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Earliest one I could find was the Guyot one...seeems most were mid 20's with sheaffer being the earliest? Thnaks Jonny:)

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Here's an odd question:


I recently ran across an early Parker Duofold Pencil in a box marked "Parker Pencil Patented March 22, 1921." I checked and there's only 2 patents that were issued for pencils on that date: 1,372,296 and 1,372,354: both were issued to Charles Keeran (inventor of the Eversharp Pencil) and assigned to Autopoint Pencil.


The Duofold Mechanism appeared to have been covered by George Gilman's patent number 1,632,371, which was applied for in November, 1921 but wasn't granted until June 14, 1927. I can't figure out what part of Charles Keeran's designs were incorporated into the Duofold pencil. Did Parker "borrow" a patent date from Autopoint (either with or without its consent) just to ward off the copycats while their application was pending, or am I missing another patent?

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Here I uploaded a collection of them that can be seen at a glance 50 Parker patents containing, among others, patents US2,187,528 and US2,282,840 as inspiration of Parker "51"



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