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Found 8 results

  1. In Mustard with ink windows ; matched colour end jewels , around the cap lip its engraved " 601 Ag925 " right under the clip , " MADE IN SHANGHAI " with the unique serial number above it at the opposite side , and " 2022 WIng SUNG " on the left side ( with the clip facing you ) with 2022 above the brand name , clip and blind cap band is gold plated so is the clutch ring , and the plunger button . It come standard with a 14K F nib It come in a black lacquered heavy wood presentation box with a metal card sized certificate of authenticity, and the usual silicone grease and piston tool
  2. Hello everyone. I just received a steel Wing Sung 601, and it’s not exactly as I’d hoped. Among a few cosmetic defects, I’m also noticing that the cap is quite hard to remove, and feels very scratchy against the body. I really don’t like the feeling of taking the cap off. I’ve taken the cap off of Parker 51s before, and it was such a smooth nice motion with a nice click. So my question is this: has anyone used a Parker 51 cap on a Wing Sung 601? I’m afraid to try it out of risk of damaging my cap, but if someone has tried this and found success with it, I’d like to hear it.
  3. I'm particularly fond of the gold-trim one second from the left - it has a 12k nib. I also like the gold-trim demonstrator a lot; it doesn't exist "in the wild." I built it from parts. The parts are mostly interchangeable with the parts from Hero 616s, so if, e.g., you want to replace the dorky plastic "jewels" in your 601s with metal ones, Hero 616s are a cheap source of trim parts.
  4. So I was browsing through Bobbys e-bay and I have noticed something new. Wing Sing 601 with a metal body Price is slightly higher than classic and curiosity got better of me and I bought one. I already have 2 normal 601 and I am really curious about the metal version of this pen. has anyone any experiences with this new model? I couldn't find any pictures so is the e.-bay link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wing-Sung-601-Vacumatic-Fountain-Pen-Steel-Ink-Pen-Piston-Type-Silver-Clip-F-Nib/233590766661
  5. Hey guys, I realized that the Jinhao 911 and the Wing Sung 601 have the exact same nibs. The Jinhao 911 however, is better made, and is generally better than the Wing Sung's nib. I have tried using both nibs, and the found that the Jinhao 911 nib has an extra 10 degrees in it's "comfort zone" compared to the Wing Sung's nib. It's also a bit wetter in general, so I gave it a try and switched those nibs. They fit perfectly. Just a heads up, hope it helps! The Jinhao is also only $1.60 USD for a pen, which is extremely cheap. I'd buy it for the nib and extra converter.
  6. Hmmm.. so I got my order of the new Hero 616Plus delivered almost for a week and of course instantly I tear off the packaging and get to the pen and was keen on trying to see how it goes, but even a single eyeball give me suspicions .. hard to say but I sense something really different here .. call it a hunch whatever and well ... my engineering spirit just had to prop up .. so out come all the current retro hooded models and my calipar, well even without the calipar I can see something there and some measurements proved that am on the right track . OK let's hack these open then so I gather in the lot Wing Sung 601, Wing Sung 613, Hero 616Plus and a current production Hero 616 ( std / mid / jumbo ) First the barrels, caps, and sections; well look like we should give Hero 616 credit where credits due ( all these models simply show that they were all based on the old 616 in general layout / size / profile ) ... guess what ............ they are all the same bar the finishing and colours, I can use any of the hood on any of the 4 pens without issues , Caps likewise, but well .... barrels ... well actually their external dimension is the same but they have different threading machined / molded .. the 601 of course had its own barrel / ink container, the 616Plus barrel actually now spotted 4 re-enforcement rib inside barrel end and thus will not fit the other models. The current 616 and the 613 barrel interchange but they will not fit the 616Plus having too short a threaded part making them screwed in short Now here's the interesting part , the innards of all 4 pen ( sort of ) From top, Wing Sung 601 , Hero 616 , Wing Sung 613 & finally Hero 616PLus ...................... first thing first notice the different ink collector ; the 601 and 616 use ABS while the 613 use plastic ( polycarbonite likely , transparent clearly for the Demo ), and the 616Plus, well there's no ink collector at all .. Then the nib ... except for the old 616 .. all of them now use the 18.5X3.3mm hooded nib, yes the new 616Plus do not re use the old 616 nib but now use the same as Wing Sung so you are welcomed to put onto it all those nice fat calligraphy options; Now carefully check the ink collector nib end ... all of them had a rounded straight tubular part at this end which usually hold the nib and also engage the hood inside ( which had a like shaped indent to mate to that ) sealing the whole assembly .. this is molded in with the ink collector but its a separate silicone composite part on the new 616PLus. As you can see there is a black part inside the outer transparent coupler part on the 616Plus and this is actually the locking sleeve which also hold the ink nipple for the converter, this is machine push fitted into the transparent coupler and sealed in there is the integral single piece ink collector feed which then are sealed shut barrel end by another piece which sit the ink nipple / converter acceptance part. The mentioned front piece of silicone sealing plug on the front just go onto the feed from the front and can be pulled off, it will snugly fit into the hood / section's inner indent ( and sometime stuck there when that unscrewed ). Except for the 616Plus, all of the ink collector can be simply pulled off from the coupler straight. Which of course give us all the misery of trying to match the nib position to the hood. The 616Plus simply is all fixed and you screw in the hood and it either fit right or its not ( and all 4 fit right ) Guess Hero does not just went out and put C/C onto the 616, they rework the whole mechanism but retain the general profile / size / styling .. not a bad job , and nicely done indeed, and now I am going to figure how I want to put them back together .. you know there's literally loads and loads of color combo to be had , and finally there's one single model I did not put here, the Wing Sung 3006 which, even without a calipar; I can clearly see that its based on a different sized pen ( its size actually the same as the Hero 329-2 )
  7. I have been travelling around France this past week with my new PenBBS 456 in my pocket and was very well satisfied with it. Prior to getting this one, my travel pen was the Wing Sung 601, also an extremely good instrument, albeit more understated. (By which I mean that it doesn't draw much attention to itself, and when you start writing, it sort of merges with your hand and becomes an imperceptible elongation of your arm; you don't really notice it anymore after a couple of seconds of writing.) Both pens have their advantages and disadvantages, which I quickly looked at in this comparison. Disclaimer: This isn't meant to be a comprehensive review of either pen; I just wanted to provide information that is usually overlooked in reviews (most of them are first impressions anyway, not being acquainted well enough with the pen to comment on points of detail) and maybe help someone decide between when they're looking for a travel FP. My main point of comparison was how they're suited for situations where you don't have much time, nerves or resources to refill or change ink a lot, and how they react to pressure changes (e.g. in an airplane, when travelling by car or train in mountainous regions, etc.). As I said, I've just returned home from a week of travelling, so the pens have just recently been subjected to practical tests regarding these questions. Dominique Paper: Rhodia N°19 Dot Pen: PenBBS 456 F Ink: Diamine Bilberry
  8. MilanKov

