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Found 21 results

  1. I have a beautiful -at least to me- Lamy Vista with an awful EF nib. Having experienced more than one mediocre Lamy nibs (lucky me! ) I loose faith in Lamy and refuse to buy yet another scratchy nib. So the pen sits unused in my drawer. And here comes that topic and that post of mine (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/249626-if-your-friends-all-jumped-off-a-cliff/?p=2746375) to remind me my beautiful Vista and what a pity it is to see it laying unused and how much I would love to just replace it's nib with a smooth Pilot M nib. And then it hits me. Ok, Pilot nibs ca
  2. 1inkypaw

    Lamy Ink Window Question

    Hello all. I just picked up a Lamy Vista 1.5mm italic from a pen store, and I noticed the ink window is partially blocked by the grip section. I tried to unscrew it and put it back on again, but the window is still blocked. I've read a couple of posts about counterfeit Lamys, and how the window does not align properly. Any chance this is a counterfeit? Or do genuine Lamys come with this defect as well? Thanks.
  3. AmeyaG

    Quality Control Issues?

    Has anybody experienced serious quality control issues with Safaris, vistas and Al stars? 3 out of 4 safaris and 1 out of 2 Al stars I own have scratchy medium nibs. All of them are bought from different places. Some are misaligned out of the box, one of them has a slit that is not properly cut, it's cut at an angle rather than a straight vertical cut. No more Lamys for me.
  4. senzen

    Lamy Vista, All The Gory Details

    Just a little fun with a macro lens... I cleaned that pen with Rouge Hematite on the left a few days ago. The other one's got Diamine Poppy red.
  5. Just received these two pens in the mail so I thought I would quickly give my thoughts in case anyone might be debating between buying one of these. I did get the 1.5 nib on both of them. As you can probably tell from the picture, the Eco writes a touch thinner than the Vista. The Vista also writes a bit wetter but the Eco is not dry by any means. As TWSBI has stopped selling the 1.5 nibs, I wanted to get one while I could. It is tame enough that it will easily work its way into my EDC rotation. Writing Both write great. The Eco 1.5 can be an everyday pen whereas I think the Lamy 1
  6. I have three Lamy Vistas with EF nibs. At first, they all wrote with a nice, fine line, and moderate ink flow. In the last couple weeks, however, the ink flow in ALL THREE has gotten much heavier. Almost as though there was some kind of 'break in period' or something. I'm completely at a loss, but I want the ink flow back the way it used to be! lol I have not changed the inks I am using in each one in months. One is always filled with Noodler's Zhivago, one with Noodler's Red-Black, and one with Noodler's Navy (diluted with a bit of distilled water). I do not think the ink is the issue, sinc
  7. Aditkamath26

    Twsbi Eco Vs Lamy Vista

    I am plannning to buy a demonstrator starting pen- The TWSBI Eco or Lamy vista. How do they compare? TWSBI Eco in medium or fine. How does the medium on TWSBI Eco compare with other mediums? How does the fine compare with others? Lamy Vista in fine or extra fine. How does the fine compare with a Lamy medium? Is there a huge difference between them? Is the extra fine REALLY fine? How do these pens compare with each other on the basis of writing, comfort, durability and looks? Thanks for any help provided. (I need replies as soon as possibe as I have to order it today so as to get it clo
  8. All, So I thought I would create an account to ask this question that has been making me wonder for days. I have two Lamy's, a Charcoal Safari and a Vista. I started with the Charcoal Safari purchased from Amazon. Used the included blue cartridge for a while and decided that I wanted two pens (one blue and one black ink). I found the Vista at a local pen shop and right away I noticed that they write very differently. The Vista is significantly smoother and thinner than the Safari (I've included pictures below). So I got two converters and loaded them up with the same ink (Private Re
  9. G'day folks, I hope you're well. A quick nib question, if I may. I recently replaced my broken Pelikan M205 clear demonstrator with a Lamy Vista. All in all, the pen works fine. But I've noticed the EF nib often gets gunky on the top (see photo). I'm using Visconti red ink, but I suspect something else is going on. It looks like the very fine nib is actually scratching up bits of ink (from laser printed drafts) and paper fibre, and these are collecting on the top. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you have any other explanations? Cheers, Damon
  10. Amirography

    I'm Learning!

    Hey all! I'm Amir, I'm a psychology student. I used to had a very bad handwriting. Until decided to check Lamy Safari out. Then I'm so satisftied that I have to fill the converter every. single. day. Which ended up improving my handwriting durastically. I'm here to learn much much from you guys! Glad to be here
  11. Biology

    Show Your Lamy

    Show your LAMY off! I want to see differnt LAMYs, different years, different nibs, different inks! Sorry for bad pic, at lab, had idea.
  12. gammada

    Custom Nibs For Lamy Pens?

