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These are all the patents I have for Parker Pen Company. It starts from 1924 with few earlier ones. Comments, corrections and additions are welcome. US416944 1889/12/10, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US423804 1890/03/18, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US455023 1891/6/30, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US510439 1893/12/12, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US512319 1894/01/09, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US606231 1898/06/28, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US622256 1899/04/03, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US635700 1899/10/24, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US642151 1900/01/30, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US653818 1900/07/17, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US758930 1904/05/03, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US778997 1905/01/03, Feeder for Fountain Pens, G. S. Parker US791466 1905/06/06, Self-Filling Fountain Pen, Edward M. Heylman US990288 1911/4/25, Fountain Pen, G. S. Parker US1028382 1912/4/6, Safety Cap for Fountain Pens, G. S. ParkerUS1078513 1913/11/11, Fountain Pen, G. S. ParkerUS1197224 1916/9/5, Clip for Fountain Pen, William E. Moore US1484683 1924/2/26 Self-filling fountain pen US1486246 1924/3/11 Fountain pen US1492451 1924/4/29 Refill mechanism for fountain pens US1629987 1927/5/24 Holder for fountain pens US1632371 1927/6/14 Pencil US1647093 1927/10/25 Clip for pens, pencils, and the like US1669036 1928/5/8 Pen-gripping device US1669040 1928/5/8 Pen-gripping device US1674259 1928/6/19 Pencil gripper US1674260 1928/6/19 Pencil gripper US1674261 1928/6/19 Pencil gripper US1720717 1929/7/16 Magazine pencil US1772000 1930/8/5 Desk-set receptacle and gripper US1782597 1930/11/25 Dispensing cabinet US1793610 1931/2/24 Desk-set receptacle US1793824 1931/2/24 Filling mechanism for fountain pens US1801635 1931/4/21 Fountain pen US1818743 1931/8/11 Adjustable feed for fountain pens US1819383 1931/8/18 Fountain pen US1821477 1931/9/1 Filling mechanism for fountain pens US1853876 1932/4/12 Desk set mounting US1860093 1932/5/24 Writing instrument receiving receptacle US1892145 1932/12/27 Mechanical pencil US1892181 1932/12/27 Desk set structure US1904358 1933/4/18 Fountain pen US1916808 1933/7/4 Desk set US1917568 1933/7/11 Fountain pen US1920770 1933/8/1 Mechanical pencil US1932248 1933/10/24 Permanent quick drying writing fluid US1950364 1934/3/6 Fountain pen feed US1956084 1934/4/24 Desk set mounting US1972395 1934/9/4 Permanent brilliantly colored writing fluid US1980508 1934/11/13 Fountain pen filling device US1985643 1934/12/25 Fountain pen US1989351 1935/1/29 Fountain pen and other marking means US2031343 1936/2/18 Fountain pen US2035372 1936/3/24 Fountain pen US2035378 1936/3/24 Fountain pen US2037177 1936/4/14 Fountain pen US2096044 1937/10/19 Tube and method of forming the same US2110007 1938/3/1 Desk set US2223541 1940/12/3 Fountain pen US2254975 1941/9/2 Material for pen tips US2267147 1941/12/23 Process for manufacturing pen nibs US2278907 1942/4/7 Fountain pen US2286878 1942/6/16 Adjustable eraser holder US2308658 1943/1/19 Apparatus for tipping metal bases with metal tips US2308659 1943/1/19 Apparatus for tipping metal bases with metal tips US2308810 1943/1/19 Desk set US2328580 1943/9/7 Ruthenium alloy pen point US2339079 1944/1/11 Apparatus for tipping metal bases with metal tips US2343991 1944/3/14 Filling mechanism for fountain pens US2386500 1945/10/9 Magnetic desk set US2387001 1945/10/16 Fountain pen US2392942 1946/1/15 Fountain pen cap construction US2398531 1946/4/16 Filling mechanism for fountain pens US2400768 1946/5/21 Fountain pen US2403039 1946/7/2 Fountain pen US2403083 1946/7/2 Desk set mounting US2404063 1946/7/16 Fountain pen US2406330 1946/8/27 Fountain pen filling unit US2427068 1947/9/9 Ball-point writing instrument US2427069 1947/9/9 Writing instrument US2428854 1947/10/14 Writing instrument US2452504 1948/10/26 Writing instrument US2454086 1948/11/16 Ball-point writing instrument US2462929 1949/3/1 Fountain pen US2464104 1949/3/8 Fountain pen US2481874 1949/9/13 Ball-point