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Found 13 results

  1. PithyProlix

    Inky T O D - show your vintage ink

    Waterman Marron Brown Sorry about not getting a consistent white balance. In reality, the paper is sort of creamy with a very slight green tinge. Does anyone know the date range Waterman manufactured this color?
  2. I've purchased several bottles of vintage Parker Quink Blue Black. Some are in the 1940s bottles and some the 50s. Most are a shade of black gray and somewhat watery. The color is very pale. I have a few bottles that the ink is more blueish, but still blue black. Does anyone know the chemistry behind this? On a different front, with some of the vintage ink I've used, adding a few drops of water make the ink more dry and improve the color. It seems counterintuitive.
  3. Hello I come to ask your opinion about the state of two vintage sheaffer skrip ink bottles possibly from the 90's. I bought two jars, one brown and one blue, the brown has the great ink well, my concern is that the brown is no longer that color, currently has a greenish color. The lid of both bottles is not rusty, if I had to describe the smell of the box and bottle, I would say that it is old or old book because of the cardboard, I suppose, when I opened both bottles they smell old like cardboard or the bottle in its exterior .The first print on the top layer of the ink looks normal and clean, with no apparent white moldy cotton or things floating around. The bottom of the blue ink bottle is without sediment or strange things, but the bottom of the brown bottle had something brown as you can see in the photo, but with a slight movement it dissolved. I ask you if in your opinion these inks are still seen to be in good condition? The smell in both is the same, smell of old, the smell does not seem rotten to me, in the past I had two inks from other brands that did smell rotten and I had to discard them. If I have to throw the ink in the trash, can I still disinfect the bottle to reuse it for other inks?It is that the ink well of the bottle looks great hahaha
  4. Here is a link to a letter Lord Byron wrote, whilst in Italy. https://www.bl.uk/collection-items/letter-from-lord-byron-to-douglas-kinnaird-about-other-poets He's using dark brown ink. Could anyone suggest a brown ink that would look similar in colour to this? I'm thinking Waterman's Havana Brown is probably too light - and Platinum's ink cartridges is close, bust still not quite dark enough. Does anyone have a suggestion? It's difficult to get an idea looking at ink samples on the screen. Thank you.
  5. If anyone wants a large bottle of red Super Quink with Solv-X, there's one for sale in The Junk Shop in Greenwich. They also have a half-bottle of (I think) permanent blue-black, and a few large bottles of Swan ink with very little ink in. If it's still there in a week or so I might be compelled to buy it myself Super Quink by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr
  6. I have 24 bottles of NOS Steig Luma watercolor inks. They belonged to my dad who was a graphic artist in the days before computers changed everything. I think he was planning to use them with an air brush, but never got around to it. Great artist, my dad, but no follow-through! I learned that Arthur Steig passed away in 1988, if I remember right, and that Steig inks are no longer produced. Are these inks worth anything? Is there a market for this ink? I'm not an artist, as you probably guessed. I just want to be sure that my dad's stuff goes to other artists who will appreciate it.
  7. Hello All, A little while ago, I bought a vintage Sheaffer's Skrip bottle of #82 washable purple ink. I purchased it more for the bottle's built-in inkwell, and thought the remaining ink would be a nice bonus. After I tried it I realized that, although nice, it just wasn't a shade of purple that I liked. But, that might be your gain! Details on the ink characteristics are below. But first, the rules: - TWO lucky folks will win ink. I'll be giving each person 15ml of washable purple ink (5 vials with 3ml each) - Open to Continental US only, free first-class shipping. - Enter by simply posting a reply from now until the night of Sunday, March 12, 2017, 8pm Eastern Standard Time. I'll post again when the deadline is passed. - After the deadline, I'll choose two winners via random.org, announce them here and PM them. - If 7 days passes with no reply from a winner, I'll repeat the drawing. I must say that the ink is surprsingly well-behaved (using my medium nib on Apica notepaper). When on the paper wet, it is a dark purple, but dries to what I would say is more of a medium lilac/grey. Some shading, not heavily saturated. It does have strong-ish chemical odor. Here is a snapshot of it. Good luck, all! Rich
  8. Well ink loving friends, here is a review of some vintage Sheaffer's Skrip Permanent Blue Black with RC-35! There are some older reviews on our site, but not many. Let me share the story of my acquisition. Attending a preview for a living auction of someone in our area moving to an assisted living in Florida, I discovered a secretary's desk. It had been repainted a muted green, though I fail to understand the mentality that wishes to cover beautiful old, dark wood. The auctioneers weren't going to bother offering the contents separately, so near the end of the long day it came for sale. The desk itself was neat, but the contents were even better: some old pens, dip pens and nibs, other knick-knacks and bric-a-brac, and a bottle of Sheaffer Skrip ink. From a bit of research on the site this bottle comes from the era 1955-67. It was made in Ft. Madison while the Snorkel pen was on the market. It's somewhat easy here to find old bottles, less so with liquid ink in them. This ink was perfectly clear, still had a good inky aroma. In working on a project with my inks, I filled an Edison Beaumont pneumatic filler with this one. Here are the results. The images seem to have captured the ink as darker than in fact. This is not the darkest of the modern blue-black inks, it is lighter than most, but not light itself, if that makes sense. BB4B, OS Manganese, Sailor Shoushikan Sei-ran, and others are all darker overall than this ink. But these other inks don't have quite the same kind of shading as this one which ranges from fairly light to quite dark. Another review shows this ink as being much darker. But I can't elaborate on the provenance of this particular bottle other than what I have. I haven't experienced any problems with this ink. It is actually quite water resistant, so while it is said you can recover your writing under UV light if the ink is washed away, at least on the modern inkjet paper it was quite permanent. A nice trip down memory lane. Pen: Edison Beaumont pneumatic (M-steel) Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28 lb inkjet, Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory. Camera: iPhone 7
  9. Man O War

