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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I was thinking about buying my first TWSBI pen and I'm confused about which one I should buy. I've shortlisted the TWSBI Eco, TWSBI 580 and TWSBI Vac 700. If it were up to you, which pen would you buy and recommend?
  2. I am trying to think a little ahead, here, and get an idea of a goal I want to start shooting for. I am thinking of getting my next fountain pen in the $50-$100 range in the next several months. Currently I own a Pilot Metro (F), Pilot 78G (B ), and a TWSBI Eco (EF). I tend to write small, and generally with about a 50 degree angle to the page. Eventually I would like to own both a VP and a Lamy 2000. So, here's the dilemma: neither the VP with a gold nib, nor the Lamy 2k are in the desired price range right now, so they'll probably be a couple years out. I am both a student, and a ful
  3. All, I'm in a dilemma with my current TWSBI pen. Bottom line: I have a Vac Mini which I enjoy but am wondering if I would appreciate a 580 more. I love the design of most of TWSBI's pens (Precision notwithstanding...) and I like having a demonstrator with swappable nib units (though I have yet to buy an extra). As for the Vac Mini itself, I do enjoy the novelty of the plunger/vacuum filling system though it's not a selling point to me, and the nib writes very well. But...my Vac mini has been very "fiddly" which I don't love: the plunger knob keeps coming off when I unscrew it despite my
  4. Do you have any pen and ink recommendations for book signings? My book of poetry just came out, and I've done two books signings with my Platinum Plaisir (fine) and Noodler's Baystate Blue. It actually worked out great, but I'd like to try out some other colors and would like to use some nicer pens. I'm a fairly new fountain pen collector, and I'm just starting to experiment with nicer pens. About my experience with the Plaisir/Baystate combo: I loved the bright color, it dried quickly (even though it's not supposed to be fast drying), and didn't smear. The Plaisir did fine, but being a ch
  5. colacan

    Canadian In South Korea

    HI. I am a school teacher working and living in South Korea. I have three pens: a TWSBI 580, Pelican M800, an artisan turned deer-horn IPN and a Shaefer Calligraphy pen from the set I got when I was 13 years old. I started to use fountain pens regularly in University where I would buy $1 fountain pens in lots of five since one or two in every five would work. Nowadays, I usually use my TWSBI to go to work and the Pelican at home. I like that Pelican so much that I rarely take it out since I often misplace sunglasses and fountain pens. Also the cleaning ladies in Korean Universities
  6. OMAS as you already know is a 90 year old Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments and related luxury goods. Founded in 1925, it does carry the name of its founder, Armando Simoni. OMAS as it is, stands for Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni, which means workshop for machinery And initially from 1919 - 1925 this workshop had been producing parts and safety mechanisms for pens.. OMAS had launched its first fountain pen in 1927 and had also copied Duofolds for a while. The turning point for the company came in 1932 with the Omas Extra, a faceted celluloid pen. Today, OMAS is no longer a 1
  7. vishwaskrishna

    Twsbi Diamond 580

    My first review here at FPN. After reading a lot about the TWSBI pens on FPN, I was really tempted to try one of them. So, I purchased the recently released TWSBI Diamond 580 with a medium nib (and later on bought an EF nib too) directly from TWSBI. The pen cost me $80 ($50+$30 for shipping). An aside, noticed today that the TWSBI website has increased the shipping cost by $10, which means, you may have to shell out nearly as much as the pen if you are from India, like me. Edit: as pointed by hari317 below, the shipping rate is still $30 (when not logged in through a mobile) Coming back to
  8. iamthequickbrownfox

    My Impressions On Twsbi

    Why the heck should I pay fifty dollars for a cheap plastic pen?—those were my initial thoughts as I fresh review after review raving about how magnificent a pen the new TWSBI was. This was 2011, when the TWSBI Mini had just flooded the market, generating a parade of followers with size rivaling those of Pelikan’s and Lamy’s. Twenty-eleven was about a year after I had begun my fountain pen collecting journey, a time when I still put my fullest beliefs in solid, heavy brass-barreled cartridge/converter pens, when I believed every-bit that weight represented quality. So I brushed TWSBI aside as
  9. ThePrecursor

    Twsbi Bold Nib

    How broad and wet is the twsbi bold nib? Most of the reviews here are for the other nib sizes. I've got a twsbi 580al with bold nib coming my way in about a week, so I was wondering. For comparison, I've been using my only fp so far (platinum 3776 century m nib).
  10. ugopvn

    Twsbi 580 Superflex Mod

    Inspired by a post on instagram by fpgeeks (http://instagram.com/p/vbuDA_PvwT/?modal=true) about fitting a Nikko G nib on a TWSBI 540, I decided to try it out with my TWSBI 580. Here are the steps: 1) procure Nikko G nibs Easy enough, just ordered them on ebay and received them in about a week time. 2) fitting the nib on the TWSBI Nikko G nibs are not designed for fountain pens. So, in its origina shape, it will not fit the TWSBI 580. In order to be able to mount it, it is necessary to make the nib shorter and thinner. The picture below (from left to right) shows the original nib
  11. Among all new pens, ignoring marketing b.s. (example MBs) and ignoring heavily ornamented pens (diamond encrusted, intricately decorated: Dunhill-Namiki Sakura Rose), which pens do you think really demonstrate a technical achievement in pen technology?
  12. I like mango cheesecake

    Twsbi 580 Stubs And Twsbi Mini Stubs - Same?

    Can anyone tell me if the TWSBI stubs for the mini are the same width as the stubs for the 580? I recall reading a post from someone saying that the 580 1.1stub is closer to 1.3mm. Can anyone corroborate this? My real question is: how big is the 1.5 stub for 580? Going on the supposition that the.1.1 is closer to 1.3, would this make the 1.5 much bigger than stated?
  13. Hey everyone! First of all, I'm new here. I've lurked around a bit and I actually thought I'd made an account before but it seems not under a name I can remember, so… But I'm not a regular Internet forum poster person, so if I'm breaking any rules posting this here, sorry! Anyway, here's the situation. I've used my first and only fountain pen, a Lamy Safari with a M nib, since late 2010 with pretty much no issue. Today, I left it somewhere at school and it is possible I may never find it. Then again, I might come across it tomorrow, but it got me thinking again about fountain pens. In the
  14. I'm looking for a pen that costs around £40(price of converter included). I would prefer it to be a wet writer, or just not dry. I'm considering the Faber-Castell Ambition, TWSBI 580, Parker Urban and Lamy Studio Any thoughts or suggestions?
  15. Enjoy: http://i42.tinypic.com/imjdj9.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/30sy4gi.jpg
  16. Hello all, I've been loitering around FPN for a while but this will be my first attempt at making a "real" post! After much debate about where to stick this, I decided that this was a better fit than either the TWSBI or stipula forums... (the pictures aren't great but hey that's what i get for using a tablet to take 'em!) Anyway, as the story goes, a couple of weeks ago I was able to get my hands on a TWSBI 580 thanks to fellow FPN-ner dcrosier76... The 580 was a nice surprise; a pretty hefty pen that feels nice and solidly built; for comparison, it is close in size to the Pelikan M800 whi
  17. My next pen is going to cost around $50 and I'm considering the 580 and the Parsons. They may seem an odd pair to compare. I'm attracted to the Parsons because of the tuned nib and the classic look. I'm attracted to the 580 because of the piston fill and its extra capacity. I also like the ability to take it apart. As for the appearance, I go back and forth on the demonstrator look. Background information: * I'll be using whichever pen I get as an every day carry, which means an office environment on weekdays and "who knows what" on evenings and weekends. * My current EDC is a

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