    Wing Sung 601 Review

    Wing Sung 601 This pen came after month of waiting and I am really exited to share my first thoughts and impression from it. Boxing…well the box was all ways crumpled as the transport package was in just envelope with bubble foil. Meh who cares. Chinese only manual, big help when you do not know single sign of the language. Oh well no added value here, but it could be worse I suppose. Packaging 3/10 The pen has a very pleasant heft in hand and all seems alright. The materials seem polished and have good surface no scratches or dings. I am bit worried about the cap might hold after few months time will tell. (Worst comes to worst and the cap will be falling off I will turn it into desk pen.) I had trouble to find the seam to uncover the pumping mechanism. As I unscrewed it I choose pilot irozhizuku syo-ru ink, as the colour is similar to the pens body. The pen sits very well in the hand my only complaint, as it is my first vacumatic I have no idea if I filled it fully. Construction 8/10 The pen writes smoothly no hesitation or hard starts, at first I thought there was leakage but it turned out to be just badly wiped ink. I am seriously impressed with the pen it writes nicely in reverse and here came big surprise the line is thin just as I like much thinner then my Kaweco Al sport EF. I am impressed the nib is stiff as a board, no flex. I think it is well balanced nib for large variety of inks. Plus it is hooded nib I really dig those. Nib 9/10 As I said it is my first vacumatic pen but I really liked it though I cant say how much ink I have loaded and I will be taking pocket bottle of the ink for emergencies I really like the system plus the plunger is metallic that by alone is a plus. Filling system 8/10 For a price of 15USD with shipping from china to Czech Republic? I think I am in love with this pen so far. If it will keep up I think I will have to buy another one or the original Parker 51 comparison. Totally 8/10 P.S. does anyone have American pencil company Venus hooded nib lever filler pen I saw one of fleabay and I really like it does anyone have experience with them?

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