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Found 6 results

  1. Ok, here we go....I am looking to purchase my first, and last, gold nib pen. The last pen that I will ever use. This pen will be my workhorse pen, as I will use it for journaling, I might even keep it in my pocket throughout the day. I'm looking to spend under or around $200. These are the pens that I would like to pick from: 1.) Waterman Carene 2.) Pilot Custom Heritage 91 3.) Karas Kustoms Ink (all copper) 4.) Pilot Namiki Falcon I would like to note that I'm NOT interested in any piston fillers, as I would prefer a pen that uses cartridges and converters. I enjoy carrying extra supplies and the rare instances in which I actually have to go to my Altoids can and grab my backup ink. I'm looking for a smooth nib, and I plan to write with a Fine or Fine-Medium nib. Here are a list of some of the pens that I currently own, that are decent writers to me: - Pilot Metro (Fine nib, Section is a little too thin) - Parker Urban 2016 model (current workhorse) (Medium nib) - Jinhao 911 - Jinhao 8802 (Pocket Carry) - Hero 901 - Parker Urban 2012 model (Medium Nib) (a little dry/resistant writer, but it feels nice in my hand) For some reason, I'm leaning mostly towards the Carene and the CH91. Has anyone had any issues out of the pens listed? Which one would be best for all-around heavy use? Thanks!
  2. Looking for my first non entry level pen with the intent to not leave my side. I work in an office with general note taking. I carry a satchel so size isn't a big issue. Then at night I do a page or so of journaling each night. I also see C/C as a benefit since I love changing colors. No B&M near by so having to wing it a little without trying. I am leaning very heavily on an Edison Collier or Premier in EF and spare 1.1 stub. Anything I should be worried about or is there something noticably better out there for the same $200 or so?
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you are having a pleasant day, this is my first post so it's possible that what I'll ask may seem puerile and possibly amounting to faux pas, please pardon my ignorance if any of that happens. Who I am ? I am student from India, who has a very important exam coming up in 6 months. I own 2 lamy safari's and 2 pilot metropolitan's. Why am I here ? Where I live and where I grew up we barely have anyone who uses fountain pens. I started with them not as a show of elegance but because I had a tendency to right softly and ball point pens require certain pressure which made me uncomfortable. So for me it's necessity, I cannot write with anything else. What do I want? Im looking for buying a new fountain pen. I'm not rich by any account but I saved enough money over my the years to afford a pen upto price of lamy 2000. The only consideration for me is that it should be able to write for a really long sessions and I guess that necessitates certain degree of smoothness. My question to you respected readers !! What would be the one pen you would buy if you were in my position that being you can afford only one pen upto price of lamy 2000 and you have to write with it maybe the whole day and looks don't matter at all maybe the feels does to a certain degree, but just one pen which you could buy, for the most important exam of your lives ? ( please note that ink capacity is not to trump over writing experience in this scenario, just the writability is the first and foremost concern rest are secondary and I like lamy safari's they do the job but I feel I could do better) (Also kindly note I'm not pressing for lamy 2000 but it's the only pen whose price I know in the ocean of other availabilities, so it's price is for reference) I'm not sure if any of you will find time to answer this, but I thank all of you in anticipation. Regards,
  4. Hello FPNers! I just won a big fellowship to finish writing a book, and I am thinking about buying a pen to celebrate and commemorate the occasion--what else would I buy, right? I have some thoughts, but I'd like to get some input from the brain trust here. I'm looking for a workhorse with some style, something not too flashy that feels right for academic writing. I typically prefer pens that are on the shorter and fatter side because my hands are a mess from chronic overuse injuries, but there are some exceptions. The smallest pen that I have that I can use reliably (even on medium-bad days, but not on really bad days) is a Sailor Sapporo. Some of my other favourites are a Sailor Pro Gear, a Platinum 3776 century, and a Franklin Christoph model 02. Since size is a huge issue and online measurements don't always tell the whole story, I'd appreciate your comparisons to pens that I know. In addition to the ones I've listed, some of the standard pens I also have (and like) are several Kaweco Sports, a Pilot Prera, an Esterbrook J, a Sheaffer 444, and a TWSBI mini and Eco. My husband has a Skyline and a Metropolitan that I can also use for comparison purposes. The candidates I've come up with (but I'd love other suggestions): Lamy 2000. I've seen one and the aesthetic doesn’t really do much for me, but I have a pen store nearish and will probably be revisiting it when I can test drive it. The big pluses for it is that it's fat and has a slip cap.Kaweco Dia. Also a slip cap (which is a big plus, although not essential), and I have an obsession with Sports that probably borders on unhealthy.Pelikan M600. This is really at the top end of what I'm willing to spend. I've always read excellent things about Pelikans, but have been concerned that the more affordable models will be too small. If anyone has both an m200/400/600 and a Sapporo or a Kaweco sport, how do the sizes (especially the girth) and hand feel compare? I don't think my nearish pen shop carries Pelikans, so I can't test them for myself.Pilot Sterling. I'd buy this and the other Pilots from Japan to get a price I'm comfortable with. I love how these look and the slip cap is a huge plus, but I'm worried about the weight and balance. I don't mind heavy pens, but the heavier they are the fatter and shorter I need them.Pilot CH92. Again, I'm concerned about the size. Just how small is it? How does it compare to the pens I know?Pilot 823. This one isn't at the top of my list because the screw cap combined with having to open the back make me leery of having it as a workhorse, but it's been on my I WANTS IT list for years.Bexley Stalwart. This one is a bit off the beaten track, but I like the look of it. I don't own any Bexleys and have no experience with the brand. I'd prefer to stay in the $100-$200 range, but will go up to $400 for the right pen. I won't be making a purchase until July, so I have some time to ponder. Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. cveilleux

    Pilot Falcon- Everyday Carry?

    Hey everybody! I am looking into getting my first "next level" fountain pen, and by this, I mean breaking into the 100 dollar+ price range. I want something I will be able to use everyday in school for note taking and various other tasks on both Clairefontaine paper as well as less than ideal quality paper. I like the nib width of my Metropolitan- it's thin enough to perform well on cheap paper, yet very manageable to take notes for extended periods of time with, which is why I am looking into the soft fine Falcon. I am hoping the nib will be about the same width, yet smoother than my Metropolitan with the ability to give some neat variation when I want it so I can show off a bit . My question is- is the Falcon a viable everyday carry pen? I also think the nib just looks so intriguing! I have also looked into the Vanishing Point, but fear the clip will interfere with my natural grip and make writing uncomfortable. I would try both out in a store, but living in rural Maine with Bromfield being the closest pen store at about 31/2 hours away, my trips down to the city are few and far in between. I am also very open to other suggestions of pens! Thanks very much!
  6. casualmerlinconstant

    Suitability Of Namiki Falcon As Edc/workhorse?

    Hello! I was just wondering what everyone thinks about using a Pilot/Namiki Falcon as a workhorse pen? I don't intend on flexing it much (I do like the sound of that soft feeling they advertise), but I do want to use it for very large amounts of writing and maybe on not so good paper. The ink capacity doesn't bother me TOO much as long as I can get at least 10 Pages or so out of it as I can keep refilling (I'm thinking of a fine, 5/10 wetness from Binder). So what's everyone's experience with it? Does the softness of the nib make it weird/hard to use for very long periods of time? Do you have any ergonomic issues with its nib? Or its Shape/Weight/Design? Thanks

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