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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, About 4 weeks ago in late August I purchased a medium nib Sheaffer 100 fountain pen as my first fountain pen. I have accumulated knowledge and I do believe that mine has a factory defect. My pen seems to suffer from "nib creeping" where ink in the slit flows onto the top of the nib. Being new to this, I assumed this was normal until I found out through the internet that fountain pens aren't supposed to do this. The nib creeping looks as follows: there is ink on either side of the slit, about 1/2 mm in width all the way from the point to the hole in the middle (it comes to a point toward the hole starting about 1 mm away from it). Sometimes it will be larger, even filling in the whole middle of the nib to the edges of the engraving. I read that this is caused either by a stray cut in the slit during manufacturing, creating a channel for the ink to follow; or, it is caused by the type of ink. I happened to have a bottle but it is not expressly meant for fountain pens, I don't think. It is titled "the Writing Collection" with a sticker that says "Au Musée" and "Scribe's black ink." If you know anything about this, I would be very keen to know. It has worked fine for me so far, but I can't find anything about it on the internet. It is quality ink with plenty of the properties of credited inks that I have read about, and I believe that it is not the problem in this case. I have disposable cartridges and I tried one of those and it did the same thing. If you could get back to me on what you think may be causing this issue and how we can solve it, I would appreciate it. I believe that it is a factory defect, personally; I cannot see any other reason, unless my knowledge of fountain pens is wrong (which it could be). To be clear, ink is not dripping off of it or anything, but I think it does impede writing a bit because an excess of ink is flowing onto the paper. That was quite long-winded!-Cyan
  2. Hello, I accidentally posted this in the "Of nibs and tines" section, so click here to go to the original post. See you there! -Cyan
  3. Are there any nibs (that are not Sheaffer) that can be used in the Sheaffer 100? Also, what are the nibs from other Sheaffer products that fit the Sheaffer 100?
  4. Hello, I've been browsing FPN for a year now and finally decided get back to using fountain pens (and hence the new account and the post). My use and experience with foutnain pens is limited to the early use of the easily available Hero, Camlin pens at school in the early '90s (in India). Though I loved the idea of writing with ink and the use of fountain pens, the experience with these pens was not the greatest and drove me to use microtip pens very early on. Local stationary stores do not seem to stock these pens anymore and I've been looking at FPN to see where I could buy a good starter pen. Thanks to FPN and the very useful reviews I found ASA and their pens (hat tip: [member='arunura'], [member='hari317'] , and [member='a_m'] among others). I've shortlisted the Sheaffer 100 and Lamy Vista based on my requirements and availability in India at this point in time. I plan to buy either the Gama Kuyil or the Gama Eyas to accompany it. Here are my requirements and the criteria, Usage: Daily usage for notes (in meetings) or occasional writing. I fly frequently and would like to carry the pen too. Budget: Since I am starting out I would like to begin with budget of around 1500 - 2000 (~ $ 24 - $ 32) as I'm unsure about the experience from pens that might be available for a lower price (Based on the reviews here and on the subreddit on fountain pens). Out of the box experience: Given that I am only beginning to use fountain pens, I would like to reduce the amount of work the instrument requires out of the box for a good experience (given my budget). I'd like to avoid getting nibs replaced or grinding, etc. until I am comfortable with them. Paper: I'd like to be able to write on the paper I use regularily, that is handmade paper (I know that it is not the best for ink), Moleskine, and mostly regular Camlin paper. It is best if I can use both sides of the paper while I write. Wet/Dry: The one thing I liked with my limited experience was the wetness of the ink on the paper, though it might not be easy considering the paper I regularily use, I'd like a pen that can fall under a wet category. Nib: I'm not particular about whether it is a Fine, Medium or Broad. All my notes are in English (cursive) and with occasional sketches, so a Medium with some flex would be great! Here are a few questions, Does either the Sheaffer or the Lamy Vista come with a converter out of the box? Does anyone know if they leak if carried on the plane? Do either of these pens flex? Are there other options within my budget and needs that I might have missed? Are there any differences between the Gama Kuyil and the Gama Eyas? As I plan to use these on a daily basis, would they leak if carried around? Does anyone know where I could buy good cases in India for these pens? Thanks for the patience in reading a rather long post, flummoxed PS: I'm trying to reach ASA Pens to ask them the questions related to the Gama pens but haven't been very successful so far.
  5. halcapps

