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Found 9 results

  1. siddr90

    Montblanc Heritage for 2023?

    Hi all, I've quite enjoyed the heritage collection over the last few years and was wondering if MB plans to release a new model this year? Keen to hear if anyone has updates! So far I've enjoyed the Rouge et Noir in black and it to be the best MB nib I've used. Still tempted to buy the Baby but prefer pens that don't need posting Cheers
  2. https://www.ellenwoods.de/?p=28316& Montblanc Rouge et Noir Serpent Marble Montblanc Rouge et Noir Serpent Marble Notebook and Fountain Pen
  3. At the recent Pelikan Hubs gathering, a friend showed me a new Hero from China, with a safety and piston filling mechanism that worked just like a Montblanc Heritage 1912. It was branded as a Hero, and was not a Montblanc replica, but I was surprised that they had going to the trouble to copy this rather complicated mechanism. Now I see every day on eBay numerous "MB" replicas of the Heritage 1912 in black, red, steel, and possibly other colors. There are also many "MB" Rouge et Noir fakes available, even one with the matte hard rubber finish of the 1906 limited edition. The vendors are selling these at prices so low that no serious collector would mistake them for the real thing, but there is nothing to stop anyone from trying to represent them as real Montblancs, which would get a much higher price from an unsuspecting bidder.
  4. Hi all, this small safety model MB Rouge et Noir with what seems to be a gold body emerged from my late father-in-law's belongings (pics below). It's a very short pen (10 cm/4 in with cap on) and needs a bit of work since the nib in/out mechanism is a bit hard to operate. I'm trying to find out what year this model might be from and its potential market value. If anybody would provide more information, I'd be very grateful. Many thanks.
  5. Uncial

    Quiet Little Changes?

    This concerns the 1912 and the black Rouge et Noir. I was in my local MB shack and looking at pens I could't afford and drooling. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that they had a little row of black Rouge et Noir's and as I looked at them I noticed some of them had a more tapered piston nob. So I asked the staff to reach a few of them out of the case for me and lo and behold, some of them posted perfectly securely and some of them didn't post at all. Now I avoided this pen because all the reviews said it didn't post, but curiosity got the better of me and I asked the staff member if a small change had been made to the pen and they told me, yes. They also told me it wasn't the only one that had changed in recent months and pulled out a 1912 to demonstrate how an inner cap ring had been scratching the barrel and had now been removed on some newer models! Now I know the staff at the boutiques aren't always that accurate with their information, so I thought I would flag this here to see if there is any truth to it or if the Rouge et Noir simply has some variance in manufacturing that allows some of the caps to post securely. I can assure you that the pen I looked at posted securely. This same boutique told me quite a while ago that although the cap of the 1912 did post but shouldn't be posted due to a possible cracking issue - which I think is true as I've read about that issue here. But can anyone confirm or deny the rest of these possible quiet changes?
  6. Perhaps I've just overlooked it, but I haven't seen any mention of this rare edition in the Heritage Rouge et Noir series: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MONTBLANC-ARTISAN-THE-SERPENT-110-HERITAGE-COLLECTION-ROUGE-ET-NOIR-LIMITED-PEN-/381704042602?hash=item58df55786a:g:XnwAAOSw6WdXij77 Has anyone seen one of these?
  7. After being interested in fountain pens for a longer time now and having a few ones in my collection, I decided I want to get my first "really expensive" fountain pen. I checked many pens and did a lot of research for ones which excited me, and it basically boils down to the Andy Warhol and the new Rouge et Noir. Before I had some other pens in the race aswell, from Chopard, Cartier, Sailor and others, but the two from Montblanc were the most exciting to me now. I will be listing what are cons and pros for me, aswell as some general preferences of mine, and I hope you can give me some advice which pen you would pick or some points which I didn't think about yet. Keep in mind that I didn't try them out in person yet and will not have the chance to do so either, no shops in my area carry them. So, without further ado: http://www.fahrneyspens.com/Galleria/1/114724-Large.jpg Montblanc Rouge et noir (the new one) Pro: -I like the design of the pen. It's kind of classic but has an edge to it, it's not just plain "elegance" like the Meisterstück range are. I like that is has a bit more pizzazz, that's more of my style. -The pen is not that big. To me, I prefer my pens smaller. It has many advantages: It's easier to clip and fit in a shirt pocket, it's not overly flashy and doesn't feel like you're trying really hard (that's how I feel about the 149) and often it's also more light. The possibly reduced ink capacity doesn't bother me very much. Smaller things are also just more aesthetically pleasing to me. -The price. I know, it's a seriously expensive pen, but compared to the Andy Warhol, the price is a positive. It's about 200 bucks difference. - I really like the clip with the snake, I wish it had the green eyes on the non-LE though. For clarification, I am interested in the non-LE even though the picture shows the LE, I don't have that much to spend on it. The clip is still really cool though, even though some might not like it, I really really like it. -It's rumored to be only sold this year, so after this year this might be kind of an "exclusive", which is an idea that I would enjoy. I love rare things. -I find it interesting to match this with some snake leather goods (fake or real) for some outfits, I think you can pull an interesting look with that. Con: - While I like the fact that the star is on red ground on the top, I am not so sure about the size. The oversized logo is maybe a bit too much of offensive branding for me. -Without the cap on, the pen almost looks a bit bland to me. The nib has some cool snake design on it, but that's about it, most of the interesting design is captured in the cap. -There is no ink window. This hardly counts though, because afaik both of them don't have one unfortunately. http://s2.glbimg.com/LODD7jml86Zy7g5quE-KNh1lAOc=/smart/e.glbimg.com/og/ed/f/original/2015/12/03/andy-warhol-caneta-montblan.jpg Montblanc Andy Warhol Pro: -The design is fantastic. The oversized cap gives it a bit of a stocky look, it makes it cute and awesome at the same time. The color scheme is great and there are many great design elements to it. -Andy Warhol as an inspiration is good, and I love that they chose the tomato soup artwork for the cap, as that is the one I know and love the best. I love tomato soup in general, lol. The dollar on the nib is really nice aswell. -The montblanc branding on this pen is fairly minimal without being invisible, and it's probably one of those pens which not everyone who knows about montblanc will recognize. -Just want to mention the cap again, the cap is just amazing with everything about it. Although I believe that when clipped to a shirt, it might not look as flashy as the Rouge et Noir. -Definitely a Limited Edition, which will probably be worth something at some time in the future. I have no intention to sell it ever probably, but just knowing that I have something sought after feels good to me (yes, I know it sounds superficial). Con: -The price. They are both very expensive pens, but this is the more expensive one, with a sizable difference, not just peanuts. -The pen (especially the cap) is very heavy. When carrying it in a bag or something, that will be no issue, but I imagine that to be more uncomfortable and less secure when it's clipped to a shirt pocket. -The size. It is bigger, and I like smaller things. It's not exactly a huge pen, but a few more milimeters (I think 7 more in length when capped) can make it stick out from a pocket more and would make me a bit uneasier to carry it that way. Although I think the size will not be a big problem when writing with it, unfortunately I can't try it. Thanks for reading my wall of text and I hope you can help me decide!
  8. rodtyler1008

