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Let's see your watch and fountain pen photos

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Sorry. M just a newbie collector of pens and watches and just trying to post what I have so far- thanks for bearing with me :bunny01:



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My Traser watch - Tritium powered and unbelievably bright even in complete darkness, accompanied by the trusty Pelikan M805

Skype: andyhayes

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My wife gifted me a Pelikan Pura for Father's day.


Here it is next to my favorite watch. My creme Stowa Antea.


Two German beauties.





hmmm. i must be doing something (bleep)-eyed with my graphics program. the pics look worse than usual.

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Nice pics, guys! :thumbup:


Hey Gerard: what is the pen in the photo with your Omega?


The watch is a 1959 Omega Seamaster Chronograph with the famous cal.321 inside


And the FP is a Waterman Carene

<img src="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b280/hiethaar/avatar/123465.jpg" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" />



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Here are my 2 favorites together :


Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, automatic coaxial chronometer and my new Pilot Capless black carbonesque.

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Excuse my French...ness :)

Here in France we are surrounded by Clairefontaine but not a single dealer has ever heard about Noodler's so :

Would trade Clairefontaine for Noodler's (France to US trade, sort of...). If interested, please PM me.

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If only I knew how to take photos, these two together might look good...











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Hot mustard was never meant for steak.

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Latest Acquisition (watch, not the pen)....Raymond Weil Tradition Automatic w/ exhibition back and Pelikan M400 w/ Binder nib .6mm stub.







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I took these for another pen board, but fitting for this thread. Enjoy.


This Omega DeVille Quartz is my first "nice" watch, seen here with my wife's matching Omega. They are our engagement gift to each other. Back then with an intern salery, these were the best I can afford. These don't see much wrist time anymore, but a pair with lots of fond memories. Seen here with Pelikan 75th



Here is a not so well known Perrelet with Pelikan 400 size pen which has a custom binde



My most "modern" looking watch by Xemex and another Pelikan



I like my watches on the thinner side, and this Cellini is quite thin. Seen here with a Conklin



One of my favorite is this Blancpain Leman Ultra thin. Versatile watch, can be dressy and casual at the same time. Seen here with Aurora Cellini



A 90's model GP chronograph with MB Prince Regents



A Seiko Perpetual callendar with Danitrio Ishimei



This Gervril has a wine color dial next to wine color Tamenuri octagon



3 of my favorite indulgences: wines, watches, and pens. The wines are from 1989 Mouton Rothschild, and Lynch-Bages. Watches are Omega and Unviversal Geneve Compax Chrono. Pens in the cups are two tamenuri and MB burgundy 146



Couple of my Sheaffers with Omega Seamaster Chrono



My only vintage so far (that is until my vintage GP shows up), an Angelus skeleton, and a no name Italian overlay safety



Dueling Longines or Dueling Montegrappa. The pens are from War of the Roses seires, House of "York" and "Lancaster"






To Cross The Rubicon


Internet Pens

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Kevin wins. Here's mine anyway. 1994 Namiki Vanishing Point/Type A-D 10616-CS-12-24 military watch.

"Reverend, you will go to heaven with other good people. Even in heaven you be arguing about the various theories of religion. Your arguments will be an obstacle to my meditation. Therefore, I would prefer to got to hell. Then I will be of service to the suffering." ~ Bhante Walpola Piyananda



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This is my first attempt at posting pictures, so I'll apologize for the quality.


1. Vintage Elgin with an RHR Duofold Jr.


2. Citizen EcoDrive with Delta Don Quixote (the green ballpoint)


3. Lucien Picard with Visconti Ragtime Medici


4. Stuhrling Symphony Maestro with Bexley Stradivarius


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I just want to find out an answer to question that I have got from some time in my mind (maybe because I am thinking about new watch).

Are you - FP writers - wearing mechanical / automatic watches or quartz ones?

just wondering...

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Mechanical for the most part. I dont have pics right now, but I have a Cartier Pasha, Oris TT2, Oris Regulator, and they are all mechanical. I have a 20 year old Tag Heuer formula one, and a 6 month old Tag Heuer F1 chronograph that are quartz (but I am going to sell the last one. It was a company gift).


that goes with approximately 200 pens that run the gambit from every manufacturer you could think of...

the Danitrio Fellowship

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