writing instrument US2484640 1949/10/11 Mechanical pencil US2489463 1949/11/29 Stable blue writing ink and a dye therefor US2503043 1950/4/4 Pen desk set US2503061 1950/4/4 Pen desk set US2503080 1950/4/4 Mechanical pencil with push-button type lead feeding means US2504420 1950/4/18 Magazine pencil with rotary lead propelling means US2506035 1950/5/2 Writing instrument US2510634 1950/6/6 Magnetic desk set US2510648 1950/6/6 Pen desk set US2522553 1950/9/19 Fountain pen US2522554 1950/9/19 Fountain pen US2522555 1950/9/19 Fountain pen US2528327 1950/10/31 Fountain pen US2528328 1950/10/31 Clutch mechanism for mechanical pencils US2528390 1950/10/31 Writing inks US2528408 1950/10/31 Fountain pen US2533082 1950/12/5 Fountain pen cap US2554654 1951/5/29 Fountain pen US2561923 1951/7/24 Fountain pen desk set US2580753 1952/1/1 Ball point fountain pen US2580754 1952/1/1 Writing instrument US2583142 1952/1/22 Ball point fountain pen US2584569 1952/2/5 Ball point writing instrument US2587949 1952/3/4 Fountain pen US2588629 1952/3/11 Ball point writing instrument US2598171 1952/5/27 Nib for writing pens US2612867 1952/10/7 Fountain pen US2618239 1952/11/18 Writing instrument US2619070 1952/11/25 Ink feed and overflow collector means for fountain pens US2620773 1952/12/9 Writing instrument US2620774 1952/12/9 Fountain pen US2622561 1952/12/23 Ball-point writing instrument US2627843 1953/2/10 Writing instrument US2628431 1953/2/17 Fountain pen cleaning device US2631078 1953/3/10 Display device US2645205 1953/7/14 Fountain pen US2645206 1953/7/14 Writing pen US2648309 1953/8/11 Fountain pen US2648884 1953/8/18 Magnetic clasp US2660152 1953/11/24 Ball-point writing instrument US2666416 1954/1/19 Writing instrument US2670711 1954/3/2 Fountain pen US2681041 1954/6/15 Fountain pen US2684052 1954/7/20 Writing instrument US2690163 1954/9/28 Writing instrument US2699147 1955/1/11 Pen and pocket clip construction US2702021 1955/2/15 Fountain pen US2708904 1955/5/24 Fountain pen desk set US2712299 1955/7/5 Fountain pen US2714300 1955/8/2 Cigarette lighter US2724367 1955/11/22 Fountain pen US2726639 1955/12/13 Fountain pen US2727464 1955/12/20 Self-arming projectile US2737927 1956/3/13 Fountain pen desk sets US2745548 1956/5/15 Apparatus for detecting and removing uncapped bottles from a conveyor US2746277 1956/5/22 Lighters US2750774 1956/6/19 Lighters US2758505 1956/8/14 Stereoscopic viewer US2762337 1956/9/11 Writing instruments US2769326 1956/11/6 Smokers' lighters US2773479 1956/12/11 Fountain pen US2774332 1956/12/18 Fountain pens US2779180 1957/1/29 Lighters US2780085 1957/2/5 Lighters US2781708 1957/2/19 Self-contained developing unit US2782763 1957/2/26 Fountain pens US2802450 1957/8/13 Fountain pens US2811907 1957/11/5 Photo-flash attachment for cameras US2813621 1957/11/19 Display carton US2847975 1958/8/19 Writing instrument US2847976 1958/8/19 Spacer pattern for capillary reservoir elements US2847977 1958/8/19 Pen desk set base US2855898 1958/10/14 Capillary reservoir elements US2871823 1959/2/3 Fountain pen US2876495 1959/3/10 Apparatus for injection molding of articles made of a thermoplastic US2888907 1959/6/2 Writing instrument US2888908 1959/6/2 Fountain pen US2889810 1959/6/9 Base for fountain pen desk set US2904839 1959/9/22 Injection molding die and nozzle combination for forming sprue-free articles US2905148 1959/9/22 Fountain pen US2911669 1959/11/10 Method and apparatus for forming spheres US2911949 1959/11/10 Writing instrument US2916013 1959/12/8 Receptacle for receiving and enclosing the writing end of a fountain pen US2917631 1959/12/15 Radioactivity indicating device and method US2935044 1960/5/3 Fountain pen US2936639 1960/5/17 Reciprocating drive device US2960066 1960/11/15 Writing instruments US2971283 1961/2/14 Writing instrument US2971495 1961/2/14 Writing instrument US2977681 1961/4/4 Engraving machine US2979030 1961/4/11 Writing instruments US2992572 1961/7/18 Ball point spinning tool US2996044 1961/8/15 Writing instruments US3004520 1961/10/17 Writing instrument US3030925 1962/4/24 Writing instruments US3033167 1962/5/8 Retractable point writing instrument US3038506 1962/6/12 Filler device for fountain pens US3039437 1962/6/19 Universal ball point cartridges US3046943 1962/7/31 Writing