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  1. My collection is still quite small. But I have some more vintage pencils on order. And my nightstand drawer and the closet shelf are getting to be too messy (and potentially damage-worthy on the pencils). I can't put them all into coffee mugs on my desk. I already have three mugs jam-packed with pencils and other writing utensils! I can't afford to do what I would like, which is to buy half a dozen Musgrave cedar boxes. So, what do you lot do? I am considering getting a few of these Container Store pencil boxes, for starters. https://www.containerstore.com/s/multisnap-office-storage-boxes
  2. I would like to share this free pattern I have written for making a fabric fountain pen wrap. The pattern requires a basic sewing machine, and introductory sewing skills; but it is not difficult to make. (You can also use it for other things, such as crochet hooks and double pointed knitting needles.) Wrap holds eight fountain pens, but you can easily adjust it to make it bigger if you want. The instructions are clearly written and accompanied by photos of every step. I have put a lot of work into writing the pattern, and ask that, as I am not selling it, you respect my copyright by not mak
  3. I have some relatively inexpensive opens that I'd like to put into long term storage. I'm thinking of placing them in bags to prevent them from scratching each other--- would plastic or cellophane be best? Your thoughts please.
  4. From the album: Odds and ends

    Back in September 2020, I was shopping in Daiso (and looked in Miniso, too, but it never seems to have anything suitable, and its prices are not as cheap) for some ink storage solution components, and came across this product — as well the 4 Cube Case, which is sized slightly differently. I measured both products, and this one seemed to be a good fit for 60ml bottles of Platinum ink, if I decide to discard their cardboard retail boxes but still want to stack them high in storage. At the time, the store had ample stock of both products, so I figured I wasn't in a hurry to decide or

    © A Smug Dill

  5. From the album: Odds and ends

    Originally posted in:

    © A Smug Dill

  6. Hello Today I come to ask you how an iron gall ink should be stored correctly since I have had inks of this type that when they come to me they look good but then they are precipitated in a short time. For example, I had bought a large bottle of diamine registrars ink and emptied it into a 30 ml empty lamy ink bottle that had been washed very well and I refilled with a pen and it worked excellent without flow problems, I checked the bottle the following days and everything looked all right. But on the fifth day the bottle looked ugly with things stuck on the walls and sludge on the bottom o
  7. A-damreview

    At Home Storage

    Hello all, there are alot of pen cases, roll ups and notebooks, great for mobile storage, but now that my own collect is growing that I can't keep every pen on me. I have just been placing my pens that are not in use bare on my bookshelf, which feels wierd to just leave them there out in the open. I was wondering what kind of pen storage everyone uses. I'm looking for something that could hold 20 pens and preferably with a bit of a display aspect to it.
  8. Hello, I'm not the most sophisticated pen collector (I often turn to this forum to ask some basic questions), but I've amassed quite a number of pens. I'd like to find a system that: ( A ) Keeps my pens safe, particularly from scratching against each other and ideally okay for travel ( B ) Allows me to keep bits of information with my pens so that I can remember basic details like maker, year, nib size, etc. ( C ) Doesn't cost more than the pens themselves Also, I have the original boxes for a few of my pens, and it would be great if I could either keep them in their original boxes o
  9. I'd been looking for something to store my growing pen collection in for a while but the boxes that I saw were either too small or too expensive. Then I came across an oak, 7-drawer cutlery cabinet at a local auction which was a bit bigger than I was looking for but seemed ideal for vintage pens. The date engraved for the original owner on top of the box was 1874. They took a lot of care when engraving brass plates in those days. I stripped out the cutlery fittings and tried to make inserts to carry pens. However the inserts I made looked a bit crude and unprofessional but looking aroun
  10. It's becoming apparent that my growing collection of inks and other writing supplies are going to need a home, but unfortunately I do not have a writing desk of any sort, nor do I have room for one in our cramped rental townhouse. I've been using our dining table, but this is annoying my darling husband as we have no proper place to eat meals with my stationery and supplies all over it. I'm hoping to find something that would be somewhat mobile (imagine a mobile calligraphy/letter writing kit, if you will), so I could pack it up and take it elsewhere (like maybe a pen meetup or coffee shop) wi
  11. I'm still pretty new to fountain pens, so I don't actually have a collection of pens, but started poking around looking for pen storage/carry options for when I eventually do have multiple pens and perhaps start carrying one or two on a daily basis. For personal reasons, I don't really like leather (the fake stuff is okay, but also not my favorite), so I was hoping to find some non-leather options, and a LOT of what I have noticed in the forums is leather. Anyone have or know of a good non-leather case? These are the things I'm looking for, by order of importance (with the first being the th
  12. Of the three pens I have at moment. A montblanc 144, Jinhao 159 and a Noodlers Ahab since I'm just starting out basically was cycling through the pens to see which one style, nib etc I prefer Like I find the Montblanc sort of too small (thin ) for me and the 159 just a bit too large. I had all filled with ink and when I went to use the Ahab today I found the ink had dried up. I was sort of surprised at that. I managed to wash pen out and will re ink it when I get home. I'm thinking it may be a good idea to store pens until ready to use possible filled with dist
  13. mobinh