    Does anyone here knows a good source for custom made nibs for Safari/ Vista/ Al-star pens? I've seen a couple of photos depicting what appear to be gold-plated nibs and some custom grinds but am not sure where to find them. Anyone can point me in the right direction?
  13. This post is going to be a tad confusing, but please bear with me. My Safari/ Vista/ Al-Star collection is far from complete and I still get excited whenever a new color comes out or a limited edition is released, and yet, after doing some experiments with the stub nibs and custom grinding one of them, I've come to the conclusion that I need something different. I mean, it's good to show at a meeting with a different pen each time, or to have some "rare" pens kept as NOS, but in the end I'm starting to miss the point of having pens that you will never use or will only use sporadically or t
  14. Does anyone here knows why there is so many different packaging versions for the Safari pens? I went to a local pen shop to buy some Safari pens and I was given this, rather nice, boxes for each one (see attachement). At first, I thought it was due to the fact that all are special editions, but turns out all the Safari, Vista, Al-Star pens they carry are sold like these! The couple of pens I've gotten from the US all came in small dark grey cardboard boxes and I've seen another package from a European FPN member that is only a cellophane bag. Is this determined by the export market?
  15. Thanks to Ben, an excellent FPN member who responded to my classified, I was finally able to upgrade my workhorse Vista with a 14 kt bicolor nib. The nib is solid gold with platinum coating and was originally installed on a Dialog 3. My first impressions are very positive: the nib is both springy and flexible and for some reason is much wetter (even with R&K iron gall) than my steel nibs. I will provide a fuller update after I have used the pen a few weeks,but I really like this combination and have not even touched my Lamy 2000 since my new nib arrived. I also upgraded to a z-26 converter
  16. So I've had a problem with one Lamy Vista for some time, tried all the useful advice I could find here on FPN, to no avail, but finally managed, maybe this will help others, the vista is a transparent safari. The problem: the pen would write for a paragraph or two, and then stop dead in its tracks. I tried the usual soaking overnight in water, soaking overnight with a drop of dish soap, dismantling the pen... Nothing would work. In desperation I tried fiddling with the nib, bending it in the process, I even bought another converter... Nothing. The solution: the feed is made of two parts, t
  17. overlander

    First Fountain Pen

    After quite a bit of researching online, and on this forum, I finally bought my first fountain pen, a Lamy Vista, with a 1.5 stub. I also bought a Fine and Extra Fine nib for normal writing, and some samples : -Diamine Sapphire Blue (shown in the photos) -Diamine Majestic Blue -Private Reserve American Blue (fast dry) -Private Reserve Electric DC Blue -Noodler's Baystate Blue -J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir I love this pen, and can't wait to delve further into this awesome community. (unfortunately, my wallet isn't so excited) Thank you all for helping me find my perfect first pen
  18. Segel

    14 K Gold Nib On Lamy Vista?

    While my other pens gather dust, my daily writing this year has been confined to a Lamy 2000 and Vista. Of the two, I find myself reaching for the Vista most often. I would like one of the premium springy gold nibs that Lamy places in the Dialog 3 and Studio as a long-session writing nib. At the moment, I can not seem to locate a source, except a German seller on ebay pricing them over $90 plus delivery. They used to be listed on the Lamy USA website, but seem to have disappeared. Has anyone purchased a Lamy Gold nib recently and made this swap? Any leads on a better value source (new or
  19. For my first fountain pen, I am debating between a lamy vista (F/EF) or a Jinhao X450/X750 with a Goulet #6 (F or EF) nib. I like the looks of both pens, so it is a matter of performance. I will be using this pen mainly for school notes. How do the two pens compare in terms of performance, comfort, etc.? Also, how does the stock jinhao nib compare to the goulet nib? -Thanks
  20. Cryptos

    Lamy Confusion

    Hi folks, I am a little puzzled. If the nib, section and ink reservoir are the same, what exactly is the difference between the Lamy Joy and Lamy Vista apart from body shape? Does the body shape play a significant part in the application of calligraphic skills? The reason that I ask is that the Vista can be had for half the price of the Joy. Your thoughts, as always, appreciated.
  21. At the beginning, I was not supposed to make a review of the safari. I thought there was too many already out there. But, after a long time, after buying a montblanc, a parker sonnet 18k nib, and many other pens, I decided to re-ink my safari, as a reminder of the good old times ! I almost fell off my chair. Now I was finally able to fully appreciate this pen, after using a lot more : 14k nibs, 18k nibs, cheap stainless steel nibs, good stainless steel nibs ect ect.... So finally I decided to make this review because this pen is just too good for the price. The look : Personnaly, I am not

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