instruments US3052018 1962/9/4 Assembly apparatus US3052969 1962/9/11 Automatic assembly apparatus US3063419 1962/11/13 Writing instruments US3063420 1962/11/13 Writing instruments US3073285 1963/1/15 Dialing tool US3079679 1963/3/5 Tubular covering US3087464 1963/4/30 Modular fountain pen US3115119 1963/12/24 Hubbed washer overflow ink collector US3120216 1964/2/4 Magnetic support US3128514 1964/4/14 Writing instrument releasable securing means US3132615 1964/5/12 Self-aligning spinning tool US3134362 1964/5/26 Fountain pen US3154055 1964/10/27 Fountain pen US3185135 1965/5/25 Fountain pen US3205863 1965/9/14 Writing instrument US3205867 1965/9/14 Article support member US3232279 1966/2/1 Writing instrument US3237606 1966/3 1 Ink reservoir US3247303 1966/4/19 Method of making a fountain pen US3261326 1966/7/19 Writing instrument US3273541 1966/9/20 Adjustable resilient writing instrument US3274975 1966/9/27 Ball point pen incorporating a point reconditioning device US3303825 1967/2/14 Ball point writing instruments US3332400 1967/7/25 Ink cartridge US3338727 1967/8/29 Pigmented ball point pen ink US3402008 1968/9/17 Writing instrument US3416869 1968/12/17 Ball point reservoir US3418056 1968/12/24 Wick type writing instrument US3437413 1969/4/8 CARTRIDGE REPEATER PENCIL US3439989 1969/4/22 AUTOMATIC PENCIL US3442739 1969/5/6 FIBROUS WICK US3458266 1969/7/29 BALL POINT WRITING INSTRUMENT US3486912 1969/12/30 NONAQUEOUS INK US3495920 1970/2/17 BALL PEN REFILL US3507600 1970/4/21 SOLID PLASTIC NIB US3538041 1970/11/3 SIMULATED ANODIZED ALUMINUM COATING COMPOSITION US3544227 1970/12/1 WRITING INSTRUMENT US3583819 1971/6/8 MECHANICAL PENCIL US3606556 1971/9/20 FOUNTAIN PEN US3628921 1971/12/21 CORROSION RESISTANT BINDER FOR TUNGSTEN CARBIDE MATERIALS AND TITANIUM CARBIDE MATERIALS US3632395 1972/1/4 ARTICLE HAVING LIGHT-RESISTANT SIMULATED ANODIZED ALUMINUM COATING US3655427 1972/4/11 CORRECTABLE GRAPHIC SYSTEM US3671132 1972/6/20 APPLICATOR WICK FOR A WRITING INSTRUMENT US3708283 1973/1/2 PROCESS FOR PREPARING CEMENTED FERROCHROME US3712093 1973/1/23 APPARATUS FOR HANDLING CYLINDRICAL BLANKS US3746456 1973/7/17 BALL POINT PEN WRITING BALL COMPOSED OF A CEMENTED CARBIDE COMPOSITION US3779780 1973/12/18 WRITING INK CONTAINING NONANOIC ACID US3900936 1975/8/26 Cemented ferrochrome material US3951555 1976/4/20 Modular writing pen US3957379 1976/5/18 Fountain pen US4121719 1978/10/24 Holder for writing instruments US4222595 1980/9/16 Clamping closure for releasably connecting two parts US4322099 1982/3/30 Clamping closure for the releasable joining of the locking strip of cases, writing cases and the like US4378171 1983/3/29 Ball-point pen US4506426 1985/3/26 Pocket clip for a writing instrument US4529328 1985/7/16 Projection-retraction mechanism for a writing instrument US4591418 1986/5/27 Microlaminated coating US4702633 1987/10/27 Multicolor writing implement US4702634 1987/10/27 Continuous feed mechanical pencil with push button lead feed actuator US4713150 1987/12/15 Process for preparing a part for color anodization US4726845 1988/2/23 Hybrid marking instrument and writing ink composition US4806038 1989/2/21 Knock type mechanical pencil connection US4954002 1990/9/4 Writing instrument with membrane vent and their manufacture US5417504 1995/5/23 Refill unit for a writing instrument US5735624 1998/4/7 Relating to writing instruments US5781979 1998/7/21 Nib changing apparatus for a fountain pen and method US5827000 1998/10/27 Writing instrument US6029816 2000/2/29 Packaging US6176633 2001/1/23 Marking instrument US6270276 2001/8/7 Refillable reservoirDesign Patents (to be completed soon)D102799D102800D102801D179425D185169 D188776 (not a pen :) )D191555D205872For completeness I also include here the patents of the Vacumatic inventor, Dahlberg, Arthur OlansUS1365463 1/11/1921, Fountain-pen indicator, OLAUS DAHLBERG ARTHUR, partially assigned to WILLIAM ZEISSUS1419026 6/6/1922, Fountain pen, DAHLBERG ARTHUR O US1507729 9/9/1924, Fountain pen, OLAUS DAHLBERG ARTHUR. This is the original Vac patent that Parker bought later. US1882780 10/18/1932,Fountain pen, DAHLBERG ARTHUR O US1904358 4/18/1933,Fountain pen, DAHLBERG ARTHUR O, assigned to PARKER PEN COUS2016106 10/1/1935,Fountain pen, DAHLBERG ARTHUR O

