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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, everyone. I was just transferring my Lamy Dialog 3 Piano White from one storage case to another, and I noticed that the pen has got these stains running up and down the length of the body. These stains are a bit of a surprise to me since I've pretty much babied this thing and have used it sparingly. At this point, I'm thinking that the staining is something that happened while the pen was in storage in one of three Franklin-Christoph pen cases that I have and use. Attached are two photos that show the staining. I tried to rub this off with some distilled water and a microfiber cloth with
  2. melissa59

    Damaging Inks

    I've read horror stories about Noodler's Bay State Blue staining demonstrators. And recently, in another thread, someone posted that Noodler's Apache Sunset can be damaging to rubber ink sacs. I'd like to know what other inks might damage a pen.
  3. I bought a Toledo M900 few months ago, used it for a couple of days, cleaned it and put it in the pen case. Today, by chance, I took it out and immediately noticed stains on the beautiful art work. Initially I thought it was oxidation, but even if the main metal in Toledo is silver, everything is plated with gold. Oxidation or not I'm very unhappy with how this expensive Toledo looks after less than a year. I attached some pics, maybe you guys have seen this before. I will also contact Pelikan.
  4. I got a Noodler's Creaper in translucent Truk Lagoon and decided to test out the new pen with a sample of Noodler's Revolution Blue that I had previously purchased because it looked like a nice dark blue and I had a couple of letters to write. The pen had some kind of really weird "spoiled milk" smell when I uncapped it and continues to have that smell, but I assumed that was something in the plastic off-gassing and that it would eventually go away. It hasn't really yet, but I don't know if that's actually abnormal. Fast forward to now, a little over two weeks later, when I've used up the in
  5. I have a FPR Himalaya ebonite pen that stains the hand whenever it is picked up, unless it is wiped down first. It isn't the ink that's leaking, it's the ebonite itself. Almost like putting your hand on a wall without seeing the "wet paint" sign. I have a few other ebonite pens and have never seen this. Is there any remedy for this? Is some protective coating missing from this pen that should be there? Thanks all! - Carl
  6. I've been using pilot iroshizuku shin-kai ink in a pilot vanishing point and a lamy lx ruthenium for a while, the pens both have black plated nibs and the ink has been staining or reacting with the coating near the slits of both pens. I got the pilot vp nib replaced under warranty because of this issue and some other problems, and recently the lamy lx has been showing the same problems on its black nib. Here's what the vp looked like before I got it replaced: The lamy lx is starting to look like the vp, but I couldn't get a picture. I think the ink is slightly alkaline, but it hasn't caus
  7. Hello fellow ink users, I don't know where this question fits, so I presume that best bet is "ink" department/forum. Before I go and start looking at youtube videos - I should ask here, where there must be many people who experienced similar problem. In the excitement while inking a new pen, few drops of Iroshizuku Yama Budo and few drops of Ku Jaku - ended up on my kitchen granite countertop. Few drops I managed to clean with water quickly, but few I've noticed to late. Now I have several colorful spots and I cannot remove them. The ink (it seems) seeped into the granite pores. An
  8. Hi All I currently use an undetermined diamine blue colour (kind of blue black), and as I move the ink around in my VAC700 demonstrator, droplets and smudges are left behind. I know the interaction between barrel material and ink chemistry is complex, so I’ll address my question only to TWSBI owners. Does any TWSBI demonstrator-owner happen to have a blue black or similar colour ink that does not leave such droplets behind? (Does that even exist?) Please share your pictures! Thanks! Bart
  9. Ekajati

    Stained Campo Marzio Barrel

    Hi All I have a mini Campo Marzio fountain pen and the barrel is stained with Diamine Steel Blue from posting the cap etc. I have tried hand soap, shampoo, alcohol wipes, nothing will shift the marks. Are there any other possibilities? I'm anxious about damaging the enamel finish. Should I soak it overnight in soapy water or will that damage the metal? I tried asking CM but they aren't being very helpful. Many thanks!
  10. I am very new here. Recently, I tried cleaning the inside wall of the barrel (only on the top part) of my Sailor 1911 demonstrator with a cotton bud dipped in ethyl alcohol 70% to remove some waterproof black ink stain. At first, the stain was removed quite easily. But as I left the barrel to dry, I noticed that the once clear barrel turned cloudy on the area that was affected by the alcohol solution. I have tried washing away the layer of cloudiness with water a few times, but it did not work. I have not idea what exactly is the material of the barrel, could it be plastic or acrylic, that
  11. tacticaltimmy12

    Pocket Safe?

