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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Sheaffer's lovers, I recently purchased a "repair box" that I will restore lightly to become a storage box for some of my collection, and in it was this fantastic manual and parts list. I figured I would make the images available. Enjoy! Matt
  2. This is the on that started it all for me. From my father, maybe from his father. 1960 Canadian Compact with pencil. I dont see too many shots of these sets so I thought Id share. I still use it occasionally. This started the addiction!
  3. Hello All, A little while ago, I bought a vintage Sheaffer's Skrip bottle of #82 washable purple ink. I purchased it more for the bottle's built-in inkwell, and thought the remaining ink would be a nice bonus. After I tried it I realized that, although nice, it just wasn't a shade of purple that I liked. But, that might be your gain! Details on the ink characteristics are below. But first, the rules: - TWO lucky folks will win ink. I'll be giving each person 15ml of washable purple ink (5 vials with 3ml each) - Open to Continental US only, free first-class shipping. - Enter by simply posting a reply from now until the night of Sunday, March 12, 2017, 8pm Eastern Standard Time. I'll post again when the deadline is passed. - After the deadline, I'll choose two winners via random.org, announce them here and PM them. - If 7 days passes with no reply from a winner, I'll repeat the drawing. I must say that the ink is surprsingly well-behaved (using my medium nib on Apica notepaper). When on the paper wet, it is a dark purple, but dries to what I would say is more of a medium lilac/grey. Some shading, not heavily saturated. It does have strong-ish chemical odor. Here is a snapshot of it. Good luck, all! Rich
  4. antichresis

    Need Help Identifying This Desk Pen

    What particular model is it and is it a good pen? I'm not even sure what kind of filler it has... I'll upload more photos when I get the pen.
  5. I stopped by an antique store that is going out of business and found a Sheaffer Antique display cabinet. (photo of cabinet still in the store) I was able to negotiate a final price of $60.00. It has a few minor issues but nothing big. It has the original finish, the logo on the front is in great condition, no cracks, good glass, and has the back door with the original mirror. It is missing the top tray (pictured in the photo I have attached that I found on line) and the bottom door knob and latching mechanism. I am searching for someone who may have one of these as well that wouldn't mind sharing some information on these missing items. I am looking for detailed photos etc... I think I'll just keep the original finish even though the odd in me wants it to look new as it did in the early 1900s. LOL. I am looking forward to putting in back together and filling it up with a few Sheaffers. Thank you, Rob
  6. Mob Mentality

    Sheaffer's Lifetime 1250

    Hi everybody, I recently bought a Sheaffer's Lifetime 1250 Cartridge Pen. After looking through the Sheaffer converters I already had I found that the slim sheaffer converter that fits the targa fits perfectly in the pen. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the slim converter in the 1250 lifetime. All the other converters I have don't fit at all. Thanks in advance. Davide
  7. Hello all. I have limited knowledge about Sheaffer pens, but after a lovely lunch yesterday I found one in a consignment store I thought was worth picking up. It was quite dirty and the sac was obviously toast, but it was the nicest pen I had seen in the wild for a long time so I decided to pick it up. Here are some pictures after a gentle cleaning... It has no white dot above the clip, so it is not a lifetime model. It has the short clip with a hump and full ball, so that should put it in the 1932-34 range and the color was definitely available during that entire time. Then pen measures to me at 5 3/8 inches so I think it is the standard size, full girth model (and not the oversize I was hoping it was). I think this pen was referred to as a 500 (for the price), but it is not marked on the pen. There do not seem to be any cracks in the cap lip or anything. Typical brassing on the cap ring and the top of the clip ball. There is no personalization on the pen and the imprint is decent. I am curious as to why the pen has a monotone lifetime nib, but is not a white dot pen. I am guessing it is a replacement nib. (I would have expected on marked 5 - 30 for the price/warranty term). I would like to ask the more serious collectors, is this a replacement nib, or would this have been a nib original to the pen? Also, I don't trust myself to repair the pen. If it costs me say $40 to get it resacked, any thoughts on the pen's worth after? If it is not worth repairing, I will release it back into the wild for someone who can repair it themselves. Thanks for looking and for helping me figure out the nib.
  8. Greetiings: New member here. Looking for help to repair my Grandfather's Sheaffer's LifeTime fountain pen. Have nib and (broken) engraved barrel plus reservoir spring. Need nib holder/body and refill lever. I found a supplier for the ink sacs on eBay. I intend to preserve (glue) the barrel because of the engraving. Thanks.
  9. Hi Friends, It is really difficult to get hold of old Sheaffer's here in India. Like minded people do not want to part ways with them, ignorant people treat them as pieces of trash. It's my good fortune that I came across an old sheaffer, which looks to me like an Imperial , but I am sure I am wrong, as it's not a touchdown, but looks like a C/C. But the Converter (if it IS a C/C), is unlike anything I saw in Sheaffer converters in my limited experience. I am attaching one of the few pictures that the seller has sent, which contain all parts. The thing is, I have my birthday coming up this 26th and would like to treat myself to this beauty, if it happens to be a decent one (Can't afford a good one, let alone excellent! ) Any idea on the model & what the price should be ? P.S. I have no idea about the nib grade, but have asked the seller about the same.
  10. I recently bought 2 SHEAFFER'S Imperial I pens and I'm trying to give them a good clean but I'm not sure how to take the nibs out or even if it's possible, can anyone advise me please? The pens have different filling systems too, one is the touchdown type but the other I'm not sure of, it looks like maybe a cartridge filler but again I'm not sure. The picture below shows a little of the maroon pens section but I haven't had a chance to take a better photo yet, there's no touchdown plunger so the barrel is one piece which is why I'm thinking cartridge but can anyone tell me what type of filling system it uses? Thanks http://i59.tinypic.com/n6pzy9.jpg
  11. Hi all, My mum's given me her old Sheaffer pen set that my grandad / her dad gave her for her 14th birthday in 1974. Can anyone please help with its identification, as I'm rubbish with Sheaffer's! http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7285/8731533041_b6298f7bba_z.jpg Pen in case by Inkysloth, on Flickr Best wishes all!

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