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Found 12 results

  1. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    It's titled "Fire in the Sky". The rest is up to the interpretation of the beholder. I just painted what I saw in my mind. No plan, no intention here. And I wanted to test inks on wet paper. It's several J.Herbin 1670 and 1798 inks, which explains the gold and silver metallic sheen, on thick wet watercolor paper. Painted with brushes. Plus normal opaque white for the stars.

    © astronymus.com

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  2. Astronymus

    Cool Carrot

    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    When I saw a picture of a carrot with swagger by someone unknown on the internet I had to draw and paint it. This is the result: "Cool Carrot"

    © astronymus.net

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  3. Astronymus

    How the "Cool Carrot" came to life

    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    When I saw a picture of a carrot with swagger photographed by someone unknown on the internet I had to draw and paint it. This is how "Cool Carrot" came to life.

    © astronymus.net

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  4. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    Hot air balloon hovering over landscape at dusk. Ink watercolor. Inspired by an old schooltrip photo.

    © astronymus.net

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  5. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    Two ink watercolor pictures I painted today.

    © astronymus.net

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  6. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    Dragon's eye painted in watercolor ink with the excess of ink for my hot air ballon picture.

    © astronymus.net

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  7. I really like to draw with my fountain pens, it is a pleasure, the flow, line variation etc is very nice and gives a lot of possibilities. The problem is that after the drawing is done I like to use watercolors, at that point the chosen ink is of great importance. I tried everything, noodles, carbon, indian ink for fountain pens etc. All those inks are waterproof, but not as good as indian ink. Indian ink is the best waterproof ink you will find, extremely black and with an special sheen. Everyone in the forum discourages to use indian ink in fountain pens, but I couldn't resist trying it. I bought a carbon pen, that is intended to use with carbon ink and filled it with indian ink. Here are my findings. Used with indian ink the flow is ok and does not clog The cap is very airtight and the pen can be used without cleaning for at least two weeks If the ink is not extremely dry, it can be cleaned with a mix of ammonia and water with no problem I find it is a very good solution to use indian ink, at least with the carbon fountain pen. I wouldn't recommend to use indian ink on fountain pens, but if you need it for your art work and you don't mind to do some maintenance and clean the pen often, it is a good option in my experience. Any one has any other experiences or any other options????
  8. By way of explanation, I have a young (age 4) son with a developmental delay in his fine motor skills. He has a difficult time holding a pen and controlling his hand/wrist movements finely enough to create letters or pictures. His cognitive skills are normal, so it's frustrating for him when he tries to write a word or draw a picture and his images just don't turn out like his preschool classmates' pictures do. As a result, he's been avoiding using a pen, brush or marker at all. He'll sit next to me and dictate what he wants me to write or draw - which is an enjoyable thing to do together, but while it's certainly helping his spelling skills, it's not helping him develop his fine motor skills. I really want to encourage him to practice using a pen (or marker, brush etc.) while keeping it fun and rewarding. One thing I tried recently, with some success, was making a sketch with watercolor pencils, then giving him a water brush so he could trace my lines (or just paint the entire thing, if he chose!) and end up with an image he was proud of. Enough background...here's what I'm looking for! I'd like to try sketching with a permanent fountain pen ink, then adding some watercolor pencil so when my son paints with his water brush, some of the image will remain unchanged. For example, I might write some words for him in permanent ink with my fp, then add some watercolor pencil so when he's finished the words are clearly legible, but also surrounded by a colorful watercolor-painted design. My top priority is to find a black ink that will be unaffected when it's later painted over with water, but I'd certainly be interested in other colors, as well. Thanks so much for any help you can provide!! lunareclipse
  9. ....turn it into an art journal! I managed to fill up my Clairefontaine notebook with ink and nib tests in a very short period of time. Oops. I just can't help it--I get excited by ink. I hate to just toss it into the recycle bin, feeling I didn't do too much with it, but also no longer needing the information. So I thought of it as a little art-seed... added water.. (not the same page as above) ..and it is blossoming journal of backgrounds! Some inks are more permanent than others. Adding splashes of Stormy Grey is encouraged. Some areas that didn't bleed out all the way will be covered in other applications. Gesso, clippings, photos, more ink splashes, what have you. I'm pretty excited to see how the whole book turns out! I only have about 3/4 of the pages left to alter.
  10. holgalee

    The Perfect Sketchbook

    For those of us who sketch or paint, or just love stationery, you are probably on the perpetual hunt for the perfect sketchbook. So take a look at this new Kickstarter project that sounds promising: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theperfectsketchbook/the-perfect-sketchbook-for-travel-artists-and-art,
  11. Hello, I've always toyed with the idea of illuminate some of my works but never give it a try until yesterday when I say a YouTube video [1] quite funny which shown a fast-timed "see how easy is" decoration on manuscript illumination and, hence, I had to try it. I wanted to send something different to a friend in Turkey. So, I gave it a try and were 4 hours on it. Here's the result of all-first-time: first drafts [from video showcase], inked with iron gall ink using Esterbrook 355 over them, pseudo-gothic letters... invented as go [first time with an stiff nib... painful], watercolored except gold [ink] and capital letters' silvered [ink], first time writing in arabic [bismillah... sorry if it says otherwise... I really tried but it's strange], etc. all in crappy (truly, crappy) cheaper-impossible paper but surprisingly it holded the gall ink and the watercolors perfectly without traspassing it... Oh, almost forgot, the paper size: an A5 (half A4). Click HERE to see it at 600dpi (~3400x5000px, 1.49MB, JPEG) Just a final note: as it was all over a draft, I didn't try to keep lines horizontal, spacing and other issues. After all, it all begin with a pencil and was meant to be nothing else, but who can resist retouching this and that? http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1024x768q90/541/m1r7.jpg I hope you found it interesting, at least. Sincerely, Franz
  12. Hello from the piedmont region of South Carolina, where this afternoon we had several tornado warnings, but no tornados. I've been a handweaver for 45+ years, and recently started making handbound blank journals as a way of using up some of my stash of handwoven fabrics on the covers. Then I began drawing in the journals, and bought a few fountain pens, and started collecting interesting inks to draw with, and one thing led to another. . . My favorite writing pens are my Lamys, but I just got a Creaper with flexible nib for drawing. I like to use Noodler's Lexington Gray for line drawings, and sometimes I do watercolor washes over the line work. Now all I need is a few more hours in the day so that I don't have to steal time from the weaving to give to the fountain pens. Here's a page from my current sketchbook with my Creaper and Noodler's Nightshade ink. This was sketched in an old cemetery while traveling in Massachusetts last month.

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