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Pelikan Souverän M420


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Pelikan souverän m420


Looking at the Stylophiles Online website I found the m420 & m450 article. About a week later I bought one myself



First Impressions (9/10)

The pen looks really special when first looked at. Its a smaller pen with, combined with the combination of a big silver cap and knob, gives it its own unique look. For sure not many people will have the same pen.



Appearance & Design (8/10)

The simple combination of black resin with sterling silver gives the pen a nice elegant look.
The cap is engraved with straight lines, as is the piston knob. The shape of the pen is that of the m400. Even the double ring at the cap and knob is there, only now engraved it the silver. 
There is also a non engraved part for your own engraving. There is also the sterling silver mark placed. ag 925. 



Weight & Dimensions (7/10)

The body is the same weight, or feels like the same as my m400’s. The silver plated piston knob makes no difference.
The silver cap is another story. It gives it weight compared to the normal m400 and when posted, makes the pen feel rather different.
I don’t post any of my pelikans, but for people who do, it can be usefull to try it first. 
The heavy cap makes the pen feel more expensive and special than the standard pens. 



Nib & Performance (7/10)

All my other pelikans have fine nibs. Overall there is some varitie between the nibs. In this case the 18K 2 tone nib from the m420 writes rather thin.
It needed some time perform well, about 5 pages. But now it writes good and smooth.



Filling System (9/10)

Like all pelikan souverän pens, the m420 uses a piston filler. Unlike the m800 and m1000 the mechanism is made of plastic in stead of solid brass. 
It sounds less durable that the brass ones. Nevertheless, I do have a pelikan 400 from around 1950 that still is working perfectly. So the quality of the mechanism shoult be good. The knob turns really smooth. 
The pen holds enough ink for some day’s writing without filling, like all the other m4XX sized pens.



Cost & Value (7/10)

I paid 375 euro for the m420. Knowing that a normal m400 costs about 225 euro at the same shop. An extra 150 euro for another cap, knob and 18K nib is quite some money. You can even buy another m400 for that at some online webshops. 
For me the looks made it worth it, but you will have to like it for sure, because there is a lot for sale at that price.



Conclusion (Final score 7,5/10)

The m420 is a special pen for special use. It can be used every day easely bit its just to nice for that. For people who like the m400 scale, like a minimalistic design, and want something special, the m420 can be a real nice one.



And some photo's:





















Pelikan nut

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Thank you for this review. The M420 has been on my Someday list for a long time. I am quite partial to those classic colors: black and silver. Wow. I have to say, I really like black and silver. My Lamy 2000 and Omas Milord are ... well, black and silver, too.


The nice thing about the M400's - - and other Pelikans, too - - is that you can get an array of nib and use the pen for numerous different assignments.



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Great review and the photos are excellent! I had its sister pen - the M425 in dark, translucent green and silver - and had more luck with the nib. I'm very fond of the minimalistic, but very classic design. Thanks!

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Great small pen... I have it and I agree with your review: it's lovely!

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Me too - i have the ballpoint model and it is a wonderful pen :)

I recently loose two auctions on the bay, one of those auctions were for a new one... :cry:


Can't complaint much though, I won a new M425 instead, also a thing of beauty... but not as close as the M420, one of the most beautiful pens out there, not just from Pelikan.

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Nice pen but the m400 is too small for me

A people can be great withouth a great pen but a people who love great pens is surely a great people too...

Pens owned actually: MB 146 EF;Pelikan M200 SE Clear Demonstrator 2012 B;Parker 17 EF;Parker 51 EF;Waterman Expert II M,Waterman Hemisphere M;Waterman Carene F and Stub;Pilot Justus 95 F.


Nearly owned: MB 149 B(Circa 2002);Conway Stewart Belliver LE bracket Brown IB.

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Very nice review. You hit all of the high points. Well done.

"how do I know what I think until I write it down?"

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