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Somebody asked me backchannel how I got these patents. I have "collected" patent numbers in the past, but very inefficiently.

Recently I found the site of the European Patent office which is MUCH more flexible that the USPTO. On that site, all it took to get all Parker patents after 1924 (see above) is one line! Similarly I got the Esterbrook patents that I posted here.


Before I disclose to you this command, you have to swear on the bones of your paternal granmother while touching your right ear with the back of your heel, that you will never share the information with anybody else :)


Drumroll.... Here it is:



and some creative HTML/Excel manipulation to bring it to the form shown above.


Just click here to test it: http://v3.espacenet.com/results?sf=a&FIRST...=&IC=&=&=&=&=&=


Substitute Parker+Pen with SHEAFFER+W+A and you will get the Sheaffer patents (from 1924 onwards.). Or Waterman etc. You get the idea.



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Awesome job, Antoniosz!

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p202/Apollo3000/es-canary-islands-flag1s.gif Bendita mi tierra guanche.
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Incredible. I really enjoyed reading the original patent for the vacumatic filling system. Thanks so much for sharing AZ!

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Antonio - THANK YOU.

Printed off some of the "51" patents - amazing info :) :)

Administrator and Proprietor of Murphy Towers

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Thanks to Google patent search I added some of the early patents that were missing. If you find any errors please let me know.



Hi antoniosz


No errors to report but I did find this one on my Internet trawls




I suspect the GB prefix stands for Great Britain. I also suspect that there may be more "Parker pen co" patents with a GB prefix


Hope this helps




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Hi, am I missing something...tryed to get to the actual document but could not...is there a trick envolved...


Looking for the earliest Desk Set, or any and all of the desk set documants...can you help/ Thnaks...Henry

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all these highlighted must have gone down and wont work any more...can you help please...thanks

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Wondering ouit loud...what was the first Patent for Parkers Desk Sets....????Is it in this bacth of patents??????????????thanks Henry

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Would the first Parker desk sets have had a patent at all? If they are following a basic model of a desk-pen there may not have been a patent - utility patents would have applied to new developments in desk pen function (eg - the Sheaffer Dry-lock sytem, or the Parker Magneticks) or Design patents, which are harder to search for.


George K.s Patent book (look for it in the Marketplace) would be one place to look.


Also, I believe that Parker, Wahl and Sheaffer all went together to create the Pen Desk Set Company to make their bases. Some of the patents may be under the name of Pen Desk Set Company.



So if you have a lot of ink,

You should get a Yink, I think.


- Dr Suess


Always looking for pens by Baird-North, Charles Ingersoll, and nibs marked "CHI"

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this is what I got recently from Tony...at the parker pens site...


"As far as I can see the earliest Parker desk set patent was filed in

> 1926 by Walter Guyot" Hope that helps:)Looks like they did do a Patent....other makers did to in the mid 20s, probabaly 25, Henry AKA THE YIDDIL

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Looks like they had a bunch - ah, but as I suspected none of them are actually for Parker.


"Walter Guyot, of Janesville, Wisconsin, Assignor by Mesne Assignments, to Pen Desk Set Company, a Corporation of Illinois".


Search Pen Desk Set company at Google Patents and that should get you a good list. Here is the Guyot patent, as well as a few others:


1,706,662 - W. Guyot - Desk Set - 3/26/1929

1,629,987 - H.L.Blackman, Holder for Fountain Pens 5/24/1927

1,674,260 - B.M. Palmer - Pencil Gripper - 4/6/1927

1,705,656 - H. L. Blackman, Holder for Fountain pens, 3/19/1929



So if you have a lot of ink,

You should get a Yink, I think.


- Dr Suess


Always looking for pens by Baird-North, Charles Ingersoll, and nibs marked "CHI"

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