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Aurora Talentum - Modern Italian Elegance

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Wonderful review --thanks for sharing! I have an 88 and a (chrome/blue) Talentum; I love both of their nibs and especially the weight and feel of the Talentum.


Hope L, hopeless nib nerd

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You can't realy go wrong with a Talentum as a good workhorse. I have the burgundy and was a gift from a friend. Somehow, I was not too happy with the dryness of the pen -not that would skip - but I like them wetter. When i decided to start using a stub, I asked Greg Minuskin to gring it and boy!!! What a difference! It's big for my hand and I fing the cap a bit heavy, so I use it uncapped. BTW, Parker cartridges (Quink) do fit.


Mine looks red, but it is a light burgundy. http://inlinethumb16.webshots.com/25999/2112544260105226730S500x500Q85.jpg




Beautiful pens, Dandelion!

sonia alvarez




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Give yourself a huge pat on the back for a review well written! :thumbup: :clap1: Describing the nib as having it's own "character" is one of the most elegant descriptions I have heard of describing the great Aurora nib. After reading the nib review, I quickly picked up my Optima for some much needed writing time. Thanks!

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Thanks a lot for newly written enthusiastic feedback.

Sonia - mine is the tomato/fire engine red that they ceased to produce some years ago.

The burgundy is also very stylish, but I think the red should be in their regular production since it is so very "Italian"- Illy caffé, Lavazza caffé, Ferrari, kitchen supplies etc etc etc :)

This is one of the few pens that I know I won't sell - still I simply love it. :)



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