    Is it safe to carry a fountain pen in your pants pocket? I wear cargo pants and like to carry a pen and notebook in my cargo pocket, but I'm worried that the pen will leak. The pen's that I'd carry would either be the Platinum Preppy, or the Pilot 78G. I'm not using an eye dropper conversion, just using cartridges and converters. They seem pretty secure, but I'd hate to ruin a pair of pants.
  12. Just received my bottle of FPN Dumas Tulipe Noire, and can hardly wait to ink up. This is exactly the color I've been searching for! One question: Is there a stain risk in a demonstrator? I'm wobbling between the TWSBI Diamond 580 and the Pelikan m805, but don't want to regret the choice later. Wisdom to share, anyone...?
  13. merrycitrine

    Namiki Blue In A Twsbi 580?

    Hello FPNners! I have a question regarding Namiki Blue. I am buying a TWSBI 580 and want to make this my everyday ink. However, I was wondering if it would stain it. Also if so, has anyone tried bleach/ammonia solutions on it? I really don't want to permanently stain my pen. Thank you!
  14. Just some helpful advice on dealing with ink stains from a 1909 Household hints book I found.
  15. Jay Bar

    Parker 51 Stained Ink Collector

    If all you had on hand was some basic cleaners and such at home what would you recommend to remove the stain from a clear plastic ink collector of a Parker 51? I got everything spotless but the ink collector and I would prefer that it be clear again before I reassemble it. Suggestions?
  16. Not sure if this should go in Inky Thoughts or here, so apologies in advance if I made the Wrong Choice I was having a flushing and filling session yesterday, and noticed that one pen and ink combination was virtually unflushable: Monteverde Impressa, with Iroshizuku momiji( which disappointed me by being much pinker than I expected) After about half an hour of repeated flushing with just water, it - the converter - was still very very pink. I gave up after that, and will have another try later, but it got me wondering.....are some inks just so "stainy"(not the correct word, I know, but
  17. thegreenknight

    Staining – F&c Model 40 Pocket

    Hi FPN, TLDR: My F&C Model 40 Pocket (being used as an eye-dropped) is stained. The stains are on the threads connecting the barrel and the section, and there is also a portion of ink stuck within the feed. I have tried soaking the section/feed unit several times, and the returns have been increasingly diminishing. Please help! I am a novice fountain pen user. My introduction to fountain pens came when I discovered an old Sheaffer in my mother's closet that had formerly belonged to my grandfather. I spent weeks cleaning and restoring it, by which I mean I soaked the pen in water a
  18. Hi all, I was lucky enough to be able to buy my ‘Grail’ pen - an aerometric "51" - on an auction site a couple of years ago. As it was my ‘Grail’, I decided to spend some extra money to get its (worn-out) nib replaced and to get a NOS pli-glass sac put in it too. I like being able to see how much/little ink I have left. Once I got it back from the restorer I was very happy with it. I wanted to keep the pen as ‘minty’ as possible for as long as possible, so I read-up about staining issues here, and have therefore never put any red ink, or brown ink, or purple ink into it. For about a year,
  19. In my quest to replace the dearly departed iron gall Montblanc Midnight Blue, I bought a bottle of Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars’ Ink. As a usual matter, I ran Midnight Blue from my daily writer, a ‘60s (resin) 149, and never had problems with clogging or staining. I’ve tested ESSRI with dip pens, I like what it can do, and I want it to be my new Midnight Blue. However, I’m a bit concerned about clogging and staining, taking into account the normal extra maintenance recommended when dealing with iron gall ink. I must confess, ESSRI’s low price and frowzy packaging do not inspir
  20. overlander

    Baystate Blue Stains

    My ink samples for my first pen arrived yesterday, and I am still waiting for my first pen to arrive in the mail, a Lamy Vista. When I looked at the ink samples, I noticed immediately that the sample vial of bsb was totally stained with blue, and none of the other samples had any staining at all. With all my research online, I knew that bsb has a reputation, but the color is just so breathtaking! I am now having second thoughts about putting this ink into my pen. If (when) staining occurs in my Vista, will an ammonia solution be able to get it out? I have heard of some issues with using bleach
  21. I have a (marbled) white roller ball pen with blue ink stains in the cap -- it appears that the ink leaked while it was closed. Of course the blue ink is extremely noticeable on the white body. I have used Amodex (OMG is that stuff fantastic!) to get most of the discoloration out but some still remains. Has anyone else had any luck in removing ink stains from a pen? I have attached a photo of the pen; you can clearly see the staining. Also, I am having a hard time identifying this one -- can anyone help with either issue?
  22. Hi everyone, I've got a M205 clear demonstrator coming in the mail and I'm wondering what Blue inks have been tried and tested as not causing stains. I've read that Waterman Florida Blue is a good one, any others? I've been using blue-black so now I want a bright blue.... Thanks!
  23. I've just added a yellow Safari to my little collection. This is the regular yellow, and not the limited edition neon yellow. I wanted to steer clear of inks that could potentially stain the section, near the nib. So, I'm guessing I'll avoid using the BSB, as has been repeatedly discussed elsewhere on this forum. Are there an other inks that I should be particularly wary of? Though I assume not, but it cannot hurt to ask - would an iron gall such as the Montblanc midnight blue stain it?

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