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Found 19 results

  1. Ever since I was (very kindly) given a Kaweco Sport I've had nothing but problems: the pen regurgitates big blobs of inks out of the blue, the gold plating was gone after the first swiping with tissue paper, but mostly the converters have been terrible: tried Kaweco's original, sad squeeze type, Monteverde's alternative, finally got Kaweco's new mini converter, and... You get ink bubbles outside the converter and ink on the stalk as you turn or pull it up to suck ink in. The whole thing is so tiny you need to almost put your fingers inside the ink bottle. I give up, I've learned to have p
  2. Hi FPN, A little while ago, I managed a great deal on a vintage Kaweco V12 and 619 set from around 1965. It was a bit of a risk, bought it on eBay with only one picture so didn't really know what condition it was in. Fortunately, it arrived and when I started to clean it and take it apart it turned out to be in VERY good condition and needing nothing other than a cleaning and some silicon grease. I've done a review of the pens here. However, between winning the auction and getting the pen, I was looking online on how to restore them, I was worried it had a cork piston seal, I couldn't find
  3. Pen Pit Stop : Kaweco Brass Sport Welcome to the Pen Pit Stop. Here you will find reviews of pens that already have some mileage on them. More specifically, these reviews are of pens that are in my personal collection, and that have been in use for at least a year. I thought it would be fun to do it this way - no new & shiny pens here, but battered vehicles that have been put to work for at least a year. Let's find out how they have withstood the ravages of time. The fountain pen that arrives at the pit stop today is the "Kaweco Brass Sport". Kaweco is a well-known German p
  4. I have a problem with Kaweco Sport: I love their design (both in terms of looks and functionality - size, weight, robustness, etc.) but I hate their nibs. I bought one whose nib was just unusable, then I got a replacement nib and it works fine - but still, its feel is just not very good. I have looked at some posts about the possibility of finding compatible nibs from different brands ( https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/325830-kaweco-sport-alternative-nib/ ) but there doesn't seem to be any option that one can just plug in as if it were a Kaweco nib, without being somewhat verse
  5. Lazarus like, I appear on the board to ask the question... ...Have we got a thread like the one I started for the Lamy Safari (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/22180-lamy-safari-colours/page-1) that similarly catalogues and brings together all of the known variants of the Kaweco Sport? I have previously owned and enjoyed a vintage (since lost on a trip to HMS Belfast) variant called the 'Ranger' which was a sort of 'Army Green' colour. I was inspired to ask the question having seen this on my Instagram feed: https://milligram.com/milligram-kaweco-collaboration-skyline-fine
  6. Red Pinstripe Sport Handmade Carbon Fiber and Red Glass Fiber composite over 2-toned Titanium. Fountain pen with colored Titanium nib. This is a Limited Edition with only 8 Fountain pens and 8 Rollerball Pens being created in each style. $2100 for the fountain pen and $2000 for the rollerball if you are interested email us at orders@airlineintl.com
  7. This is a handmade Hybrid Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber composite that is machined from solid block with Diamond tools over Titanium and Stainless Steel. The cap is complimented with luminescent engraving. Limited to 3 pieces worldwide. https://www.airlineintl.com/product/grayson-tighe-composite-redline-sport-fountain-pen
  8. Got their newsletter announcing the availability of 14k gold nibs for the AL-Sport, Brass-Sport, AC-Sport and Lilliput pens. I would love to fit one such nib to my AL-Sport but wonder how they feel like. Anyone's got the chance to test them?
  9. Hello, I recently got back in to fountain pens and have been conflicted as to my next fountain pen. My first pen was a crappy jinhao, which was quickly followed by some other unknown Chinese knockoff of a lamy, and then shortly by a borrowed blue-gold waterman expert (it's my mom's. I love writing with it but want my own pen because she'll get mad at me if I damage it because it was really expensive at the time and is no longer available). and before anyone says anything, I personally don't like the more inexpensive Lamys, I don't find them to be comfortable. More recently I have also tried o
  10. (Someone's likely raised this before for comment but I couldn't find it) I'm looking for recommendations as to which Kaweco Sport model to purchase. It's my first pocket pen and the goal is everyday carry as I have other pens at my desk. Classic or Skyline (plastic), Aluminum, Brass, or Carbon Fibre. Price ascends in this list but does the joy? Where's the sweetspot? Yes, I like heavy pens and light pens - that's what makes this hard! Durability will count. (I own lots of carbon fibre in non-writing applications. Warp, weft, bias, fibre weight fractions, nanotubes, Toray,... I'm pi
  11. Since getting going with my fountain pen addiction I've bought various pens(Ahab, TWSBI Mini, Kawecos & vintage etc), most are used to draw and I've tried lots of nib types and use different pens/nibs depending on how I feel. My ideal nib has flex as it allows line variation and greater expression in my drawings, as yet no pen met my needs, a couple of vintage pen came close though. My latest acquisition was a Platinum #3776 Century with an SF nib, at best the nib is semi flex but it's a nice pen with a nice nib and great to draw with. After using the #3776 I started thinking about flex ag
  12. Hello, I found this on the local "fleabay": http://i.imgur.com/wiKg00n.jpg Does anyone know details about this particular model? I've searched the forum, but could not find this variant with 2 rings at the top of the cap. Cheers!
  13. I am looking at buying a pocket pen and Kaweko has the Sport and Lilliput that look pretty good. I have a Parker Sonnet gold tipped medium nib which I love writing with (I write lightly). I am rather liking the look of the Liliput but I have a duple of questions: Do Kaweko use the same nibs for both the Sports and the Liliput? How do the gold-plated Sonnet and Kaweko nibs compare? Do the Kaweko broad nibs write any smoother than the medium nibs? Are the medium and broad nibs on the Sonnet and the Kaweko the same?
  14. I am in the market for an every day carry pocket fountain pen to be carried in the pants pocket with keys. I read a quote many years ago in Popular Photography magazine something to the effect of: "What is the best camera?....the one you have with you." In that same spirit, I don't always have my work bag, pen case, or desk with me. I want a pen to keep on my person at all times without worries. After researching, the Kaweco Sport seems to be what I am looking for. I LOVE the look of the aluminum AL Sports (especially after earning pocket-worn status), but I cant justify the triple price
  15. Before I start off, a bit of an intro. This is my first review posted on FPN. I have found the reviews here to be so helpful in learning about all sorts of different pens that I wanted to help out and contribute in the same manner. This is a review of my first "nice" fountain pen. I had a Varsity beforehand, and still do, but this is the pen that helped me to really explore the hobby. With that out of the way, on to the review! First Impressions: 4/5 The pen came in a Kaweco tin, with sort of a vintage feel to it. Given the long history of the model it made sense, and is a fun way to prese
  16. FrankvK

