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Aurora Talentum - Modern Italian Elegance

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First Impressions, Appearance & Aesthetics

Box aside - it is nice and functional - this pen rocks! It doesn't need a fancy presentation box that only wastes space. This pen makes me want to hit the road to Italy in a fire engine red Saab 9-3 Aero Turbo Sedan V6 with Aida on the car stereo (yes, I'm patriotic when it comes to the car here - the fire engine red Saab 9-3 is a real beauty with a very nice motor). First stop in Milano, then Verona, Bologna, Firenze, Siena, Lucca...


This is a COOL pen! I like the chrome, the fire engine red (that is almost impossible to capture in a photo) - it is the essence of the elegant, sleek, smart unornamented Italian design. I like it so badly. Beauty and function in a lovely combination. This fire engine/tomato red suits this design perfectly.


If I should highlight some parts it would be the cap and the nib. The cap is so beautiful and clever. A modern version that combines a slight dome with a flattop. The clip is almost like an organic drip from the dome. Modern and very classic at the same time.


I also like that the nib has a bit of a rough, unpolished look that contrasts a bit to the smartness of the pen - it gives the pen personality and feeling.


The only minus is that the gripping section is in black - that is a pity. Had it been all red I'd probably given it 9.5/10, but since the gripping section is in black it gets only 9/10




Build, Dimensions & Functionality


Weight: 30 g

Length capped: 13.5 cm

Length uncapped: 13 cm

Length posted: 16 cm


This is not only a smart, cool pen - it is also very well built. Nothing even remotely cheap about it. The gripping section is very well suited for longer writing sections. The cap is easy to screw and unscrew, fastens well and doesn't easily unscrew by accident. It has a bit of size and weight and is well balanced - both posted and unposted. Since I prefer to post my pens I want them to be safely posted without the cap loosens easily. This is a pen of substance and quality. 9.5/10


Nib & Writing Performance



I really like that Aurora makes their own nibs. I also like the special look their nibs have - not streamlined and almost a bit rustic. This is a M nib that writes like a mainstream F. I had read about that in advance and was very relieved that I didn't get a mainstream M as I want to use this for note taking. The nib performs a bit like it looks: a bit rustic with a great deal of personality and character - in the best sense. It is not a ordinary nib. It is a competent and very pleasant writer. It is smooth, but with feedback, control and character. The more I write with it, the more I like it. It feels very personal - and begin to feel like a good friend that gives response and adds something extra to my writing.

I'm always quite critical when I make judgment of the nib. This time I'll give the nib extra weight for the final score - the nib is the most important feature, especially when it is a pen meant to be used as an everyday writer. This nib has a very special feeling. And: It wrote well ouf of the box. It doesn't skip. It has no problems with the flow. It puts down an even line and does justice to my inks. And and extra plus is that the nibs are easily interchangeable with both the Optimas and the 88s - so great. Functionality and character, character, character: 19.5/20



Filling System

The Talentum is a C/C filler. It works well - comes fitted with a converter - and without problems with the flow. I don't like c/c fillers that don't accept international cartridges/converters. Even if it takes Parker cartridges I prefer the wide variety of cartridges and converters with international standart size c/c. 5/10



I bought it new for a very good price. I could pay at least twice as much and still think that I got good value for the money. 10/10



This is a pen with a personality. The nib is something very special and I think I have never used a nib with so much personality as this nib - in a very good sense. I am very glad that I took the opportunity to buy this great, clever and smart pen to a very good price. This is an introduction to the Aurora pens that sets a very high standard. I like that this is a non-blingy, super-classy pen made to be used. This is a keeper - even for an unfaithful buy-try-sell person as me. This is something real special.


With strict counting: 53/60, but if I should give it a grade for the pen as a whole I'd give it 9/10


Together with two dear friends -Delta 365 and Pelikan M605 - for size comparison.


Edited because I forgot to mention the interchangeability between Aurora Talentum, Optima and 88 which is great and rised the nib grade with .5 points - the total grade is thus 53 instead of 52.5 - which it is well worth.

Edited by dandelion

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Very nice pen. I'd love to get an Aurora, and that color really is great!

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." - Douglas Adams

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Thanks for the great review, I have the exact same Talentum reviewed going on eight years now and it's a reliable workhorse.

"Life moves pretty fast, if you do not stop and look around once and a while you might just miss it."

