


As for me I am going to take the middle road, I love both enjoy both and so will keep both.

Edited by goodguy

Respect to all

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Thank you so much for doing this! I have had a KOP on my drool list for a while, and this helps a lot.


I have to say, if they're that close, another plus for the KOP - available in different colors! (This is coming from someone who has 4 149s and recently found herself having unseemly thoughts about getting a 5th)




I like eating peanuts with chopsticks...

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Great comparison --Thanks I have been eyeing the KOP for a while but the CC thing will stop me for now--i hope with the Piston-fill Realo that sailor will make the KOP piston fill soon {and make a LARGE reservoir NOT the one that is in the realo now, which holds about the same as a convertor which defeats the whole purpose IMHO} Sorry had to rant a little there. I love the minimalism of the KOP though BUT my 149's still rule my fountain pen kingdom--and quite graciously I might add!


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Does anyone have information/a review of the King eagle nib for the KOP?




I like eating peanuts with chopsticks...

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The battle was legendary!!!!




I agree Amir...no clear winner here. They are both superb and I love them both (and own both, though I chose the Sailor KOP Pro Gear simply because it fits in my pocket better). Good thing you own both so you don't have to choose!!



"The truth shall set you free..." John 8:32

"When in doubt, tell the truth.." Mark Twain

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I prefer the 149 over the kop, if it was a realo first edition limited model, then my choice would have been the realo. great review anyways thanks for sharing :clap1: B)

Pens are like watches , once you start a collection, you can hardly go back. And pens like all fine luxury items do improve with time


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Really good review full of insight and description between these two great pens. I like the nib photo showing the differences between the Sailor and MB. How interesting is it that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.



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I think the aesthetics and the ink capacity seal the deal. The KoP looks like a 149 that is missing something, and the cartridge converter is a let down. Thanks for the review.

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I'm surprised they are so similar in design, nice review

I'm a little hot potato right meow

"no they are not making littler ponies, they are EMBRACING"

I opened a box of cheerios and planted them. I thought they were doughnut seeds. They didn't sprout :( (joke of the week)

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I'm surprised they are so similar in design, nice review

Nothing to be surprised, Sailor copied the 149 minus piston filler.

Respect to all

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Thank you for your excellent review with comparison.

I think both pens resembles very much in their external

appearance,but ,as I stated in my review of 95th Realo(limited

KOP piston-filler version),when I have them in hand, I feel the

difference. It was interesting that 6 persons chose 149 and

6 persons chose the Realo among 12 persons(including me

and my wife) around me.All but me have little interest in fountain

pens and they did not know the name and the value of both pens.



Edited by rokurinpapa
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Amir, thank you for such an interesting review. I don't have the KOP but a 149 and I really love it. I've had limited experience with Sailor ( zoom pen and the music nib) and both are very good nibs. Yet, I swing towards the MB side.

sonia alvarez




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Isn't the 149 less expensive than the KOP at MRRP too?


Magnanimity & Pragmatism

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Hey Amir

Thanks for the wondrous comparison !

KOP in Israel is now wayyyyyy over the top in price so I opted for another 149 ----- thats the second in one month !!

and my third and last......... for now.............

The new 149 is a M nib as I already have a B and BB too........ and would you believe it....... no OBs etc. here in Israel ?!!!

Be good Sir and keep in touch

and again, thanks for the comparison - its great

best wishes


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This is the review I needed to see since I bought a MB149 and was curious about the KOPs. Now I know I have a king MB!!

Thanks- Carlos Alvarez. :lol:

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I thought MB would win but the nib on KOP balances it out.


The KOP needs an internal filler for such a chunky pen. but needs to stay on it simplistic design (no extra furnitures) then it will be worthy of its label.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing

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Isn't the 149 less expensive than the KOP at MRRP too?

I think it is. Or, at least almost as much as the KOP depending on the exchange rate.

This is one of the major reasons I have opted for the 149 over the KOP. For me, it's like buying a BMW over a Lexus (which is Toyota) if the price difference is nil.

My collection: 149 EF/F/B/OBB, Collodi B/Twain F/Mann F, 146 M, Silver Barley F, M1000/M800 B'o'B/M800 Tortoise/Sahara/415 BT/215/205 Blue Demo, Optima Demo Red M/88 EF & Italic/Europa, Emotica, 2K/Safaris/Al-Stars/Vista, Edson DB/Carene BS, Pilot 845/823/742/743/Silvern/M90/Makies, Sailor Profit Realo M/KOP Makies/Profit Makies/Profit 21 Naginata MF&M/KOP/KOP Mosaiques/Sterling Silvers,Platinum #3776 Celluloids/Izumos/Wood pens/Sterling Silvers,YoL Grand Victorian, and more (I lost counting)

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Great review. NTL, I prefer the MB.


<a href="http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q163/elmers0/?action=view&current=Aurora.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q163/elmers0/Aurora.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a><a href="http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q163/elmers0/?action=view&current=Blanc.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q163/elmers0/Blanc.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

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