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Found 17 results

  1. Astronymus

    Eurasian Nuthatch

    From the album: Photos misc

    © astronymus.net

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  2. Astronymus

    Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

    From the album: Photos misc

    © astronymus.net

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  3. Astronymus

    Birdeye Speedwell

    From the album: Photos misc

    Veronica persica

    © astronymus.net

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  4. sombrueil

    Spring Inks

    My winter inks are feeling drab and gray (I write with a lot of grayed colors in winter it seems). Even though here in mid-New England spring is still around a long corner the robins have arrived, the geese are honking in the sky, and the first green nubs of daffodils can be seen through the icy slush we got yesterday. The only really spring-like ink I have is R&K Alt Gold-grun. Anyone have any spring ink favorites?
  5. WLSpec

    Sprung Nib?

    I'm afraid I accidentally sprung my Sailor 1911L nib a little. I may have accidentally given a tad too much pressure when writing. It's not bad at all. I can see a tiny separation between the tines, and the nib is writing more like a M than the MF it is (it is noticeably wetter than before). I don't have any skipping or hard starts, I just don't like that it has become much wetter. I may not have actually sprung it, but just in case, what measures can I take to fix it? Thank you.
  6. essayfaire

    Twsbi Go Review (Brief)

    I recently have become very interested in the different filling mechanisms used in fountain pens. As a result, when the TWSBI Go was introduced with a spring-loaded piston mechanism at a reasonable (under US$20) price, I decided to order my first TWSBI. The Go is made of solid-feeling plastic. I like that everything on it feels nice and tight. The pen is a bit short, and I find the width a bit wide for the length of pen. It doesn't really seem to be intended for use posted, which is how I usually write (unless the pen is Capless). This is a demonstrator pen, so everything is on display from the spring that is responsible for drawing the ink to the large ink reservoir (making it easy to see what color is inside). it feels much more substantial in the hand then similar clear plastic pens. I purchased an F nib, which seems to be appropriately labeled. Not particularly smooth, but not scratchy either. I also like that the pen is tapered towards the nib; it makes the width of the pen more suitable (at least for my hand). Pros: LARGE ink reservoir, interesting and fun filling mechanism, price, seems pretty leak-proof Cons: A bit inelegant, a bit wide, the nib is just adequate Bottom Line: Though I like the filling mechanism and ink capacity of this pen, I don't expect to use it often. I did fall in love with the new ink I opened at the same time, however!
  7. I have a 1938 Parker Vacumatic with the lockdown plunger. I recent had it sent away for a diaphragm replacement. In the process, the repairman had to rebuild the plunger as it had seen some wear and had presumably been repaired at some point in the past. Unfortunately, when the pen arrived back in the mail and I removed the blind cap, I was greeted by a snake-in-a-can of spring and plunger button shooting out of the pen. It seems the button on the end of the plunger came loose from the metal plunger tube, letting the spring free from its housing. I've seen a lot of pictures of mostly disassembled Vacumatics, but haven't seen photographic examples of the internal plunger components. So I thought I'd post a couple images and include some insights and questions regarding my current problem. Here are the parts as they came loose from the end of my pen. The spring fits inside the shaft (presumably with the metal inset piece at the bottom of the spring) and the brass button slides on top of the end of the spring and inside the end of the sleeve. http://sethkastner.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/VacSpring-300x200.jpg click image for full size Here is my fix for giving the button a better chance of bonding securely inside the shaft. I've alternated between two paper clips to gradually compress the spring by sticking one through the spring, via the lock-down slot and using the other to keep the spring held down against the top of the slot. This way, the spring is not in contact with or placing upward pressure on the cap as it is glued and left to dry. http://sethkastner.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/VacClip-300x200.jpg click image for full size Any input on what I should use to get the button to stay? I've been considering epoxy or even good old fashion Krazy Glue. Obviously I'll need some that can hold tight with only a small amount, and I'm not particularly concerned with being able to undo the bond easily. I will using this pen regularly but gingerly and I assume that if anymore work is needed on the Vacumatic system, I'll be needing to replace the whole shebang. Thoughts? Questions? Also here's a (badly lit) picture of the whole pen (fine, arrow nib; "shadow wave" finish). It was my wife's great-grandfather's and its my favorite of all my pens. http://sethkastner.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/DSC02460-300x200.jpg
  8. Silent Speaker

    Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Barrel Spring?