    Vintage Ink?

    Two questions here for an admirer/dabler in the vintage fountain pen world: 1) If one had three vintage fountain pens listed below, what ink would have most likely been used in them when they were originally made: a. Parker Vacumatic (1942) b. Parker 51 (1963) c. Sheaffer Snorkel (1953) 2) What ink most closely resembles that today? (As an aside, I am particularly interested at what, in general, would have been used during WWII) I think I will go watch "Midnight in Paris" for my nostalgia kick, yearning for bygone days, while I await answers.... Cheers, Ryan P.S. I hope this is the correct location for this topic... Couldn't decide between vintage/historic and ink, though the question is more about ink I suppose.
  10. Ever wonder what ink from 1930s through 1960s was like? Ever want to try a vintage ink in your vintage pen? http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm186/webgecko1webgeckos/ink_zpspzwiimxb.jpg Many members could not take advantage of Johnboz's generous PIF of vintage inks because they aren't (lucky enough to live) in Colorado. I know folks were sad to miss out, as I would have been, because of geographic limits. To remedy this, I am offering sample vials of his vintage inks as a PIF. Care and feeding of Ink Bottles: Because two of the bottles had mold, which John had marked clearly, I will take the precaution of three washings, in 100% white vinegar, of the lids and bottle mouths/necks. This will be done before any bottle is opened. NB: I haven't finished disinfecting the bottles, hence I haven't opened them and smelled for molds etc. If I find anything iffy in ink it will be edited out of this post. This might also run longer than is traditional, but I am aware many people travel to celebrate Easter with family, or are on Spring Break, and I wanted to be sure everyone had a fair chance to see this post. All Vials of Vintage ink will be clearly labelled and numbered. I will ship them in ziplock baggies. For CONUS winners, they will go in USPS priority mail boxes, size small. For Internationals, I will be aiming for the padded 6 x 9 USPS international mailers, but I am not certain if all of the vials can fit. More on this below. PIF Rules of Engagement - read this carefully before signing up. This PIF is open to all members, CONUS and International! I will put together 8 packets of samples of John's Vintage Inks. These will include the following: QUINK with Solv-x: Permanent Black, Washable Black, Washable Violet, Washable Brown - MOST of the bottles state its one of 9 colors (4 perm, 5 washable.) One states 7 available colors with 2 being permanent Blue and Black. This sample is Permanent Black, and it has a purplish-brownish cast to it. QUINK (no Solv-x listed on label) Black (doesn't say if it is permanent or washable,) this bottle looks older than the Solv-x ones, label is black background on the sides with white text. Shaeffer's Chemopure - Permanent Red #16 Sanford Pen It Royal Blue #226 - on opening the boxes to clean found both bottles are empty. Sorry. Winners will be determined by Random Number Generator. This PIF will close on April 6th, 2015 at 5:59 pm MST or one minute before Midnight GMT/UTC. Winners will be announced later that night. I will try and send out the shipments within 48 hours -- but this depends on how crazy work is -- for International airmail winners I wouldn't ship until I received the shipping cost via Paypal. CONUS MEMBER NOTES: I will cover the cost of shipping USPS Priority small box costs to any CONUS address. You are welcome to chip in if you wish, but it isn't necessary. INTERNATIONAL MEMBER NOTES: This PIF is open for all members, International as well as CONUS members, with the following conditions: You must be in a country where I can legally send you mail to be eligible