    Noir Et Noir Nib/cap Alignment

    Good evening fellow fountain pen enthusiasts, Today I am posting my first on the FPN but I must say, being a silent member for over a year, I have really enjoyed reading the Montbanc posts and following the people who post more frequently. I got my first Montblanc two years ago when I was 18. It was the Montblanc 147 75th Passion and Soul edition with an EF nib and it is still in my rotation. Today I am writing to you all with a question about two of my Montblanc Noir et Noir Fountain Pens. I have to admit that at the time of purchase of my first Noir et Noir, I was under the assumption that it was a Boheme until I realized that there was an absent ring fitting below the threads. With further examination, I noticed that the ring at the end of the pen where the cap posts did not say “Boheme” but instead “Noir et Noir.” It was then that I realized that I had stumbled upon the pen that preceded the Boheme but was later recalled by Montblanc due to copywrite infringement of the name “Noir et Noir.” I was pleasantly surprised when I read that! Unfortunately I over tightened the cap on the back of the pen and broke off the hinged piece where the ink cartridge goes. So early September I took a four hour drive down to the St. Petersburg to visit family and to drop of my Noir et Noir to be fixed along with my Czar Nikolai I Legrand FP which needed to be serviced. It was by luck that when I was down there I checked local CL Listings and found someone who was selling a broken Noir et Noir, coincidentally with the same problem mine had. So I ended up buying it from him and dropping three pens off at the Montblanc Boutique. Last Friday I received all three of my fountain pens back and all of them were functional again. There is just one detail on both the Noir et Noir that has been bothering me. When uncapping the pens and screwing them on the end for writing to retract the nib, neither clips line up with the nibs like I remember them to. So my question is, am I recalling this incorrectly or is the clip on the cap supposed to align with the nib when posted for writing? To me this is a very important detail because without the cap posted the Noir Et Noir is much smaller and almost unbearable to write with and that is why I would think Montblanc would have taken the time to align this correctly. In closing, we all love Montblanc because of their fine attention to detail and I would hate to think that Montblanc has a technician who is so carless and sloppy not to check to see if the pens post correctly. I will post pictures of my Noir et Noirs so that you can see what I am referring to and I would appreciate if you own a Noir et Noir or a Noir et Rouge or a Boheme with retractable nib, to post pictures of your pens posted to compare and see if the cap lines up with the nib. I know how helpful all of you are so thank you in advance for all your help! With much appreciation, Tyler
  9. mrchan

    Montblanc Rouge Et Noir

    Hi dear FPNers, I'd like to consult ye guys regarding the VINTAGE version of the Montblanc Et Noir made from ?1910 - ?1920s as I have recently come across them and would like very much to obtain one. I'd like to ask: 1. What do those numbers mean? I think there are numbered between 1 to 8. Perhaps the size/length of the pens/nibs? 2. Which models have the red star and which have the white? 3. Any idea roughly how much each of them costs? In Excellent to Near mint/mint condition that is, not some crummy one. 4. What are the filling systems like? I haven't come across much info on it at all. 5. Do the numbers on the nibs correspond to which version it is? Thanks guys Here are two pics I found on some random google search

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