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Announcing: Denis is Back


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We'd like to announce that Denis Richard has rejoined the admin team, putting his IPB expertise to use and of course, his help on other issues.


Denis is working on a possible host change for FPN - it would be "seamless" in that we would likely not even notice it. But it would likely provide more of the functionality of the IPB software that we are not able to get from the current host such as a fully functional search engine.


So, if you have questions for the admin team - there are, of course, the Network forums and the following "individuals" can be contacted.


FPN Admin Team or


Denis Richard



Keith with a capital K


Leslie J.

This account is unmanaged.
Please direct questions and comments to [email="fpnadmin@gmail.com"]FPN Admin email[/email], or directly to [url="http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/user/17-wimg/"]admin Wim (wimg)[/url].
Thank you very much in advance.
Warm regards,
The FPN Admin Team

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For me it's like he never left...


He has continued to work tirelessly to make FPN a better place even though he was taking a little "break" from his position as one of our Admins.


It is good to have him back.

Please visit http://members.shaw.ca/feynn/

Please direct repair inquiries to capitalpen@shaw.ca

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Good to see you back, Denis.......officially!!!!!!!

"Take all the advice you receive, mine included, weigh it with a grain of salt (10 lbs.) and some common sense and you'll do fine" .....Mike O'Bryan

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  • 1 month later...

I just ventured into the "News" forum, saw this thread title, and I wondered when had Denis gone? Perhaps he was back from a vacation? But the post said he was rejoining the admin team? When had he left it?


And then I stumbled onto the thread titled "FPN Admin Changes" :o


I must confess that I had been completely oblivious to all this until now! I am glad it's all over. But it made me realize that I should pay a little more attention to the "The Network"" forums and not be as clueless as usual about such things anymore.


So a belated welcome back to Denis, a sincere thank you to everyone involved in running and maintainng this site, and just as sicnere a thank you to all the participants who make this site so enjoyable and iteresting.

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I dunno, Stylo. Sometimes it would be nice to remain blissfully unaware.


But thank you.


Especially, I thank you for your contributions to FPN.


We grow, we learn, we keep on keepin' on.

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Guest Denis Richard

Thanks Stylo.


The Admin side of a forum can be very ungrateful, but it's all worth it when we see that people actually enjoy it, and make a effort to make it a better place. Many thanks to you too, and to all members.

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Thanks everyone... and to celebrate, I gotta to use that new  :bunny1:  :lol:

Isn't bunny the cutest thing! I'm sooooo glad "K" made her available!





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