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Favorite Vanishing Point Finish


I'm curious: what is everyone's favorite standard VP color?  

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  1. 1. I'm curious: what is everyone's favorite standard VP color?

    • Black
    • Black Carbonesque
    • Blue
    • Blue Carbonesque
    • Red
    • Slate Gray
    • Chrome
    • Green

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The VP seems to one of the most popular pens among FPNers, so I'm just curious as to everyone's preferred color.


I've only ever had the Black/Blue carbonesques, and the blue is probably my favorite. I also really like the look of the chrome, and I'm thinking about that for my next VP (everyone should have two right?).

The vanishing point looks nice!


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Here is my new VP from Japan.

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I have only had the raden VP. And I love it.



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Raden, I have one and pictures just don't do in justice! An engineering marvel and gorgeous.


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