    Kaweco Art Sport

    If you really 'need' a new Kaweco and you're looking for some really nice colors, these may be something for you. The Kaweco Art is made out of acrylic bars and hand polished. The same size as the classic or AL sports and available in 8 different colors.
  17. Hi all. The nib on my Kaweco Skyline Sport isn't great - it's the standard broad nib issues - hard starting etc, probably due to baby bottom. I can't seem to find a replacement nib unit in my colour (mint), so my question is this - can I just buy an Ice Sport nib unit (I'll keep my chrome stylings thanks) and swap the nib over? The feed and nib are just friction fit and come out very easily. There's no possibility of an exchange as I've just tried my hand at nib grinding...
  18. So ever since I found out that there were vintage Kaweco Sport pens that had 14k nibs that are piston fillers, I was on a mission to get one. I really like the modern Kaweco Sports, but really wanted one with a 14k nib (use Iron Gall inks) and wanted a self filling one. Long story short, about 10 years later I finally got myself a V12 and 619 (ballpoint) set after moving to the UK (easier to get in EU than in North America). The following is the review of these pens and to show how amazingly lucky I got with the pens. I got the pens off eBay after doing one of my regular checks for the pen a
  19. Inkysloth

    Kaweco Ice Sport Nibs

    Hi all, I have a Kaweco Ice Sport with a medium nib. I find this far too broad for my tastes, so wanted to order an extra fine. I've found an excellent price online at Tiger Pens - £7.99 for the nib & section but it states it fits: Kaweco AL Sport Kaweco AC Sport Kaweco Art Sport Kaweco Sport Luxe Kaweco Lilliput Kaweco Student and not the Ice Sport or Classic. Is this simply because they have transparent sections, and this replacement is black? Or is there a size difference? I was thinking of just taking the nib itself from the section and swapping that over, which means the col

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