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Great post. For years I have been turning blanks and hardware because one of my other hobbies include fly fishing and building my own rods. The blanks used are almost identical to pen blanks except they are usually a little larger as most reel seats are turned to around .760. Thus the are about 1 x 1 but opens up a whole new source of material. A simple search of "fly rod reel seats" will open up a huge new source of wood and metals.

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I hope I have the correct region for my question? I would like to achive the fitting of a dipping nib into a fountain pen, this is for the purpose of a constant ink feed, hopefully!

I was hoping to buy a fountain pen kit that could support a 6mm diameter ink feed, this would allow the fitting of an old esterbrook nib or a modern G nib.

The reason for the kit is they are inexpensive so if it doesn't work then there is not much lost but I use an old pen and it did not work, then that could be costly.

Any ideas, can this be dine and if so what/where can I get a kit from? My location is in the UK



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Two further contacts in the UK to add if you wish...




Axminster cover both Metal and Woodworking lathes and tooling. A very extensive range of stock held. Multiple depots across the UK. Catalogue available online or by post.


They also stock a wide variety of items associated to the manufacture of pens.

Well worth a visit to compare products available and help to make up your mind.





Another outlet dedicated primarily to wood turning and the supply of associated equipment.


Pens manufacturing blanks and general supplies are included within their range of stocks held. Again, catalogues are available online and via the postal service. Very good customer service also.






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I hope I'm not breaking any rules by saying this, but may I put Beaufort Ink forward for this list.? www.beaufortink.co.uk


Let me declare an interest right from the start, because Beaufort Ink is owned by me. However, we are an established company which happens to be the UK agent for Bock nibs, and we also keep thread taps to suit Bock nib housings. We produce high quality pen refills for pen makers, we will have a supply of ebonite in solid colours including black, plus a selection of mixed colours, all of which may be of interest to makers of custom pens and discerning makers wishing to upgarde their kits.


We are currently looking at triple start thread taps and dies, again for custom makers, we have a vast choice of spare tubes for commercially available pen kits, and we have our own, high end pen kits coming to the market within the next few weeks.


We sell more than that too, but everything we stock is inspired firstly by the fact that I am a pen maker myself, and secondly that we recognise the need for supplies of products for pen makers that are either hard to find, or had to obtain in modest quantities. Generally speaking, if you can get it everywhere else, you can't get it from Beaufort Ink, but if you can't find it elsewhere, then we are worth a try, and we're always open to suggestions regarding future products too


Phil Dart

Edited by Phil_Dart

Top quality nibs, ink and refills, pen kits, tools and supplies for discerning pen enthusiasts and makers.
Agents for Bock nibs.
Specialist supplies for kitless pens and custom pen makers.

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Tooling, mini lathes and mills and mini hi torque mills. For the serious enthusiast but reasonably priced. Even have some mini CAD machines.

God created man, Sam Colt made them equal!

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