    Hello Sheaffer forum. I've been sold a new-in-box legacy heritage fountain pen that has the nasty habit covering my hands with ink every so often. No cracks or anything like that, the pen appears to be in good condition as per the ebay description. What I discovered was that, right at the bottom of the barrel, there is a spring. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but this spring is only supposed to be on the rollerball variant of this model, right? I mean, I did feel some resistance with first screwing the pen back together after inserting the included converter, but just thought that's how it was with this pen as I've never owned this model before. Have I been sold a mismatched pen? Fountain pen section and cap with a rollerball body? What seems to happen is that the spring appears to catch onto the converter piston's turning knob and turns it when the barrel is unscrewed. Due to a lack of an ink window, I do have to unscrew the barrel every so often to check the ink level in the converter. What was happening was I was doing this after writing to see whether or not it needed a topup, putting the pen away, and then getting that nasty surprise the next time I uncapped the pen. I'd rather not have my hands covered in ink anymore. Surely this is not supposed to be happening with this model, right? Can anyone else with a Legacy Heritage please confirm whether or not this is normal or abnormal? Thank you.
  9. Close but not the same. Look at the chromo's! J Herbin Vert Pre Diamine Spring Green
  10. Currently available and ready for a new home! The Spring & Autumn features Cherry Blossom petals and Maple leaves to depict their respective seasons. Abalone shells are used on one stripe on the barrel and some pieces can be seen on the cap. There are three designs on the cap made using tiny pieces of gold foil; a gold stripe, flowing water with a green background, and a hemp leaf in brown. The Pelikan logo on the crown, limited edition number and the artist’s signature are drawn in by hand using maki-e techniques. Comes packaged in a Paulownia wood gift box with documents. Equipped with Pelikan's 18k gold nib accented with rhodium, in a Medium size. Currently being listed on eBay but please feel free to contact us directly at 915-778-1234 - toll free 855-565-1818 or email orders@airlineintl.com.
  11. PenBoutique

    Pelikan - Maki-E Spring & Autumn!

    http://i.imgur.com/frCp8fp.jpg Contact us at Support@penboutique.com or 1800-263-2736 Pre orders are being taking!
  12. PenBoutique

    Retro51 New Popper!

    A Pen for a Flowery Friend Here in Maryland we've sprung forward and now we're just waiting for the last of the snow to melt and to get this vibrant pen into our hands. As we speak Retro 51 is sending us their newest popper pen-- the Bouquet. This Popper has a cream colored body with vintage-inspired painted wildflowers flowers and greenery all over. The section, clip, and trimmings are a lux gold color. It's a gorgeous gift for people who love flower patterns and great rollerball pens (think: Easter, Mothers Day, friends with a green thumb). We'll be getting these pens in at the end of this week (3/18 or so), so if you would like to place a pre-order feel free to email us at support@penboutique.com or give us a call at 800-263-2736. Here is the link to the site http://www.penboutique.com/retro-51-tornado-popper-bouquet-rollerball-pen.html
  13. mislav

    Parker Jotter Spring

    At local fairs I always buy Parker Jotter pens if I find them for $1 or less. They are all used and often had refills made by third part companies. What I noticed they also have different springs. Researching on internet I found that Parker today use type of spring as one on the photo. Most of my Jotter pens have it, but some have totally different shapes of springs. Can someone who has old original Jotter springs put here photos of them? Did Parker used always same shape of spring or it was changed during the time? Thank you!
  14. InterstellarPens

    Where To Buy Pen Springs?

    The specific pen refill I'm using is the P900 Schmidt, which is measured at 3 7/8". I'm going to need to buy at least 100 of these springs at once. Any advice or direction as to where to buy such springs would be splendid!
  15. I recently acquired a smoky black OMAS 360 Vintage edition, that has a wonderfully springy broad nib. Was rather unexpected, but lovely to use. Any idea as to which OMAS pens have this kind of nib? Are all the 360 nibs of this type, or only the 360 Vintage editions? Any other, standard pen types have this nib?
  16. bnavas6

    Unexpensive Fp Repair

    A while ago I discovered this pen thrown around a draw... It was a cheap Chinese pen with a marble-like body and oak cap finished with chromed fittings. The nib was damaged and tines blended apart. Moreover the ink cartridge was damaged and it leaked blocking off the feed and leaving horrible strains in the body. so yesterday I decided to dive the body into a weak bleached solution and restore the feed. As the nib was completely damaged and I had a spare semi-flex steel nib from fountainpenrevolution I decided to try a swap... First attempt was a completely fail. The nib´s body diameter was just too big to generate enough pressure against the feed so the ink didn´t flow at all... Then I decided to cut part of the body of an old falcon nib from a drip pen and press it between the pen´s nib holder and the nib so it created extra pressure... And voilá! after converting it into an eyedropper, the pen works perfectly! Some work needs to be done in the feed to allow more flow as the previous nib was extra fine and this is medium. Also as the nib has some flex, the feed can´t just deliver enough ink so this weekend I´ll do some work around it. After 20 mins of work and 7 pounds spent on a nib and some silicon grease, I have a semi-flex pen that behaves very well for everyday use This morning as I had to do some work with the feed, I also decided to tweek a little bit the nib and give it some polish...

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