    Greetings From South Carolina

    Hello there! My name is Hal and I am 21 years old living in a small town in South Carolina. Ever since I can remember, I have loved office supplies. Being able to attach two pieces of paper together with a paper clip, or jotting down a note on a Post-It. I love drawers and compartments, pockets and shelves. I love having everything arranged from smallest to largest or alphabetically. Office supply stores and art supply stores are my safe haven. When I was younger, before I even knew what a fountain pen was, ballpoint pens were my life. I LOVED those little cheap BIC pens that retail 5 or 6 bucks for 60 pens. Or the pens you'd get at a hotel, I would always ask the front desk for more. And those little pads of paper they would give you as well. I would always write notes to the hotel staff in chicken scratch and be so incredibly proud of myself. I knew nothing about pens, haha. I can tell you back when I was younger, if I'd have held something like a Parker Jotter, I really would have thought I had the nicest pen in the world in my hands. The first time I received a Parker Jotter was one of my happiest days. Back when the Jotter was such a great pen, since then it just seems to be cheap. As I got older, I discovered the gel rollerball world. I went through dozens of Uniball's. And even up until recently, gel rollerballs were just my favorite pen. I still have dozens of Pilot Hi-Tec-C's and Pilot Juice's...still have TONS of Pilot Precise V5 RT (my favorite rollerball). Now, I always had problem with ink bleeding through. PAPER was my next big thing. I thought Moleskine's were the greatest creation. Really, just like holding a Parker Jotter, I thought holding a Moleskine was just the nicest notebook in the world. The more and more I got into pens and paper the more YouTube videos I started to discover. I stumbled upon The Goulet Pen Company. I had to try a fountain pen. I went to my local Office Max and stared at the 50, 60, 100 dollar fountain pens, drooling. It was only as I was about to walk out the door when I saw a display for the Pilot Varsity. They had pens out in several colors for customers to test drive the pen. I picked up a black one and started scribbling on the paper provided. I fell in love. I immediately picked up a 3-pack of the pens. I fell in love. For less than 10 dollars, I had 3 brand new fountain pens. Me and my ugly handwriting were having a blast with these pens. Then I discovered paper. Wow, what another world. I never knew paper could get better than that Moleskine. Boy, was I dead wrong. But I didn't know any better. I didn't know what Clairefontaine was, I had never heard of Maruman or Kokuyo. I didn't know that Rhodia existed. All I knew was my Moleskine. My school started selling Clairefontaine 1951's in the bookstore. I picked one up and my fountain pen loved it. I immediately ditched my Moleskine and snatched up several of these little books. Well. I wanted a fountain pen. A real one. Brian Goulet made a video of his top 3 favorite fountain pens. I was drooling while he talked about his Pilot Custom 74 and his Lamy 2000. But then he mentioned a pen that I, again, had no idea existed. The Pilot Metropolitan. I immediately ordered one off of Amazon with some Noodler's Blue ink. It came a couple days later and immediately inked that baby up. (After spilling the Noodler's everywhere. They fill it SUPER full, haha) Wow, the Metro writes like a dream. It really was the best feeling pen I'd held. And the ink just flows wonderfully. It's such a great pen. Since then, (then only being a few months ago), I've bought myself a Sheaffer 100, Sheaffer VFM, various Preppy's and Varsity's, a Lamy Safari, and a Jinhao X750. I'm in a brand new world. I have Rhodia pads, Clairefontaine notebooks, Habana journals scattered everywhere. I could go on, but that is probably enough for now. Thank you so much for reading. -Hal
  6. A little more than a month ago, I bought a Sheaffer 100 Writting with this FP has made the "chore of writting" into something I'm really looking forward... too bad I'm a software developer and most of the time I'm on my computer's keyboard.Still, I write some. We sell SAP Business One and oftenly I go to visit a client and have to take down notes Anyways, the FP. I bought the Sheaffer 100 and I love it... except for one thing: The cap. To be more specific, the way the cap feels when it's closed. My FP's cap has a little jiggling. I don't know if this is normal, is not really annoying but I wonder if there is a way to fix it because the cap seems to be wearing down the body and is leaving a thin line (as shown in the picture). This doesn't mean the pen is not secure once closed. It fits and has never sliped, but the jiggling is there and (to give you an idea of how it is) if I pick up the pen from the cap and perform a pendulum movement, you can hear a "click click click click" (the sound of the body hitting the cap at the bottom of it) It is as if the cap's hole were a bit bigger than the pen's body. Has anyone experienced this issue with the Sheaffer 100?

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