    Long Term Ink Storage

    Well, I have been on an ink acquisition spree of late having bought about 16 bottles of various brands in the last month with an imminent purchase of another 4 bottles. Most of the new inks, I really just buy to see how they will reflect my writing and I really just keep going back towards my favorite daily drivers. I'm hoping, some day, my son and daughter will find them and will, hopefully, be curious as to what their old man was up-to and why he was so fascinated with colored water Which brings me to my question... How do you store your inks? How would you recommend I store my stash s
  14. I recently finished a substitute for my old shoe box that I used to hold my pens and ink bottles. Here are a few pictures. More pictures are available here.
  15. While I am enamored with the pen display, ink display, and desk displays of them,( I am confounded with an equivalently stylish and practical storage of sheet paper in office use sizes (8.5x11, A4, A5, A6, B5) sheet and inventory of notebooks. Used and full filing/storage paper and notebooks is a matter for another post. Any suggestions on an "at hand" cache for near the office and a "within minutes" storage inventory system. I use ~3 sheet paper styles in Japanese and US sizes, with cards and envelopes included, as well as Rhodia, Clairfontaine, Muju, and ~5 others that would be "within m
  16. pepsiplease69

    Ink Bottle Storage

    Just picked up the following drawer chest to store my ink bottles. I got it from the Container Store for $20. (no affiliation) http://www.containerstore.com/s/4-step-drawer/d?productId=10029421&q=4-step%20drawer&sort=default The drawer will accommodate most bottles, but it won't handle tall ones like Noodlers and Aurora. I've started loading up the drawers with Sailor ink bottles and the vertical clearance is plenty for the drawer to slide in and out with ample breathing room on top. The smaller top drawers are still able to accommodate 2 Sailor bottles. For the bottles that
  17. Pardon me if this is a newb question. With a number of FPs i own i find the following starting issue: After a long time of the pen stored nib UP (whether in a shirt pocket or pen mug), the pen would not start when I first put nib to paper. It would take a while for the ink to work its way to the tip. I find this can happen to both wetter and drier pens. My guess as to what is happening is that after significant time nib up, all the ink has left the feed, so that when I first start to use, the ink takes a while to work its way through feed, nib onto paper. (If that's the case, is it simply
  18. Mob Mentality

    Dip Pen Storage

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for dip pen storage which includes holders and nibs. I know that a similar topic exists but it didn't really encompass the storage of such a large quantity of nibs and holders. The last time I counted I have about 6,000 to 7,000 various nibs all new old stock and about 50 or so dip pen holders many of which are also new old stock and are in their original boxes. Some of the boxes of nibs are still sealed some are open. I store some nibs in small polyethylene bags by model and company and leave others in their original box and
  19. On Black Friday, or around that time, Kohl's was selling a Bey-Berk Pen Case for around $50 (Originally $98). So I figured why not? I have room on my bookshelf in my office might as well show off some of my pens rather than storing them in their original boxes in my desk drawer. Here is my review of the overall transaction and of course the case itself. 1. Shipping/Packaging: Although this has nothing to do with the product itself or likely even the manufacturer, I thought it was odd enough to discuss in my review. First, it took about 2 weeks for this product to actually be delivered. That
  20. jaysongo

    Pen Tray Design

    Hello, I'm thinking of making a number of pen trays for the too many pens I have. My plan is to either build a box with several drawers of pen trays or to fit an existing frameless bookcase with shallow drawers. I'm thinking that since I plan to create the pen trays as a drawer insert that it would have to be some sort of stable sheet material that wouldn't expand or contract: something like MDF. My plan is to rout a flute into material with a core box bit, cut it out into a long strip, cut it to fixed length pieces and glue them side by side onto a hardboard substrate. By making this a ki
  21. Thought I would share this...was in the market for a pen case...particularly, one for travel and I found this lovely cloth roll on ebay. They are made in Japan, cost $14 dollars with shipping, and are very good looking. You can purchase them in several different designs...all with a unique traditional Japanese pattern. I really love it. They also sell a nylon case that can be folded in a clever way to have the pens standing up in the holder. Description is as follows: Japan SAKI ROLL PEN CASE Made in Japan Pattern name :Asanoha Main color:Purple Internal Color:Black Size : 7×7 inches *Long
  22. Has anyone used these pen trays? Are they relatively sturdy or are they really thin/flimsy? Can they be stacked? If anyone has these, I'd appreciate exact external dimensions. Thanks. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31qRpaVE%2BZL.jpghttp://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Xmt4XJEeL.jpg
  23. dodgertwin

    Ferocase 56 Pen Display Case

    So I've been on the hunt for a few years for a nice pen display case that matched my room's black wood furniture. Embarrassed to say I first filled up a 24 pen, then a 36 pen rosewood display case from Penn State Industries. Loved 'em but the brown wood and gold knobs clashed with my furniture. Finally got a beautiful, compact black display case from Ferocase on Ebay. I was nervous at first because of dneal's earlier review. (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/283326-ferocase-pen-chest/) The display case came in this week and it is awesome! It has a black finish and chrom
  24. Greetings. I am renovating my home and am considering using an available alcove (3 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep) to build a combination storage, display and restoration workbench unit for my vintage fountain pen collection. Some combination of display shelves (for the good stuff), cabinets and drawers (for most of the rest) and a flat surface on which to repair, restore, or just mess around with my pens. Looking for inspiration in the form of photos, design drawings or descriptions of other vertically-oriented home pen storage/display/repair units. If you have anything like that in your hom
  25. rberg6868

    Pen Block

    I do a little woodworking of my own and I really liked the work that Mike Dudek at clickypost.com does so I decided to try making a block of my own and this is what I came up with. I started with two pieces of walnut, one longer than the other that I glued together, then planed down. I made a couple of mistakes with keeping the holes in line but, c'est la vie. I overestimated the size of holes that I would need for my bigger pens so I wouldn't include the larger holes again. I realized that I had included too many of the largest holes so I cut the last row of them in half to make a k

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