for this PIF. I'm sorry but I cannot mail to the following places: Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Belarus, Sudan, North Korea, Iraq, Yemen, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Liberia, Zimbabwe, Balkans, the Cote D'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast) due to US Postal Restrictions. Also: As I don't have the material sheets for these inks, I probably cannot ship to Singapore. International Shipping Options/Details: 1. A 6" x 9" padded envelope will cost USD 24.50 to ship AIRMAIL and takes 7-10 days to most countries. It might not take all the sample vials, we'll have to work out a larger container or less samples. I leave this to the winner's discretion. 2. It is possible to send it normal first class mail for around USD $10.00. I have no idea how long it will take to get there. For Customs I will list the vials as a gift of fountain pen ink. I will hand write a note saying I had these and hoped you would enjoy them to celebrate the spring.. just so it is clear they are a legitimate gift. I will put a customs value on the form as USD $5.00. I am not responsible for any taxes at your end. No samples will be shipped internationally until I get the postage sent (AS A GIFT PLEASE, otherwise I eat 5% of the costs) to my paypal. To Enter: Post that you are IN. NOTE TO PEOPLE IN JOHNBOZ's INK PIF Thread: You'll need to post here, please. It just will make my life easier if everyone is in one thread. I apologize if it is inconvenient. And to entice you some more... look at this beautiful Violet ink, it is the washable QUINK with Solv-x: http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm186/webgecko1webgeckos/violet_zpspc6gbb7y.jpg This is my first at this, if I messed up rules or clarity, please be kind to a nervous newb ETA - Change/updates log: 1. That the Sanford bottles were empty, sorry. 2. That one bottle of the Quink Solv-x Black actually lists only 7 Colors - of which only Blue and Black are listed as Permanent Options. This might help you date the ink. It has a purplish-brownish tint to it. 3. The Quink Washable Brown looks kind of thick. I will still send it but you might want to only use it with a dip pen.
  11. kkshadow

    Scrip Deluxe Blue

    Somehow I missed this one in my youth - Sheaffer Scrip Deluxe Blue. Always willing to buy another of these ink-well bottles, so at about 1/3 full of ink, I picked this up at a white elephant sale. First two pics from my camera, comparison scanned. Enjoy! Deluxe Blue turns out to be a blue-black that leans blue, I actually like it quite a bit. Surprisingly water-fast and quick drying. Please know that it's a pair of Pilot 78G's, not Metropolitan as I wrote pre-coffee. Tiny bits of shading, but really not much Comparison to everything similar I own. This ink does show a marked lighter tone in a Japanese M vs the stub. Also the WahlBerry is not a turquoise as it seems in this scan. In real life, the closest is the diamond bottled vintage Parker Super Quink Permanent Blue-Black. Imagine that - Parker and Sheaffer fighting it out in the ink market. The next closest is the FPN Van Gogh Starry Night Blue.
  12. I was a bidder but lost. The only piece I was interested in was that black desk pen marked US Government. If you won this lot for the inks, nibs or other pens and aren't interested in that US Government desk pen, I'd love to buy it off you. http://goo.gl/FTbDBo You can see the pen at the very bottom of the pic.
  13. Brontosaurus Pluto

    Sanford Penit Ink Info.

    I just bought two bottles of Sanford Penit Ink. Dubonnet and Violet from Anderson Pens. While I have sold vintage ink this is my first time owning any. Who else has written Sanford Penit and what is your opinion on it? Thanks Pace

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