Ferris Bueller




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Fab review, Dandelion. Gotta say, I like that the section is black, not red. Very sexy!


etherX in To Miasto

Fleekair <--French accent.

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English John

I bought one of these recently , and really like it.

I had a black Talentum a while ago, but sold it. I have now realised that I like colouful pens best , but missed the talentum - size and the nib - brilliant


I'm glad you reviewed it - great review. I think these are not made in this darkish red with silver trim any more, and the recent purchases are NOS


Buy one if you find one



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Another excellent review. Thank you.


I have the same color pen with an italic nib. You are right, it is excellent. I can think of nothing to add in my comments.


Enjoy the pen.

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Very good review of this pen. The way you described how the nib preformed was poetry. I would have said “toothy” and “expressive” but you highlighted all the characteristics of an Aurora nib with eloquence. Nice job. And oh, the pen suites your writing style, enjoyed the sample you posted.


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Thanks, Dande. I've thus far been an 88 fan, but your review and the color combination has placed this pen on my short list. One thing ... however, I didn't understand your thoughts on the "mainstream M versus not the mainstream M". Possibly you could say more unless you simply mean the Aurora M writes like a Fine. Thx, again.


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I love this Fire Engine Red coloration -- really nice. And like Ethernautrix pointed out, the black section really does the pen nicely. It reminds me a little of a Marlen Basilea.

[MYU's Pen Review Corner] | "The Common Ground" -- Jeffrey Small

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Ethernautrix and MYU - you are right. It gives the Talentum some character with a black section.

Thanks for all kind response! This nib is so lovely to write with!!!

*****the dandelion blog is right here*****

*****the dandelion flickr is right here*****

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One of these lovely pens is en route to me right now. Your excellent review made the decision to buy the pen an easy one. Thank you!

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I like your vote system, where the nib has more weight in the final result.

And I do appreciate that your score for this pen is such high, especially considering that the higher "loss" in points is on the filling system, where I agree completely with you.

I have a couple of new 88, an Optima and a Talentum. They all are excellent writers, but the Talentum has the downside of the filling system.

On the other hand the Talentum has a good size and weight compared to the others.



<font face="Verdana"><b><font color="#2f4f4f">d</font></b><font color="#4b0082">iplo</font></font><br /><br /><a href='http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php?showuser=6228' class='bbc_url' title=''><font face="Trebuchet MS"><br /><font size="4"><b><font color="#8b0000"><font color="#696969">Go</font> <font color="#006400">To</font> <font color="#a0522d">My</font> <font color="#4b0082">FPN</font> Profile!</font></b></font></font><br /></a>

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Nice review, Dandelion. Thanks for posting it. The red looks very nice. I'd like to make one observation about the nib. While the Talentum's nib is interchangeable with the Optima and the 88, it is smaller than those nibs.

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Glad you like your Aurora Talentum. I have a black & gold fountain pen & ball pen set and it is one of my favorite modern pens. A flawless writer, good balance on your hand, high quality construction and elegance beyond description with its very unique stubby shape and large nib


... Bellisima!

Tu Amigo!

Mauricio Aguilar




E-Mail: VintagePen@att.net

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This is a good review with some great photos. I like the contrast of red against silver metal and the design of the hardware. Funny how red just makes this thing take off like a rocket. Congratulations.


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I just thought I'd make a short update, since I now have got the black/chrome version with an F nib as well and have some photos to add. The F nib is actually much more "traditionally" smooth than the M nib and since both has their own qualities I like them both. The difference- with regards to line width - isn't that big, actually. The F is only marginally more narrow than the M. It is also slightly wetter. Both are two of my absolute favourites - both when it comes to design and writing characteristics. They are very comfortable for long writing sessions and the design are so great! :wub: So, the verdict 9/10 overall stands even after a longer time of extensive use.












*****the dandelion blog is right here*****

*****the dandelion flickr is right here*****

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Great review, dandelion! I agree with diplomat that the weight of the nib in the final score should be higher. I vote for a new criteria for reviewing (20 points for nib performance, aesthetics, ...).


Kind regards,


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I'm revisiting my old reviews at my blog and have now written a "review revisited" on the Aurora Talentum - almost a year after the first review. If you are interested to know if the Talentum lived up to this high grade you can read about it here.

*****the dandelion blog is right here*****

*****the dandelion flickr is right here*****

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